A commemorative Hank Williams, Jr. bottle at the Jim Beam museum.

Jefferson's Bourbon - Chambers Street Style



We continue our Bourbon odyssey with a special selection from Trey Zoeller’s fantastic Jefferson’s label. Jefferson’s is unlike other Bourbon, because instead of distilling they focus on purchasing the best barrels possible from other producers to create superb, ultra-small production lots. Trey created the Jefferson’s label in 1997 before the world’s Bourbon craze started, and distillers were eager to sell barrels on the side. Trey happily saved exceptional barrels of whiskey from being blended into batches with over a hundred other barrels, which is how big labels like Jim Beam maintain a consistent flavor over the millions of bottles they produce yearly. Today Bourbon is a hot commodity, and sourcing barrels is not as easy as it once was, but luckily Trey’s 15 years of experience and family connections (his father Chet has the enviable title “famed Bourbon historian”) keeps Trey close to the good stuff. The Jefferson’s company approached us to do a collaboration, and we gladly accepted. After tasting several of their custom blends we unanimously selected the beautifully named “B-806.” This is a fantastic very small batch Bourbon blended by one of the best independent bottlers and available only at Chambers Street Wines. Remember, the Derby is just around the corner… John Rankin




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Jefferson's Chambers St Reserve Very Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Very Small Batch

This batch is Chambers Street’s first collaboration with celebrated independent Bourbon bottler Jefferson’s. I find that the Jefferson’s house style leans toward fruit and vanilla flavors and carries a delicate spice as opposed to the aggressive spice flavors that other whiskies emphasize. When poured, the spirit is a bright copper color with hints of scarlet and deep aromas of orange peel, cured oak, vanilla bean, and toasted clove. In order to distinguish this whiskey from some of Jefferson’s other products, the alcohol is left at a robust but smooth 45.1%, and the selection of barrels starts at 12 years and goes up to 20 years old. Chambers Street is proud to have our hot air balloon insignia displayed on the label, making this a unique bottle for a discerning Bourbon fan. John Rankin

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