Welcome to the New Chambers St. Wines Website!


We are very happy to introduce a completely new edition of our website – just the 3rd in 10 years, but by far the best (thanks entirely to our own Stephanie Wallace, and to Mike Rennick of Limerock Solutions). We’ve spent a lot of time and treasure to arrive at this result. The site is very much a work in progress, and we urge you to share any thoughts, criticisms, suggestions, witticisms, etc.

Here are some of the features we can bring to your attention:

-Vast speed improvement; pages load extremely quickly, and accessing new content often doesn’t require a page load at all. Very large searches are accessible almost immediately.

-Improved search and additional search options, including the ability to search by vintage and price range, and the ability to add and remove criteria from your search. Searches can now be limited exclusively to organic, natural or biodynamic wines.

-Easier access to our archive of articles, and the ability to search articles by keyword.

-A much cleaner layout and increased legibility.

-A better new-arrivals section that includes not only new releases, but also items that have been on a long hiatus.

-Quick access to your shopping cart without navigating to a new page; easy account management; a simpler checkout process, and access to your order history and receipts. The purchasing process – which was always certified as secure – is now even more robustly protected.

-A soon to be released section for producer profiles with detailed information, images and tech sheets.

We will shortly begin making some very positive changes to our software at the shop, and we’ll be adding even more new features to the website, including more advanced search options, the ability to search by importer (as opposed to distributor), a significantly improved regional hierarchy, and more didactic content. We’re sure we’ll have a few kinks to work out over the next couple of weeks, but we hope you enjoy the new site!