Black Lives Matter


We have been struggling to find the right words to address this historic moment, but that is no excuse for silence. It is imperative that we call out injustice when we see it and question how we are contributing to that injustice. The wine and spirits industry is overwhelmingly segregated and we need to do more to create a culture of inclusion and lift up the voices that have gone unheard. This past week has forced us to contemplate and assess what we can do as a small business to change for the better. What we love most about wine is its ability to bring people together, to create joy, and if we do not speak up we are in direct conflict with that aim.

CSW has always made an effort to train and educate staff members who would like to move up in the wine world, regardless of their background. We will strengthen those efforts going forward and attempt to make our store and our industry more just and fair. We are proud to offer a living wage and health benefits to all our employees - the economics of racism and inequality are endemic to our society, which must be made fair and egalitarian for all.

Here are the groups we will be donating to this week, please join us and get involved...

For more resources and opportunities to learn, please take a look at this very comprehensive list: click here

We stand with those who seek justice for the Black lives we have lost and we seek reform for the policies that have allowed it. Black lives matter.