A Cool Stash of 1970s Chartreuse and Pernod


Everyone knows Chartreuse, but it's not every day that you have the opportunity to get your hands on bottles that have spent the past 40 years sleeping in a cellar in Italy. Chartreuse is well-known for its aging capabilities because the herbal components continue to meld in the bottle; there is no doubt that these will offer fantastic drinking pleasure. In addition to the Yellow and Green interpretations of Chartreuse, we also have their Myrtille Liqueur which is made from bilberries (a close cousin to the blueberry), that are macerated in the classic herbal spirit.

We were also happy to find older bottles of Pernod from the same time period in this cellar. It would be a very interesting addition to classic cocktails, or served as a unique aperitif.

These bottles do not have barcodes (which became common in the late 1970s), and the Chartreuse comes in its original boxes. Our research confirms the former owner's memory that these bottles were originally purchased in the mid- to late 1970s. Tim Gagnon


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