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At heart I have zero interest in gadgets – I’m not intrigued, I don’t want to own another one, and I’m hardly what could be called an early adapter: I only recently bought a cellphone for the first time (of course it’s true that my wife says I love my iPhone, but I dispute that - while just checking to see if I have received an important email in the last 3 minutes). But now I have another gadget - at our house the Coravin is already an important addition, and wines opened weeks ago are showing as fresh and bright as on the first pour. We like the fact that we can have a glass and then change wines for the next course without being tempted to drink too much on Tuesday night, and without wasting wine. Over many years of living as a wine aficionado I’ve encountered numerous useless, wasteful, tacky, and just plain stupid wine accessories – this one is the exception to the rule. JW


Our friends using Coravin think it's even better than sliced bread. It's easy to use with just a little practice - and it takes less gas to preserve the wine than you might think. Most importantly it really seems to work as advertised - it keeps wine in the same stable state as before it was opened, for an indefinite time - for a very long time. One customer in particular is an early-adapter, and he swears by the device. Last week the Coravin sales rep tasted us on a bottle of Vietti Barolo that had first been drawn from in July; it was down about a glassful, and the wine certainly showed as if it had just been opened. At our house we like to taste lots of different wines, and we end up leaving many unfinished bottles, and wasting lots of wine, so this is a no-brainer for us. JW

Because of the gas component, only Coravin is authorized bu UPS to ship the capsules or the Coravin itself. We can deliver in NYC, but if you need to ship, please use this link to order directly from Coravin. Using the link yields us a modest commission on your purchase, which we very much appreciate!

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If you are remotely interested in small production wine, organic, biodynamic, and natural wine, then you should be reading The Feiring Line. It’s Alice Feiring’s newsletter, which comes with lots of info about wine, the people making the wine, and often places serving them, all delivered with the personal Alice touch. Alice’s engagement with wine and devotion to it is long-standing, and she’s worked hard and has sacrificed a lot to stay engaged without selling out. The result is refreshing, lively, and always fun to read.

True, you have to subscribe, but aside from benefiting from Alice’s insider knowledge, it’s worth the cost just to keep updated with the explorations and activities of our favorite wine whirlwind. JW

Aside from Eric Asimov, the only other wine writing I actively want to read is John Gilman’s View from the Cellar. I’ve known John for a long time; like Alice he is a genuine wine lover, and he doesn’t compromise his views for the fast (or slow) buck. There’s nowhere else to learn about wines and producers in such depth; other than the better wine books no publication even comes close to View from the Cellar for detail, and the intensity of John’s engagement with wine animates his text in ways that make for truly pleasurable reading, and an indispensable addition to our library. JW

The person who has everything probably has a lot of wine glasses, but do they have Zalto glasses? We really didn’t think we were vulnerable to falling in love with a new and expensive wine glass – a kind of ridiculous thing, but true. The glasses are just so damn beautiful, they show the wine so well, and they really are a leap forward – so what that it’s like washing a potato chip? When life is this good, what’s a broken glass or two? JW

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