Rothenpfad in the distance, 2016. (photo: CB)

Special Selections from Clemens Busch


We are pleased to offer a small collection of special releases from Clemens Busch, friend of Chambers Street and German biodynamic winemaker extraordinaire! Clemens, Rita, and their son Johannes currently work 16 hectares in the Mosel valley, based in the town of Pünderich, at the border of the Mittel- and Terrassenmosel.

In a region where it is not common practice, Clemens has been Organic since 1984 (stopped using herbicides in the Seventies), and is currently working Biodynamically. The demanding level of handwork done in the vineyards over all these years has truly payed off, with healthy, mostly old vines grown on slate (red, grey, and blue in color). The majority of their hectarage lies on the Pündericher Marienburg, once the name of a specific portion of the hillside, now the designation applies to over 80 hectares in total, including flatlands. Clemens holds vineyards on steep, south to southeast-facing slopes and terraces on the Marienburg. He also chooses to use the original names of the parcels he farms: Falkenlay, Felsterrasse, Fahrlay, Rothenpfad, and Raffes, to keep focus on the unique terroir and to preserve the history of these sites.

In the cellar, wines ferment naturally, and most aging occurs in old, wooden barrels. Malolactic fermentation is not blocked, and if fermentation is stopped to retain residual sugar, it is done by cooling and filtration to reduce overall sulfur additions. Although he's been experimenting with producing wines without added sulfur since the 1980s, he finds that some is necessary to help preserve the character of Riesling grown on this particular terroir.

Part of the fun of today’s offer is the variety of vintages and styles available*; from the unfiltered, skin-contact dry Riesling '(alter) native', to Riesling Nonnengarten trocken 2015 (a parcel with red slate soils, not individually vinified every vintage). We also have some elegant Prädikat wines: the bright and lifted 2016 Marienburg Spätlese and the spectacular 2009 Marienburg Auslese in half-bottle. We hope you find something to enjoy now or put down for some time in your cellar. Cari Bernard

*Wines will be available Friday, October 5th.

Busch, Clemens 2016 Mosel Riesling Trocken (alter) Native

Riesling with extended skin-maceration time can sometimes lose its footing, falling into the spectrum of 'cidery'. And of course there's a place for that, but it's very exciting to find wines that still hold onto the acidity and balance of fruit and minerality. Clemens has hit this note, with the 2016 vintage of the (alter) Native—we see extended skin maceration and the wine spends 15 months sur lie in large old German oak before being bottled unfined and unfiltered. Decant for at least a half hour to fully enjoy the subtle texture with notes of burnished peach, yellow apple, white blossom, balanced by juicy nectarine, green herbs and vibrant tangerine acidity. Cari Bernard

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  • Biodynamic
  • Low Sulfur

Busch, Clemens 2009 Mosel Pündericher Marienburg Riesling Auslese 375ml

What an absolute treat to get to check in on this beauty from 2009! Harvest for the Auslese contained around 40% botrytised grapes from the southeast-facing Rothenpfad parcel on the Marienburg. The nose is redolent with muddled fresh mint and the wine is creamy and lively, with soft, rich peaches, honeyed pear, elegant depth and layers. Enjoy now to blow minds with your cheese course or fruit-based desserts, or hold for at least ten more years! Cari Bernard

  • white medium-sweet
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  • Biodynamic
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Busch, Clemens 2015 Mosel Nonnengarten Fass 29 Riesling Trocken

A 'grand-cru' parcel to the right of the Marienburg, with red slate (rich in iron content), Nonnengarten is not made in every vintage. Dubbed the "Rheingau from the Mosel" by Clemens, the wine is bold with dark minerality and smoke, lime blossoms, apricot, green strawberries, and bright, zesty acidity. Fantastic! Cari Bernard

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  • Biodynamic

Busch, Clemens 2016 Mosel Pündericher Marienburg Riesling Spätlese

Sourced from multiple sites on the Marienburg, this is the highest Prädikat Clemens produced in 2016. Fresh and light, this Spätlese drinks more like a Kabinett: the high acidity balancing the notes of ripe peach, mango, and strawberry candy with a delicate touch--a testament to the charming elegance of the 2016 vintage. Cari Bernard

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