Eric Laguerre's EOS vineyard in Saint-Martin de Fenouillet

Roussillon Restock! Eric Laguerre & Enfants Sauvages


With Labor Day behind us, and weather cooling down a bit, it's safe to say that summer is over. I may be the only one rooting for more sunshine and heat, but for all of you who are ready for the fall, we have good news in the arrival of a shipment from the Roussillon!

Eric Laguerre
Waiting in line for pollen

For many of our Chambers Street regulars, Eric Laguerre's wines need no introduction. His white EOS Blanc is, in my opinion, the best under $15 white in the store. The rosé, which would seem a bit late for the summer months, is actually the perfect fit for cooler weather, with darker color, fuller body and more food pairing possibilities. Laguerre's entry level reds are perfect for all occasions, with the softer palate of the Carignan/Syrah blend "Le Passage" contrasting nicely with the sharper, spicier EOS Rouge. Then, there are the special Le Ciste Blanc and Rouge offerings, which are elegant and full bodied expressions that are accessible and delicious in their youth, and well worth aging for anywhere from 3-10 years. Eric has been farming without pesticides or herbicides for decades, and hasn't plowed in 20 years! His vineyards are beautiful and full of life, and the wines are as vibrant as the place and the people.

Carolin and Niko Bantlin

Also back in are the wines from Niko and Carolin Bantlin, at Domaine Enfants Sauvages. The neighborhood favorite, Ché Chauvio, is a zippy, high-toned red that is ready for a light chill and perfect on its own or with lighter fare. Their Enfant Sauvage bottling is a perectly balanced medium-bodied red blend of Carignan, Grenache and Mourvedre. Aged in concrete, it's smooth, with very subtle tannins and lots of pairing potential. Their upper level reds give us a chance to explore pure expressions of oft-blended varieties Carignan and Mourvedre, and their white "Cool Moon" is a textured and fuller-bodied blend of Maccabeu and Grenache Gris that might just win over your friend who says they "only drink reds." Niko and Carolin are originally from Germany, but after about 20 years in the region, they seem be fitting in perfectly. They might not look like your traditional Roussillon winemakers, but they're doing fantastic work in the vineyards and are respected amongst their peers for their commitment to organic and biodynamic viticulture. They're also extremely nice, so it's hard not to like them! 

All these wines have just arrived and there is more inventory available off-site, so now is a perfect time to stock up on some of these incredible values for the Fall!

~Eben Lillie