Box O'2 - Foreau and Huet 6-Pack from the 2002 Vintage!


2002 was a magical vintage for whites in the Loire Valley. Perfect balance with just the right amount of acidity, gorgeous fruit but not too much alcohol, fabulous mineral and acid flavors shining through in the finish. We don't claim to be more perspicacious than anyone else, but we stashed away a few representative cases of Huet Vouvray to release on their 10th birthday. Although it will be great fun to drink these now, the wines will also benefit from another 10 to 30 years of aging.  Another reason to celebrate this great vintage in the Loire is the last release of the great Philippe Foreau Vouvray Brut Réserve. This sensational sparking Chenin is drinking beautifully now, but it too will benefit from further aging.

Each 6-Pack contains 3 bottles of 2002 Foreau Vouvray Brut Réserve, 1 bottle of 2002 Huet Vouvray Le Mont Sec, 1 bottle of 2002 Huet Vouvray Clos du Bourg Demi-Sec and 1 bottle of 2002 Huet Clos du Bourg Moelleux 1er Trie. (One per customer, please)

2002 Foreau Vouvray Brut Réserve: Aromas of lemony acids, brioche, dried flowers, creamy white fruits, beeswax. White fruits on the palate with stony acidity and fabulous length with stone and anise. Opens up nicely with 30 to 60 minutes aeration, delicious now, perhaps best in 10 years.

2002 Huet: My notes from 2004 indicate sensational purity, with beautiful apple, pear, citrus and stone aromas, perfect balance and great length. Approximately 10 gr/RS in the Sec, 15-17 in the Demi-Sec and 65 in the 1er Trie. The Sec and Demi-Sec are models of elegance and purity, the Clos du Bourg 1er Trie is simply sensational - "remarkably complex nose of citrus, spice and exotic fruit, not heavily sweet but with a superb, heavy mineral finish."

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Box O'2 2002 Vouvray

  • Foreau (Clos Naudin) 2002 Vouvray Brut Reserve
  • Huet 2002 Vouvray Le Mont Sec
  • Huet 2002 Vouvray Clos du Bourg Demi Sec
  • Huet 2002 Vouvray Clos du Bourg Moelleux 1er Tri

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