Pierre and Monique prepare for Langoustines with 1976 "L" D'Or, at Villa Mon Reve in Nantes

Muscadet 1989 - 2010; Vieux Millésimes from Luneau-Papin!


It was almost twenty years ago that we first encountered the superb Muscadets from Pierre and Monique Luneau-Papin, who were sharing a stand with Huet at the Salon des Vins de Loire in Angers. Tasting the 1976 was quite a thrill and opened our eyes to the aging potential of Muscadet from the top producers. One of the few estates in the region that did not convert to chemical agriculture, machine harvesting, high yields and innoculated yeasts back in the sixties and seventies (along with Michel Bregeon and a few others), this domain helped preserve the traditions of quality in the region, and they have consistently kept a portion of their top cuvées aside for later release. Historical records show (see Raphaël Shirmer's "Muscadet: HIstoire et géographie du vignoble nantais") that Muscadet was enjoyed at twenty and thirty years of age in the 19th and early 20th centuries and thanks to the Luneau-Papins, we are able to taste these lovely wines at different points in their aging process. We thank Pierre, Monique and their son Pierre-Marie for continuing to make these wines available to Chambers Street. Please, two-bottle maximum order on the 1989 and four-bottle maximum on the 2002 and 2005 vintages. (Wines arrive on or before April 1st)

Luneau-Papin 2010 Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Le "L" d'Or"

A beautiful L d'Or that shows the remarkable combination of ripeness, balance and great acidity in the 2010 vintage. This wine was surprisingly open and aromatic when tasted in January 2012 but possessed of perfect acidity and loads of saline mineral flavors, reminding us of 2002.

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Luneau-Papin 1989 Muscadet Sèvre et Maine L D'Or NFS

(last tasted in February, 2010) A rare and beautiful wine for the ages. Luneau's 1976 is drinking beautifully now, and 1989's a better, more balanced vintage, with a core of minerals and acidity that won't go away. This is beginning to show lovely secondary aromas of earth and tea leaves, mingling with the primary citrus and white fruits. The palate is softening but is still remarkably stony and mineral with great acidity  Although this wine did not receive the extended sur-lie aging done in 1976, the acidity will hold this wine for many more years. Great fun to drink now but we would recommend holding this wine until 2018 — 2025. (One bottle per customer, please)

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