Chef Frederic Duca

Racines NY in the NY Times!


We're proud and happy that our neighbors at 94 Chambers Street have received a lovely 2-star review from Pete Wells in the Times! Racines NY was conceived by master sommelier Arnaud Tronche with help from partners David Lanher of Racines, Paris and CSW's David Lillie. After two years of searching and six months of construction, M. Tronche and chef Frederic Duca have created a vibrant and informal, but elegant and sophisticated restaurant where the superb cuisine is matched by an extraordinary wine list built around our favorite organic, biodynamic and natural wines.

"Dinner and drinks at Racines NY come as close as anything in Manhattan to the flavors of Paris today." Pete Wells, NY Times

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Chef Duca is constantly adding exciting and innovative new dishes and upcoming special events will feature the wines of Domaine Pierre Gonon, a vertical tasting and dinner featuring old vintages from Stephane Guion in Bourgueil, a Savennières tasting and dinner with Evelyn de Jessy from Domaine du Closel and many more.

Take advantage of the summer slow-down in Manhattan to book your table at Racines either with Open Table or by calling the restaurant at 212-227-3400, or simply stop by for a glass of wine with a small plate at the bar! (Yes, there's great beer on draft and a full bar as well!)

A bientot!