Jutta and Marco's pointer fingers point out a parcel in the Plagen (translation: torment) vineyard. (photo: Cari Bernard)

New Arrivals from Jutta Ambrositsch!


In its most simple definition, a Gemischter Satz is a field blend: a wine made from a mixed planting of a minimum of three different grapes that are harvested at the same time, fermented and aged together. In the past, these mixed vineyards were often planted as insurance against difficult vintages, and I've always been a fan of the underlying message at work, that diversity brings safety and in best cases, symphony. This is not to say that all Gemischter Satz wines are equal, but when the balance of grapes, farming, and thoughtful cellar work is struck, they can reflect a unique story of the vintage and the region. Another compelling reason to try Gemischter Satz is that in some areas, these vineyards are the bastions of regional and often forgotten grapes—Jutta continues to keep planting these varieties through selection massale and a nursery that focuses on regional and rare varieties.

Jutta has been making wines since 2004, coming from a career in graphic design (that we ultimately get to see exercised on the labels). She realized she missed working with her mother in the garden—dirt under her nails, sun on her back, the rewards of a day's labor. It's a dream many of us have, and very few act on it, even fewer with success. She ended up slowly accruing top vineyard sites in Vienna, mostly in the city's 19th District (around 3 hectares total), and later in the 21st (one hectare on the  Bisamberg, a renowned hillside of predominately loess soils). Vienna is incredibly unique in the fact that it is the only major city that is home to a significant amount of vineyards still in cultivation (around 640 hectares worth). She also had some hectarage in the Thermenregion (south of Vienna) for a spell, but has since chosen to direct her focus fully to the plots in Vienna. Her commitment to her vineyards is felt in the wines, as the farming is all by hand and organic, producing top quality grapes. Jutta's husband Marco also helps with cellarwork and wherever else he is needed. They are currently working in a cellar shared by like-minded winemakers, and use almost exclusively stainless steel tanks to preserve a level of freshness and verve in the wines. We are very excited to offer a selection of 2016ers from Jutta: two different white Gemischter Satz (the Satellit from the Bisamberg in the 21st District, and the Glockenturm from the 19th), along with a single-vineyard Riesling from the Rosengartel on the Nußberg, and a delightfully chillable red from one of the few Roter Gemischter Satz vineyards remaining within Vienna. Lean, crisp, and vibrant across the board, the wines are shimmering with acidity and elegant clarity, and would fare fantastically with oysters on the half shell, bright summer salads, schnitzel, grilled fish and more! Cari Bernard


Please join us this Friday, July 13th as Tess from MFW pours these wonderful wines from 5-7 PM!

Ambrositsch, Jutta 2016 Wien Grinzinger Mukenthal Gemischter Satz Glockenturm

Glockenturm is a Gemischter Satz of ten different varieties, the oldest of which was planted in 1972 on gravel-laden soils in an east-facing parcel on the Grinzinger Mukenthal (19th District). The vineyard allows for early shade from the afternoon sun, which helps keep the vines cooler than nearby parcels. Saline and very dry with white blossoms on the nose followed by a pomelo and white grapefruit pithy tang, lemon juice along with notes of freshly sliced green apple keeps it bright and biting! Cari Bernard

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Ambrositsch, Jutta 2016 Wien Riesling Rosengartel

This is the final vintage you will see this bottle with Rosengartel on the label, due to red-tape and regulations; but let's not forget about this legendary vineyard, where Jutta farms eight rows of vines down the south-facing flank of the Nußberg, on shell limestone soils. Jutta was initially offered four rows from a female winemaker who was close to retirement in 2006. Thinking it was just conversation, Jutta was surprised to receive a phone call the following year from the same winemaker, saying it was time for Jutta to take the parcel. Since then they've been able to add the neighboring four rows to their plot. Jutta maintains that this beautiful vineyard needs ample time before bottling, and the wine remains in stainless steel tank until well into the following fall. White florals, jasmine blossoms on the nose, green mango, nectarine pit, dried herbs, white cherry, green apple all flood the palate, the wine has fantastic density while remaining luminous! Cari Bernard

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Ambrositsch, Jutta 2016 Wien Stammersdorfer Gemischter Satz Satellit

Satellit is not a vineyard name, it is a reference to the wine being from their sole holding not in the 19th District; this Gemischter Satz is from the 21st, across the Danube on the Bisamberg—a renowned hill, home to loess soils and in Jutta's parcels the oldest vines were planted in the mid-eighties. The players here are Riesling, Chardonnay, Grüner Veltliner, and Sauvignon Blanc. There's only a few hours of skin-contact and the wine ages in stainless steel tank. Electric acidity with green apples, pineapple core, crisp herbs, and saline shimmer on the finish, this wine would be delightful with oysters on the half-shell, shrimp pasta, and definitely schnitzel! Cari Bernard

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Ambrositsch, Jutta 2016 Wien Kahlenberger Roter Gemischter Satz Rakete

Zweigelt, Sankt Laurent, Blauburger, Merlot and a grab bag of white grapes from one of the few Roter (red) Gemischter Satz vineyards remaining within Vienna (in the 19th District) on the Kahlenberg, which boasts dry sandstone soils. The grapes macerate for four days, whole cluster, and age in stainless steel tank. The wine is unfined and unfiltered; Jutta & Marco advise to gently shake/invert the bottle before serving, to distribute the fine lees. Sharp notes of cranberry, raspberry seeds, and exotic cumin spices mingle with red hibiscus and wild strawberries—this is a vibrant, juicy, chillable red to enjoy while the temperatures soar! Cari Bernard

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