The Contest!


We have the ugly habit of scoffing at much mainstream wine writing, but we have tremendous respect for Jancis Robinson, who in the course of offering her own opinions about specific wines has also developed a remarkable team that has produced magisterial works like the “Oxford Companion to Wine”, and her perpetually interesting and lively website, Now she is offering you a chance to win a copy of her new and spectacularly beautiful (and useful) book, “Wine Grapes”.  Here’s the deal: is asking you to submit “publishable accounts of experiences with independent retailers”, by way of “providing some encouragement for them”. A winning submission will be selected and a signed copy of the book delivered to the author (the subject store will receive 2 passes to a tasting to be held in London, travel and hotel not included… and it’s the Sunday before Thanksgiving, which is not an ideal moment to leave the shop. If you / we are lucky enough to win we may give you the tickets!).

We realize it’s asking a lot, but our competitive instincts have been whetted, and we would be very grateful for any submissions on our behalf. You can read all of the details here, with our thanks in advance!