Slammed by Sandy Sale! 15% Off Per Case - 3 Days Only!


The good news is that CSW suffered no damage or flooding during Hurricane Sandy and we hope that those of you in low-lying areas of the Northeast have been similarly spared. The bad news is that we were dark for almost five days. To help make up for lost revenue we're offering a 15 percent discount on any case purchase through Sunday at 7:00pm - sparkling wines, Champagnes and Spirits, as well as a very few non-discountable items, are excluded from the sale, but will count toward your 12 bottles. We're proud of the everyday value we offer to the educated wine-lover and we plan no further sales at least until 2014, barring other natural or un-natural disasters. Our great staff is all here and ready to help with any questions you may have - time to stock-up and help us pay the bills, and get ready for your election eve party!