Dec 12 2018
Spanish Wines for the Holidays
During this season, customers ask for suggestions for their holiday meals and parties, so we decided to offer a list of Spanish wines that would reflect the cold temperatures and the holiday spirit. You will find a broad spectrum of wines, representing the various regions of Spain, including but no
Dec 11 2018
Stocking and Cellar-Stuffers from the Southern Rhone! Pierre André, Vieux Donjon, Clos des Papes, Charvin, Chapelle St. Theodoric and More!
We're happy to offer some of our favorite Chateauneuf-du-Papes, just in time for the holidays. Here you'll find a few of the top wines from 2015 and 2016 - great gifts for the wine-lover, or great additions to your cellar - and some more mature wines that will drink beautifully at this winter's gath
Dec 10 2018
Chateau Musar 1970 + 1975
When I worked for Christie’s in the 1990s we held a couple of vertical tastings of Chateau Musar with the owner, Serge Hochar, with wines back to the 1950s, and I was converted. Musar is one of the great stories of the wine world, having survived since 1930 in Lebanon - not been an easy place to sur
Dec 7 2018
Winter is Here - Time for Muscadet - Great New Wines from Jo Landron, Domaine de la Pépière and Luneau-Papin!
People think of Muscadet as a refreshing summer wine, and yes, it was 24 degrees in New York this morning, but if you're having fish or shellfish for dinner, or enjoying some goat cheese, then it's time for Muscadet! We're very happy to feature superb new arrivals from the 2015 vintage, from our fri
Dec 7 2018
2014 Breton Bourgueil "les Perrières" and Other Great Cabernet Francs! (Taste them at Racines on December 11th.)
We love the 2014 vintage in the Loire Valley, especially for the great reds of Bourgueil and Chinon, and we're very happy to offer a small quantity of the rare and beautiful Pierre and Catherine Breton 2014 Bourgueil "Les Perrières!" The wine is from the Breton's oldest vines, averaging about 70 yea
Dec 6 2018
U.S., Australia, Spain, etc - from Private Collections
If you click on the article title you can see live inventory on our website, and thus avoid potential disappointment in trying to purchase something that's already been sold (of course you have to refresh the page to keep it up-to-date). The mural shown above is part of the decorated interior of Co
Dec 5 2018
'Pur' Energy: The Wines of Daniel & Jonas Brand
At the northernmost reaches of the Pfalz (Germany's second largest winemaking region), the vineyards look akin to the vineyards of their neighbor to the north, the Rheinhessen, with long stretches of rolling hillside terrain. The soils here range from limestone to sand and gravel
Dec 4 2018
Riesling with some age, mostly
All bottles guaranteed! If you click on the article title you can see live inventory on our website, and thus avoid potential disappointment in trying to purchase something that's already been sold (of course you have to refresh the page to keep it up-to-date).
Dec 3 2018
More Brilliant Borgo del Tiglio Friulano, + Prager!
I come from a family of driven accumulators (not hoarders, although some might say there's a subjectively-located fine line between the two!), so I understand the pleasure in having a big pile of something you love. If there's a gene for aquisitiveness, I certainly have it. Nonetheless I'm surprised
Dec 1 2018
Rum Dinner at Racines & New Brandy Arrivals
The Chambers Street Spirits Department is thrilled to be partnering with Racines for the very first time to put together a tasting menu paired with a beverage that has really caught our attention in the past year: rum. With the arrival of La Maison & Velier on the US market this year, we've gott
Nov 30 2018
I Had to Tell You - The Vibrant 2016 White Burgundies
Now I've certainly gone on at length about my love for the truly transcendant 2016 red Burgundies, but I'd be remiss were I not to recommend the brilliant whites from the vintage. In what could be considered one of the most difficult growing seasons in memory in Burgundy (devastating frost, followed
Nov 29 2018
I've Got Levitation-The Ebullient Bubbles of Champagne Bérêche
With the holidays upon us and gatherings of friends and family at hand, we are happy to remind you of the joys of Champagne at the table. New releases from our favorite growers are streaming in and we're positively giddy, as we taste the newest vintages and cuvées. One of the most exciting producers
Nov 28 2018
Domaine de Saint-Pierre: The Superb Wines from Fabrice Dodane!
While it is unlike us to associate certain wines with certain seasons, the chill of winter simply requires a degree of decadence that I can only find in the savory and sumptuous white wine from the Jura. Perhaps I am biased, but when the cold wind is at one's cheeks, who can deny the revitalizing ef
Nov 27 2018
Piedmont Wine from Private Collections
Most of these wines come from one of the finest and most extensive collections of Piedmont wine that we know of - it was time for the owner to do some pruning, and so we are all the beneficiaries. The other bottles come from temperature-controlled storage; all are guaranteed. If you click on the ar
Nov 27 2018
Meditations on Mencía
A few weeks ago, we stepped back and looked at our Mencia offerings, and figured the lineup was worth emailing about, as there are quite a few Mencia fans among our ranks and amongst our local clientele as well. We figured some of our readers may share our enthusiasm! Mencia is found in Galicia, and
Nov 23 2018
Champagne André Beaufort for the Holidays - 2018! Taste them at Racines, Tuesday Nov 27
We are very proud to feature a new selection of the extraordinary Champagnes of André Beaufort, just in time for the holidays, featuring the delicious Polisy Brut Nature NV, based on the 2014 vintage and disgorged in June of 2018. Primarily available at natural wine shops in France, Italy and Japan,
Nov 21 2018
The 71st Annual Chambers Street Wines Thanksgiving Email!
Thanksgiving — the wine lover's favorite holiday, when sharing our favorite bird-friendly wines with family, friends and neighbors heightens our enjoyment of this most convivial day! And what do we look for in a Thanksgiving wine? A full-bodied white that will not only complement turkey, but stand u
Nov 19 2018
Tuscan and other Italian Wine from Private Collections
If you click on the article title you can see live inventory on our website, and thus avoid potential disappointment in trying to purchase something that's already been sold (of course you have to refresh the page to keep it up-to-date).
Nov 18 2018
Pascaline Lepeltier, MS, wins Meilleure Sommelière de France 2018!
Our dear friend, and neighbor at Racines NY, Pascaline Lepeltier, MS, has just achieved an historic double triumph, first winning the prestigious 2018 Meilleure Ouvrière de France (Sommellerie) title in October and then, last Sunday, winning the crown of Meilleure Sommelière de France!t The first wo
Nov 15 2018
Champagne, Rhone, and other French wine from Private Collections
If you click on the article title you can see live inventory on our website, and thus avoid potential disappointment in trying to purchase something that's already been sold (of course you have to refresh the page to keep it up-to-date).   **These wines will be available for pick-up or delive
Nov 14 2018
Burgundy from Private Collections
If you click on the article title you can see live inventory on our website, and thus avoid potential disappointment in trying to purchase something that's already been sold (of course you have to refresh the page to keep it up-to-date).   **These wines will be available for pick-up or delive
Nov 13 2018
Bordeaux from Private Collections
If you click on the article title you can see live inventory on our website, and thus avoid potential disappointment in trying to purchase something that's already been sold (of course you have to refresh the page to keep it up-to-date).   **Delong makes great wine maps! A detail from the
Nov 12 2018
Loire Valley wine from Private Collections
Not just your usual suspects! This is the first of a few offers of wines with excellent provenance. As always we guarantee the condition of every bottle. The wines will be available for pick-up or delivery on Wednesday, Nov. 14th.
Nov 8 2018
Main Corse: Organic Wines from Patrimonio!
In many ways the Corsican wine region has been long misunderstood. To outsiders, it may seem that the French island has an identity crisis -- not quite French, not quite Italian --  but Corsicans have always had a strong sense of who they are. And as we get to meet more of the winemakers a
Nov 7 2018
Beni and the Jets: The wines of Benoit Courault
The first time I met Benoit Courault, my hair was wild and desheveled and someone mistook me for him at a wine fair in France. We both had a laugh and I proceeded to taste and chat with him about his wines, vineyards, and philosophy. This was around the same time that I was discovering how rema
Nov 6 2018
Michelle and Alex's Wedding Registry
Call us a bit wine obsessed. Yes, we do go to our fair share of wine-related events, from vineyard tours to tastings to auctions. And sure, perhaps we do occasionally interrupt important conversations with tasting notes on whatever we all happen to be drinking. ("And then the doctor told me--" "Hone
Nov 6 2018
The Return of Château Bel Air - Marquis D'Aligre!
We're delighted to again offer the wines of Jean-Pierre Boyer at Chateau Bel Air-Marquis d'Aligre in Margaux!  These superb and unusual wines are truly from another era and offer the Bordeaux lover a fascinating glipse into the past... (Wines arrive 11/13) On our first visit to the estate in J
Nov 5 2018
Sake Dinner at Racines + New Releases
There are two orders of business for today: the very first Chambers Street sake dinner hosted at Racines, with a no-holds-bared, blockbuster tasting menu from the hands of Chef Paul Leibrandt, as well as a selection of some of our favorite seasonal autumn releases from Japan. This year we've taken a
Nov 5 2018
Roagna 2013
In my not-very-humble opinion these are about as good as it gets: Roagna is making wines of great purity, finesse, and complexity; they are at the very top of my short list of the most compelling wines in Barolo / Barbaresco. Yes, it’s true that they are a bit more expensive than some other fine Lan
Nov 4 2018
The Rosés of Fall and Winter...and Thanksgiving!
Back in January of 2011, Eric Asimov published an article in the NY Times entitled "A Rosé Can Bloom in Winter, Too!" While dismissing the insipid rosés found in most stores, Mr. Asimov says "Good rosés are another matter entirely...and Chambers Street is that rare retailer that keeps an active supp
Nov 2 2018
Hitsville MSD - Lignier-Michelot's Brilliant 2016s
At a certain point, when one reflects on all the wines they have been fortunate enough to taste, certain growers stand out for their ability to capture the character and quality of every vintage. Yet the best of these vignerons also offer their own signature to the wines much like a painter's signat
Nov 1 2018
Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Featuring the Beautiful 2016s (Part Two): Charvin, Ferrand, Raymond Usseglio and More! Rhône Dinner at Racines 11/14
We're very happy to offer another group of wines from the superb 2016 vintage in Châteauneuf-du-Pape! The wines of Laurent Charvin have always been among our very favorites at Chambers Street. The estate has always worked well in the vines and is now certified organic; fermentations are with whole
Oct 31 2018
Antiyal: Chile's Biodynamic Garagiste
Today we are excited to bring you the whole lineup from Chile's foremost biodynamic winemaker, Alvaro Espinoza of Antiyal. Alvaro and his wife Marina founded Antiyal in 1996 to teach their children about the cycles of the earth and farming. "Antiyal" is a Mapuche word that means "sons of the sun," i
Oct 30 2018
New Arrivals from the Loire: 2016 Baudry "les Grézeaux;" 2014 Luneau-Papin "L d'Or;" Best Value Muscadets and More!
We're pleased to announce the arrival of the 2016 Domaine Baudry Chinon "Les Grézeaux" - it's always one of our favorite Loire reds and it's particularly superb in 2016. Due to the gravelly soil - unusual for Chinon - this wine tends to drink well young, especially in a ripe vintage such as 2015. In
Oct 29 2018
Barbaresco: new old wine
Wine will be available to pick-up, or deliver, on Wednesday 10/31.
Oct 26 2018
New Arrivals from Alzinger!
With each passing vintage we continue to delight in the precise and elegant Grüner Veltliner and Riesling from Weingut Alzinger in the Wachau. An unwavering dedication to quality in the vineyards and focus on harvesting at perfect phenolic ripeness leads to the kind of Wachau wines we can
Oct 25 2018
Here Comes Sunshine - The Radiant 2016 Burgundies
From what could be considered one of the most difficult growing seasons in memory in the Côte d'Or (devastating frost, followed by two months of rain and mildew pressure), has arisen what may be one of the finest vintages we've tasted. And while the memory of the huge crop losses from the catastroph
Oct 24 2018
New Bordeaux Arrivals!
Now that the temperatures are cooling off, what could be better than trying new Bordeaux wines? We are excited to offer a line-up of new and old producers (all at least practicing organic farming) with a philosophy of terroir-driven winemaking, displaying a traditional structure of fruit, tannin and
Oct 23 2018
Barolo: new old wine
All bottles guaranteed! *Wines will be available for delivery or pick-up on Thursday, Oct 25th.
Oct 22 2018
Ageworthy Reds from Gold Rush Country
Anyone who has visited Yosemite from San Francisco recalls the narrative of the general topography. Driving over the rolling hills east of Oakland, past Livermore and Altamont, one relatively quickly descends into the hot, dry, agrarian, flat expanse of the Central Valley. It lasts long enough only
Oct 17 2018
Back to the Produttori
Are the interesting times we live in getting you down? Was the very slow onset (and sudden arrival) of autumn made even more confusing by current events? You can rest assured that in this life you can depend on at least one consistent example of high quality, that’s honestly earned and hard won: the
Oct 16 2018
Châteauneuf du Pape - Featuring the Superb 2016s (Part One) Clos des Papes, Vieux Donjon, Bosquet des Papes and More!
"2016 is an exceptional vintage at Châteauneuf-du-Pape...perhaps 2016 will be the vintage that re-establishes the region as the source of serious, well-balanced red wines. The Royal appellation of the Southern Rhône can truly strut its multi-coloured, fascinating robes this year, a dazzle of pl
Oct 16 2018
Piedmont "Little Wines"
Oct 14 2018
Tasting Update: Gwenaëlle Croix from Pépière; Marie Luneau from Luneau-Papin, and Mélanie Tarlant of Champagne Tarlant in the Store, Monday, 10/15, at 5:00 and at Racines NY at 7:00!
Don't miss these three winemakers on Monday evening, pouring their superb Muscadets and Champagnes. Join us at the store at 5pm as they pour six wines from these great estates: Domaine de la Pépière 2014 Muscadet "Gorges" and 2015 "Clisson," Domaine Luneau-Papin 2014 L' d'Or and 2017 "Terres de Pier
Oct 12 2018
Top Wines
At least some of my favorites. These include old vintage Ceretto and Cordero di Montezemolo - not chic names, but wines that have provided consistently great drinking for me and for many of our customers. And Barale, a relatively new discovery in terms of excellent old wine; the bottles we've tasted
Oct 11 2018
Natural Wines from Australia! 
We are delighted to share the American debut of the superlative and truly natural wines from Mark Warner and Alicia Basa from Borachio and Alex Schulkin and Galit Shachaf from The Other Right in the Adelaide Hills. Both wineries are part of a (very) small group of producers who are working completel
Oct 10 2018
Back to the Beach: The wines of Colares
Early this year, at the tail end of a trip visiting vineyards and attending wine tastings in France, I took two days to visit Portugal. I had already heard many great things about Lisbon, and had always been fascinated and intrigued by the wines of a tiny region called Colares, so I headed to Lisbon
Oct 9 2018
Organic Saint-Emilions from La Grave-Figeac and Coutet; Outstanding Biodynamic Bordeaux Supérieur from Chateau Le Geai!
During last winter's whirlwind tour of Bordeaux we were able to visit some of our favorite producers including Planquette in the northern Medoc, Les Closeries des Moussis in Arsac and Bel Air Marquis d'Aligre in Margaux before crossing the river to visit organic estates in Saint-Emilion and surround
Oct 8 2018
California, and Burgundy
Leaving aside politics, we LOVED "Discovering Columbus", Tatzu Nishi's 2012 art work, in which he constructed a "living room" around our fair city's newly restored statue at Columbus Circle. Once you climbed to the top of the structure, you entered the room shown below.   We thought
Oct 5 2018
A New Chapter in Rum
For the past few years I've been hearing bartender friends and other industry professionals posit the theory that rum will be the next craft spirit to explode in popularity and demand. And while I am hugely enthusiastic abut the category in general, the reality didn't seem likely to match up with al
Oct 4 2018
Our Favorite Burgundies from Organic Farming, All Under $50, Featuring les Champs de l'Abbaye!
We're proud to offer a selection of our favorite Burgundies in organic and biodynamic agriculture, emphasizing those that represent the best value, and featuring new arrivals from our friends Isabelle and Alain Hasard at "Les Champs de L'Abbaye" in the Côte Chalonnaise. Although a handful of the top
Oct 3 2018
Special Selections from Clemens Busch
We are pleased to offer a small collection of special releases from Clemens Busch, friend of Chambers Street and German biodynamic winemaker extraordinaire! Clemens, Rita, and their son Johannes currently work 16 hectares in the Mosel valley, based in the town of&n
Oct 2 2018
East Coast Wines: Savoie, Isère and Bugey from Dupasquier, Finot and Lavie!
Today's email takes us to the rugged mountainsides of eastern France and three estates who are working beautifully in the vines and in the cellar, creating vibrant, distinctive wines featuring local varieties such as Roussette, Verdesse, Persan, Etraire de la Dhuy and Mondeuse. We're extremely happ
Oct 1 2018
Chianti Classico Night with Jancis Robinson
I have joined the gradually swelling bandwagon of wine loving New Yorkers who think that we haven’t paid sufficient attention to Chianti Classico, so I am very excited to have the chance to taste more than 45 of the best (and highest-scoring) wines in the company of Jancis Robinson and Walter Spelle
Oct 1 2018
La Spinona Barbaresco
Older vintages of La Spinona seem to be something of a secret in the market. The same 2-3 customers snap them up whenever we’ve received an occasional bottle; They are very discerning buyers, so I’ve always assumed there was something special about the wines. Time flies, and I’ve had a chance to tas
Sep 27 2018
Down (Under) on The Koerner: New Wines from South Australia!
We recently had the pleasure of meeting Clare Valley native Damon Koerner during Australian Wine Week. He visited Chambers to pour his remarkably vibrant wines and to raise eyebrows with a style that is altogether atypical of wines from South Australia. The reds showed bright, fresh fruit
Sep 26 2018
New sparkling wines from Terraquilia
We are very excited to announce the arrival of three new natural wines from Terraquilia: two sparkling red Lambruschi and a delicious sparkling white. Terraquilia is a small estate located in the hills of Guigila, south of Modena, in the Emilia-Romagna region of northeast Italy, and sits at an eleva
Sep 25 2018
Mezcal Tosba: El Sabor del Sierra Norte
The drive up to the Mezcal Tosba palenque in San Cristobal Lachirioag is one of the most breathtaking I've ever done. Though only about 160 km from Oaxaca City, it takes between five and six hours (in the case of our little beat-up Ford Fiesta it was definately the latter) to traverse the high mount
Sep 24 2018
Fabulous 2014 Bourgueils from Domaine de la Chevalerie, and the 2009 "Busardieres!"
One of our geatest tastings in France last winter was with Stephanie Caslot of Domaine de la Chevalerie in Bourgueil, which included the 2014 and 2015 vintages of each cuvee from this oustanding Biodynamic estate. The 2015s were lovely wines with ripe, complex fruit in a full and failry soft style -
Sep 23 2018
Chambers on Chambers: Great Tastings on Tuesdays, and Wine Dinners at Racines NY This Fall!
Please join us this fall as CSW and Racines NY team up to present some extraordinary events featuring our favorite producers of organic and natural wines, and the superb cuisine of Racines Chef-in-Residence Paul Liebrandt! On Tuesdays at Racines, and a few special Mondays, CSW staff and Racines Part
Sep 22 2018
3 Tastings of Nebbiolo - An introduction, of sorts, to Barolo and Barbaresco
A friend who is keen to learn more about Barolo and Barbaresco has asked if we could put together some daytime tastings to illuminate some of the details of the wines. This should be useful and fascinating even for a Nebbiolo nut like myself, as it’s always a challenge to try to focus the subject; a
Sep 21 2018
What We All Want- The Visionary Champagnes of Cédric Bouchard
Among the visionary growers of Champagne, Cédric Bouchard of Roses de Jeanne might be considered something of an auteur. Which is to say that all of his efforts in the vines and cellar advance his vision: that expression of each vineyard is paramount. Contrary to the Champenois tradition of blending
Sep 20 2018
Lillian and Rhys
Today we have an incredible offering of California wines from two excellent producers, Lillian and Rhys. Lillian was founded by Maggie Harrison, once an assistant at Sine Qua Non and currently winemaker at Antica Terra in Oregon. Today we focus entirely on her Syrah, of which we have quite the list
Sep 19 2018
New biodynamic wines from Ausonia
We are very excited to offer fantastic new biodynamic wines from Azienda Agricola Ausonia, located in the Abruzzo region of Southern Italy. Ausonia was founded in 2006 by Simone Binelli, who had worked for six years as a pharmacist before deciding to take the plunge and pursue his dream of becoming
Sep 18 2018
Superb 2016 Burgundies from Stéphane Magnien!
We're proud to offer the 2016s from Stéphane Magnien, a young man who is producing superb old-fashioned Burgundies at his 4.5 hectare domain in Morey-Saint-Denis.   2016 is perhaps the greatest vintage we have encountered at this over-achieving estate - a difficult year in the vines and with ve
Sep 17 2018
The Fantastic Wines of Rubén Díaz
Rubén Díaz owns some of the best vineyards in the Gredos region, a mountain range west of Madrid. Most of his vineyards are located in the municipality of Cebreros, but he also owns a vineyard located in the remote part of the Gredos, called San Bartolomé de Pinares. Using the local grapes and
Sep 14 2018
Alto Piemonte
The talk of Barolo in May – almost everyone we visited mentioned it – was Roberto Conterno’s purchase of Nervi, in Gattinara. Barolo is a small place and it’s hard to imagine finding a group of people who are more discreet and tactful than the locals, but one nonetheless gets the sensation that whil
Sep 13 2018
Some old(er) Burgundy and Rhone (plus a few others)
From 2 collections, removed from temperature-controlled storage, all bottles guaranteed.  
Sep 12 2018
Wine Food: A Special Tasting and Book Signing with Dana Frank and Andrea Slonecker! Tues. 9/18 from 5-7 pm
Our friend and restauranteur/winemaker Dana Frank recently finished writing the book Wine Food, with wine lover and recipe-writer, Andrea Slonecker. We're very happy to be hosting a book signing and wine tasting with Dana and Andrea next Tuesday from 5pm-7pm! It's an incredibly inspiring book f
Sep 12 2018
Some old(er) Bordeaux
Funny how vintage 2000 is all of a sudden... 18 years old. Some wines that now (surprise!) have 8-10 years of age (Sociando Mallet, La Lagune, Cantemerle, for example) should be drinking very well.
Sep 11 2018
Fine old wine from California
Attention! If 1984 is a significant year for you: California is one of the only places in the world where decent wine was made - in fact, the pundits say that 1984 Caiifornia Cabernet Sauvignon gets *****. And there are some crazy rare and cool bottles - old Calera! Old Willliams-Selyem! All from 2
Sep 10 2018
Greats of La Morra
Together these are the two great, historic houses of La Morra, Barolo producers of consistent quality, and important standard bearers for the region. Oddero has remained resolutely traditional and the wines need (and reward) a long time in the cellar. Ratti was a pioneering adaptor of techniques tha
Sep 7 2018
Flowers of Romance - Burgundy from Domaine Felettig
In a category of wine that is acutely expensive and where value is relative (and often hard to find), it's a pleasure to find those hidden gems who seem to over-deliver on deliciousness and price. In Burgundy it is especially tough to find, given the growing conditions of the last few years (frost,
Sep 6 2018
Naturally Loire: New Arrivals from Philippe Delmée and Domaine Jousset!
Anyone who knows about Chambers St. Wines knows that our fascination and love for Loire Valley wines is longstanding. With that in mind, and as our duty to the wine-drinking public, we present some delicious new arrivals from two of our favorite domains!  Though we have only worked with Philip
Sep 5 2018
The Very Obscure History of America's Oldest Grape
Long before Cabernet appeared in California, or Malbec became the rage in Argentina, or Carménère was planted in Chile (or any other variety of Vitis Vinifera was found in the Western Hemisphere), there was one grape that was widely planted all the way from California to Chile. It goes by many diffe
Sep 4 2018
It's a Family Affair - Bruno Schueller and Jean Ginglinger
Bruno Schueller and Jean Ginglinger are cousins, and coincidenatlly also two of the most talented natural wine producers in Alsace. It's been a long time coming, but we've finally been able to put together an offering of their wines, albeit in limited quantity. Here you'll find racy acidity, unmatch
Sep 4 2018
A small offer but with great wine, all from a private collection in Piedmont (after all, they do call Taurasi the "Barolo of the south"). There is a small group of additional bottles from the same cellar that will arrive in the fall (probably in November, maybe sooner) which we also offer here, if y
Aug 30 2018
Free-Seeking Electricity - The Galvanizing 2016s of Jean-Philippe Fichet
Today we are pleased to offer selection of white Burgundy from a one of our favorite vignerons, Jea-Philippe Fichet. In a village seemingly overrun by top flight growers (Roulot, Coche-Dury, Lafon, Jobard come too mind), Jean-Philippe Fichet, has become something of an unheralded star. But the star
Aug 29 2018
La Villana - The wines of Joy Kull
I first met Joy Kull in 2013 when I was in Italy with Kevin McKenna, Jules Dressner, and a small team from Louis/Dressner Selections. I was admittedly surprised to meet someone from America (let alone Connecticut) at a tiny natural wine fair in the middle of nowhere in Italy, but there was of c
Aug 28 2018
Fontanfredda Barolo, revisited
The historical importance of Fontanafredda for Barolo cannot be overstated; it’s one of the oldest and largest properties in the region, and one of the first to estate-bottle and market under its own label. This is beautifully related in Kerin O’Keefe’s “Barolo and Barbaresco”, and it’s quite a stor
Aug 24 2018
New Arrivals to Not Miss from Germany & Austria
We here at Chambers Street are thrilled to offer a list of new (and almost new) arrivals from Austria and Germany to inspire you to revisit some favorite produers, or perhaps step out of your comfort zone and into unknown territory. This selection of wines represents a wide swath of styles, gra
Aug 23 2018
Two Women in Oaxaca, Mexico.
I never got to meet Don Lorenzo Angeles Mondoza, but I had the great pleasure of meeting his daughter, Graciela Angeles Carreño, and being invited to a celebration of Don Lorenzo's life and work at the Real Minero palenque (distillery) a few weeks ago. A day of remembering, a feast, a wild dance par
Aug 21 2018
Superb Biodynamic Collioure and Banyuls from Domaine du Traginer!
Jean-Francois Deu (Photo: A. Bowman) We're very proud to be working with the witty and affable Jean-Francois Deu at Domaine du Traginer, and we have just received a new shipment of these delicious wines that belong on your table this season. It's hard to convey Jean-Francois' sarcastic humor
Aug 20 2018
Rosés for Labor Day and Beyond - Les Fouques, Turenne and Bastide Blanche are Back, Plus Great New Arrivals from Guion, Romeo des Castello, Ponce and Many More!
Chambers Street is proud and happy to sell delicious rosés of terroir that drink beautifully all year round! These wines, fermented slowly with wild yeasts, are often not ready until mid-summer and will show well in the late summer and into the follwing year and beyond. 2017 has been an excellent ye
Aug 17 2018
New Offerings from Treasury Cider in Fishkill!
Located in East Fishkill, west from Beacon and north of the Hudson Highlands in one of the most picturesque parts of New York state, Fishkill Farms was founded by Henry Morgenthau Jr., who purchased the land in 1914. After a career as a farmer and a conservationist he became the Secretary of the Tre
Aug 16 2018
Timorasso - a beautiful white wine from Piedmont
When you leave the Barolo zone and go southeast the terrain becomes even steeper, higher and more convoluted, and the hills are heavily wooded. Tourists like myself mostly go to visit some fantastic restaurants (da Cesare in Albaretto Torre, Cocinella in Serravalle Langhe, Locanda dell’Arco in Cisso
Aug 15 2018
Susucaru Alert!
It only comes but once a year, and now it's here. For a number of vintages the Susucaru has been wonderful, and the stability problems that some early tasters experienced are a thing of the past now that Cornelissen is using a very little bit of sulfur at bottling. Last year was a gorgeous wine - we
Aug 14 2018
Loire Valley Report: 2015 - Another Perfect Chinon "La Croix Boissée" from Domaine Baudry! New Arrivals from Coulaine, Breton, Pinon, Roche Bleue, Tessier, Guion and Gaudry...
Finally the 2015 Chinon "La Croix Boissée" has joined the other beautiful Baudry 2015s on our shelves! While all the Baudry 2015s show gorgeous fruit and a round and supple structure, we especially love the brilliant (and great value) "Cuvée Domaine" and the perfect "La Croix Boissée."  As the
Aug 13 2018
New Arrivals from Spain Perfect for the Summer!
With the summer heat in full swing, we are excited to offer you fantastic new Spanish wines that will quench your thirst while satisfying your palate and interest! Bodegas Ponce - Courtesy of T Edward Wines Website The first wine is a great and affordable rosé from Bodegas Ponce 2017 "Las Caña
Aug 10 2018
The Beautiful Natural Wines of Christian Ducroux: 2017 "Exspectatia" and 2017 "Esquisse" Rosé!
We've just received two beautiful natural wines from Christian Ducroux, products of unparalleled biodynamic farming and meticulous vinifications with zero added sulfur. As always the wines are "sauvage," complex and changeable when young and often brilliant after three to five years or more of aging
Aug 9 2018
Marchesi di Barolo
We read again and again about historic wineries (“the family first made wine there in 22 BCE…”) but for the Marchesi di Barolo it’s no exaggeration. The winery was one of the first recorded to focus on Nebbiolo, and it produced wine called Barolo as early as the 1830s (which is very early for Barolo
Aug 8 2018
Alexandra and Porter's Wedding Registry
As many of you know, wine is our hobby. We read books on wine, take classes on wine, and most importantly enjoy drinking wine together and with good company. It is how we wind down after a long work week together, how we celebrate life accomplishments, and how we enjoy long afternoons and late eveni
Aug 8 2018
New Arrivals from Domaine des Marnes Blanches!
Perhaps it's counterintuitive to promote white wines from the Jura at summer's peak. After a sweltering day, few people reach for a rich, toasty wine and a hunk of Comté. But, as eternal students of the Jura's terroir and as fans of its stewards, we have come to appreciate that for every sous-voile
Aug 7 2018
Muscadet Report: Exciting New Arrivals from Pépière: 2017 "Briords Vieilles Vignes" and 2014 "Gorges" - Plus Bregeonnette, Louvetrie, Luneau-Papin, Complemen'Terre, Bregeon and L'Ecu!
For the second year in a row many regions of France, and especially the Loire Valley, suffered huge losses in yields. In 2017, a warm winter and early spring led to premature development of the leaves and buds, a high percentage of which were killed by a hard frost at the end of April. The late summ
Aug 6 2018
New Arrivals from Hofgut Falkenstein
The 2017 vintage has seen yields down across the board for most winemakers in the Mosel and Saar valleys, be it from late frosts in spring, or loss to not-so-noble rot in the fall. The Webers at Hofgut Falkenstein in the Konz valley (Saar) were not immune, with hits to their yields early on from fro
Aug 4 2018
Domaine des Sablonnettes
Back when we first opened Chambers St. Wines in 2001, I didn't have any interest in wine. I had yet to meet Marc Olivier, Catherine Roussel, Didier Barrouilet, or Mathieu and Bernard Baudry. Contrary to some assumptions, I didn't grow up tasting any of the Muscadet or Chinon my parents wer
Aug 3 2018
Alsatian Wine from Two Collectors' Cellars
One of great masterpieces of western art is in Colmar, in Alsace. So when you visit the region, don't miss taking a trip to see the Isenheim Altarpiece, painted by Mathias Grunewald in 1512-1516. As Michelin likes to say: it's well worth the detour. And they have some wine there too... ** VT = "Ven
Aug 2 2018
Biodynamic Burgundies - the Beautiful and Affordable Wines of Jean-Claude Rateau!
We're very proud to be working with Jean-Claude Rateau, who was the fourth vigneron in France to convert to biodynamics, beginning with two hectares in 1979. On our recent visit to his spacious cellars outside of Beaune, we were delighted with the purity and minerality of his wines which offer a sta
Jul 31 2018
Mountain Nebbiolo from the Valtellina
  Inferno                                               &
Jul 27 2018
Alte Weine
We are pleased to offer a grouping of two separate private collections* that have recently arrived at Chambers Street. Now's a perfect chance to pick up bottles for future dinner parties, the holidays (approaching faster than we all think), or to squirrel some treasures away for the ultimate holiday
Jul 26 2018
Russian River Elegance from Porter Creek Vineyards
We're excited to offer some fantastic wines from Porter Creek Vineyards, located in the Russian River Valley. Now one of the most recognizable AVAs in American wine, George Davis bought his first vineyards in 1977, six years before the area was given AVA status in 1983 and a very long time before th
Jul 25 2018
Senses Working Overtime - the Exuberant 2016s from Domaine Arlaud
In a decidedly difficult vintage beset by catastrophic frost and significant disease pressure, which required heroic work in the vines, some pretty remarkable wine resulted, even if in miniscule quantities. From barrel these were some on the brightest and purest Burgundies I’ve been lucky enough to
Jul 23 2018
Cauzón time! The wines of Ramón Saavedra
It all started with the Tempranillo. Years ago, I tasted the 'Cauzon' from Ramón Saavedra, and was blown away. Save a handful of impressive aged Riojas and Ribera del Duero wines I'd tried, this was the best Tempranillo I'd ever tasted. It had more lift and acid, and was a little less extracted than
Jul 20 2018
Time and Place: A Celebration of Revik Wine Co.
Today we're excited to offer you the first commerically available vintages of an exciting and dynamic new voice in Napa wine! Phil Holbrook, and his wife Dani, started Revik Wine Co. with an obsessive focus on non-invasive winemaking practices and a keen interest in the qualities of their specific v
Jul 19 2018
Thierry Navarre and Eric Laguerre: The Gneiss Schist
Eric's 1977 Cruiser (Photo: A. Bowman) Eric and Corinne Laguerre live in a village at the top of Saint-Martin that seems to defy gravity. Each morning, Eric wakes up and climbs into his giant 1977 Cruiser, parked at an alarming angle, and blasts into his steep vineyards on the foothills of the Py
Jul 18 2018
Northern Rhone Roundup: Balthazar, Dard & Ribo, Lionnet, Amphores and More! 2016 N. Rhone Dinner at Racines with Wines of Pierre Gonon!!
Franck Balthazar is one of our favorite producers in the Northern Rhone and we're happy to offer his 2016 Cornas "Chaillot" and "Casimir" which have just arrived. 2016 is proving to be a better than expected vintage in the Rhone Valley, with difficult growing conditions giving lower yields, but the
Jul 17 2018
Italian Wine from two collectors' cellars
Jul 16 2018
Brooklyn Kura and New Summer Sake
It's perfectly reasonable to be wary of bearded dudes in Brooklyn making sake. Japan's national beverage has a millenium old tradition, with many breweries being generation-old family businesses. Many producers trade quite intensely on that heritage to tell their story and sell their product. W
Jul 13 2018
Between the Mountains and the Sea - The wines of Oriol Artigas
A month ago, we had the pleasure of hanging out with Oriol Artigas as he passed through New York on a quick tour/vacation. We tasted his new wines and talked about the vineyards and the coastal mountain villages of Alella (a small wine region north of Barcelona). Oriol has an infectious type of
Jul 12 2018
Beautiful, Affordable, Biodynamic Wines from Crève-Coeur and Jonc-Blanc!
We're very proud to be working with these two outstanding Biodynamic estates - Le Jonc Blanc in Bergerac and Domaine de Crève Coeur in Séguret (Southern Rhone). Through great farming and superb natural vinifications, both domains are creating delicious, soulful wines that bely their modest prices an
Jul 11 2018
New Arrivals from Jutta Ambrositsch!
In its most simple definition, a Gemischter Satz is a field blend: a wine made from a mixed planting of a minimum of three different grapes that are harvested at the same time, fermented and aged together. In the past, these mixed vineyards were often planted as insurance against difficult
Jul 9 2018
Daniel Ramos: Expressive Wines of the Gredos
Zerberos Finca - Kpi wines - courtesy of Daniel Ramos website After discovering the potential of the various terroirs of the Gredos mountains (near Madrid, and home to one of the highest peaks of mainland Spain), Daniel Ramos and his wife Pepi established themselves in the town of El Tiemblo
Jul 6 2018
New Arrivals from Lucy Margaux!
Merlot from the Magpie Vineyard (Photo: A.Bowman) We're thrilled to announce that after a long wait, the rare and wild natural wines from Lucy Margaux are here. It's always a joy to see the bottles with their cheeky, home-spun labels on our shelves because they are unapologetically&nb
Jul 5 2018
Sandri Alert!
It's happened again: the supply of wine that we were formerly able to buy in satisfying quantities has now become very limited. Of course we're happy for Elio Sandri that there's great demand for his magnificent wines, but not so pleased that the Barolo we've just received might be all we'll ever se
Jul 3 2018
Champagne, Rhone, and Burgundy from two collectors' cellars
Jul 2 2018
Happy 4th of July! Hudson Valley thirst-quenchers from Wild Arc Farm.
Today's email will be short and to the point: July 4th is upon us, and so is a nasty heat wave! With temperatures and humidity at a high, we will all be thirsty for the coldest and most refreshing beverage possible. Enter Wild Arc Farm's Piquette from the Hudson Valley! A beverage with a history dat
Jun 30 2018
Maximum Magnum Overdrive!!!
Summer's here! That means picnics, trips to the beach, evenings by the lake, watching the July 4th fireworks from your rooftop. And what better way to enjoy all those things than with a magnum of your favorite wine! Been invited to your friend's beach house? Bring a mag! Staying with your family in
Jun 28 2018
Chëpika: Amazing Finger Lakes Pét-Nat!
Today we'd like to introduce the second vintage of two awesome Pét-Nats from Chëpika, a collaboration between Finger Lakes winemaker Nathan Kendall and renowned Master Sommelier (and dear friend of the store) Pascaline Lepeltier. What sets these wines apart is that they are made from two indigenous
Jun 28 2018
American wine from two collectors' cellars
Happy and Glorious 4th!   Magnums!                                           
Jun 27 2018
Clos Fantine: Faugères in Your Cup! 
Schist below the vines (photo: A.Bowman) Clos Fantine is a small family winery that sits on breezy, sloping hills behind the commune of Cabrerolles in the Faugères AOC. The long road that winds up to the front door is lined with brightly colored wildflowers sprouting between slabs of exposed sc
Jun 26 2018
Barolo (wine from the town of)
G. Rinaldi's vines in Cannubi San Lorenzo                                           
Jun 25 2018
Bordeaux from a collector's cellar
The former owners of these wines are a couple, both distinguished scientists who are also well-travelled gourmands. For some years he was leader of a group of like-minded wine and food lovers which he and his wife loved, as it offered many opportunities to widen their acquaintance with the great win
Jun 23 2018
Foursquare Rum
It's almost inevitable that any product of exceedingly high quality and finite quantity finds a rapturous audience. It's just a shame that New York's honeymoon with Foursquare rum couldn't have lasted a little longer before all the "Pappy of Rum" articles started showing up. Suddenly, just as Foursq
Jun 22 2018
Sandlands 2016
We are excited to offer today our new allocation of 2016 wines from Sandlands Vineyards, one of our very favorite producers working in California today. The passion project of Tegan and Olivia Passalacqua (the winemaker at Turley Wine Cellars and a partner at Folio Fine Wine Partners respectively),
Jun 21 2018
Summer is Here - More Sensational "Real" Rosés for Your July Fourth Festivities!
We're happy to offer another fantastic group of "real" rosés to enjoy on your summer holiday - and all year round, many of which are available only at CSW! These beautiful wines are mostly products of organic or biodynamic farming and are fermented with wild yeasts, giving wines with more subtle, in
Jun 20 2018
Superb Natural Wines from Julien Guillot and the Clos des Vignes du Maynes!
We're proud to announce a new shipment from our good friend Julien Guillot at the Domaine des Vignes du Maynes! These are among the finest natural wines of France, from a family with three generations of experience with organic farming and winemaking without sulfur-dioxide. "The vineyard has never h
Jun 20 2018
La Morra, Verduno, and Alba
Of particular note: fine vintages (and very fine wines) from Cordero di Montezemolo, plus a nice quasi-vertical of the great Marcarini Brunate.   Looking the other direction.                   &nb
Jun 18 2018
Sardinian Spotlight: Cardedu
Sardinia is a region I have struggled with in my exploration of Italian wine. It isn't so much that varieties are unfamiliar (reference Cannanou, Bovale, Nasco, Naragus, and Monica), which is a common issue in Italy; rather that the wines often seem to lack a particular identity beyond the island's
Jun 15 2018
Castiglione Falletto & Monforte d'Alba
Of special note: a large group of the excellent wines of Prunotto. The wines that Beppe Colla made at Prunotto (up until 1990 when the Colla family sold to Antinori) are among the best of the region (and therefore among the best wines made in Italy. Or in the world). I think they remain under-apprec
Jun 14 2018
We love Serralunga, which, despite the focus of this text, obviously includes many other fine wines in addition to Cappellano; Massolino is very fine. Or 1989 and 1996 Giacosa Falletto Riserva, for example! Three years ago we tasted the 1935 Cappellano Super Barolo. It lived up to its name. But I'm
Jun 13 2018
Mas Coutelou: Puimisson Possible!
Last month Eben and I visted Puimisson, a charming village in the Languedoc north of Béziers, to taste with vigneron Jean-Francois "Jeff" Coutelou. As fans of natural wines, this visit was especially meaningful because Mas Coutelou is one of the first wineries to be certified or
Jun 12 2018
Barbaresco! And other wines made by Barbaresco producers
Jun 11 2018
Pairing Wines with a Niçoise Salad
Niçoise salad is a classic dish in France and all around the word. Most French eat this salad during the summer with a glass of wine, relaxing on their patio or terrace. It is a salad that reflects the flavors of the South of France: warmth and generous. Recipes vary among families and localities,
Jun 10 2018
West Coast Double-Header This Wednesday: Taste with Hank Beckmeyer of La Clarine Farms and Hardy Wallace of Dirty and Rowdy - CSW at 5:00. Then Join Hank at the Bar or Hardy for Dinner - Racines NY at 7:00!
This is a unique opportunity to taste wines that are changing the way California is making and drinking wine! Please join us at 5:00pm this Wednesday as Hank Beckmeyer pours his beautiful natural wines from La Clarine Farm, and taste with Hardy Wallace of Dirty and Rowdy, who is bringing  fanta
Jun 8 2018
This Must Be the Place - Single Vineyard Champagnes
While much of the art of Champagne is in blending wines, there's much to be said for the individual village character, and to be even more granular, the distinctive character of single-parcel plots. And if you believe each village has its particular shading of terroir expression (and we do), these p
Jun 7 2018
Bel Air-Marquis d'Aligre, Part Three, 1970 - 2010!
We were surprised and happy to see Neil Martin's excellent article about Jean-Pierre Boyer in Vinous, "Last Man Standing: Bel-Air Marquis d'Aligre" (May 30). "Although it is not the most famous or familiar château I will ever write about, Bel-Air Marquis d’Aligre constitutes one of the most importan
Jun 5 2018
Summer Close-Out Sale: Our Basement is a Mess! Bargains, Bin-Ends and Forgotten Treasures...
One of the great things about having a wine shop in Manhattan is the huge number of wonderful, knowledgeable customers who live nearby. The worst thing about having a shop in Manhattan is the constant struggle for storage space, both on-site and off. After looking at the vast quantities of  win
Jun 4 2018
Piccoli Produttori Piemontese
As I’ve noted before, we regularly buy from an Italian collector who refers to Dolcetto, Nebbiolo d'Alba, and Barbera “piccoli vini” - or “little wines”. And he also talks about “piccoli produttori” - or “little producers” - by which he means Barolo or Barbaresco which are not from the best-known na
Jun 1 2018
Tuscan Wine, plus some others, from an Italian collection
May 31 2018
Lisboa and beyond! Introducing Vale da Capucha and a few new Portugese arrivals.
Ever since a brief trip to Lisbon and the surrounding wine regions earlier this year, I've caught the bug for Portugese wines. There's a lot to learn about the entire country, and the various traditions of winemaking, so I admit I'm not an expert, but if I may, I'd like to share my enthusiasm f
May 28 2018
New Arrivals and Rarities From Champagne André Beaufort!
Unique among the hundreds of estate-bottled Champagnes that have recently arrived in the US are the superb wines of André Beaufort. We're happy to offer the new Polisy NV Brut Nature (based on the 2014 vintage, disgorged in November of 2017) and the superb Ambonnay Brut Reserve in half-bottles (base
May 23 2018
Another Boatload of Real Rosés, Just in Time for Memorial Day....
Whether you're escaping New York or spending Memorial Day in the city, we're happy to report that a beautiful batch of new rosés has arrived to help you through the holiday. From the very light and refreshing (Plouzeau Chinon) to the darker and deeper (Bonavita Terre Siciliane), there's a wine here
May 22 2018
Spätburgunder for Springtime!
As we move towards warmer weather, there's an undeniable pull towards red wines that have a freshness and verve to match our temperament (and cuisine). We've been fortunate to have a slew of Spätburgunder from Germany grace our shelves as of late, and wanted to put some focus on&
May 21 2018
The 2017 Côtes de Provence Rosés from Domaine Les Fouques - Organic and Biodynamic Since 1991!
     Since the 2010 vintage it has been our great pleasure to feature the lovely wines from Yves Gros and family at Domaine Les Fouques, near Hyères. Located in a lovely hidden valley a few miles north of the Mediterranean, the Vallons des Borrels, the estate's vines are on hills
May 19 2018
Domaine Joseph Voillot's Vibrant 2016s
It is perhaps only in a village blessed with as many fabulous vignerons and famous wineries as Volnay, that a venerable domaine that stretches back five generations might be somewhat overlooked.  Yet this is somehow the case with Joseph Voillot in Volnay. With nine hectares of well-situated, ol
May 18 2018
Spring Sings with Italian Wines
It never really feels like spring in New York until the farmers markets start to fill up with fresh vegetables that haven't been held over the winter. Not that there's anything wrong with kale and beets, but after a long, cold, desolate season I always crave some fresh produce. Asparagus is the real
May 17 2018
St. Innocent: Exemplars of Willamette Terroir
St. Innocent is consistently one of our favorite producers in the United States, producing site-specific, terroir-driven wines in the Willamette valley, an area rich with different, exciting soil types. From red volcanic basalt-based soil to marine sediments, that remain from a time before Oreg
May 15 2018
"Le Vin en Question" Jules Chauvet Interviewed by Hans Kesselring, Just Re-Printed!
"This is the complete text of an interview with Jules Chauvet conducted in 1981 by Swiss winemaker Hans Ulrich Kesselring. The transcript of this exchange was published in the form of a written dialogue in 1998 by publisher Jean-Paul Rocher. This book being no longer available, the present volume co
May 10 2018
Broc Cellars Rocks!
Based out of Berkeley, California, Broc Cellars is an exciting winery, headed by winemaker Chris Brockway, that focuses on offbeat wines from intriguing and often much older vineyards. Their winemaking process uses only native yeasts with minimal doses of SO2 at bottling. These wines
May 9 2018
New Arrivals from the Loire Valley: Great Chinons from Patrick Lambert; Superb Natural Wines from Lise and Bertrand Jousset; 2015 Muscadets & More!
Around the corner from Matthieu and Bernard Baudry in Cravant is the small organic estate of Patrick Lambert, whose wines have become instant favorites at Chambers Street. The estate dates back to 1990, but was restructured in 2005, as Patrick "downsized" to 6 hectares of the best terroirs. The soil
May 8 2018
Introducing the Superb Natural Wines Of "Balazu des Vaussières" in Tavel!
Balazu des Vaussieres, Christian and Nadia Charmasson in Tavel After reading about an estate in Tavel that practices totally natural, more-than-organic vineyard work and vinifies without adding SO2, we made an appointment to visit Christian and Nadia Charmasson on the Chemin des Vaussières in Tavel
May 3 2018
Spring is Here, Finally... It's Rosé Time!
With the Nor'easters of March finally behind us, this week's heat wave reminds us that summer will come after all, and that it's time to start drinking rosés! Not just any rosé, mind you, but the real rosés we love at Chambers Street - most from organic farming and vinified naturally, not like the i
Apr 28 2018
New Arrivals from Pierre Yves Colin-Morey!
For years now, we have been fortunate to be able to offer the excellent Burgundies of Pierre Yves Colin-Morey, whose wines stand astride the confluence of mineral precision, opulence, and elegance. This shouldn’t come as news to anyone who loves white Burgundy, but Pierre Yves Colin-Morey has risen
Apr 27 2018
A Springtime Spanish Mixed Case, Featuring New Vintages from Alvar de Dios, Artifice, and More!
Spring is on the brink of breaking through in NYC, as evidenced by ascending optimism, birdsong, and blossoming trees. At my house, we've been enjoying grilling dinners outside, but still dining inside. This transitional period can be enjoyable when paired with wines that warm the spirit on chilly n
Apr 24 2018
Spring Cleaning-A Pair of Cellars
Despite the chill in the air this morning, it is in fact Spring. Days are getting longer and soon it will be sunny and warm again. A couple of our friends decided to do a bit of cellar cleaning and we've dug up a nice selection of aged wines to boot. The wines were impeccably stored and all wines ar
Apr 23 2018
New Arrivals from Bordeaux
As I always say, good Bordeaux can be drunk in any season, and we have delicious new organic Bordeaux for you to try, ranging from everyday to special occasion wines. Maison Blanche Cellars (Selection Massale Website) Maison Blanche, an estate located in Montagne-Saint-Émilion, has been certif
Apr 19 2018
Exciting New Namazake and Other Selections for Spring
Traditional Japanese culture and cuisine is based on seasonality. In the springtime, people celebrate new beginnings, blossom festivals, and eat takenoko (bamboo shoots), fresh clams, and sakura mochi (a rice cake filled with red bean paste and wrapped in a cherry popular Starbucks in Japa
Apr 18 2018
Drink More Beaujolais! Featuring Georges Descombes, Damien Coquelet, Cedric Chignard, Guy Breton, Roland Pignard, Jean-Claude Lapalu and Christian Ducroux!!
It's always time to Drink More Beaujolais, especially with three different but quite good vintages to choose from and with the season of casual outdoor dining and grilling finally approaching - the perfect setting for Beaujolais! There are many beautiful wines in this email, please take a look! 201
Apr 17 2018
New Arrivals from Arbois: Don't La Loue-se Out 
In the northeast corner of the France-Comté, the river de la Loue emerges from a cave at the bottom of a worn limestone cliff, then carves through miles of lush vegetation, valleys and villages. It is in this river's crescent bend that the commune of Port-Lesney is cradled setting the scene for trav
Apr 16 2018
Clos du Joncuas is Back: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2015 and 2016! Thanks to Dany and Carole Chastan...
Carole and Dany Chastan at the Clos du Joncuas have sent us a new shipment containing their superb 2015 Gigondas and 2016 Vacqueyras along with a few cases each of Gigondas from 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2010! We're very thankful that the Chastans continue to ship us these back vntages, and at reasonabl
Apr 16 2018
A New Shipment from Clos du Joncuas in Gigondas: The Superb 2015s and Beautiful Back Vintages - 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2012!
Carole and Dany Chastan at the Clos du Joncuas have sent us a wonderful New Year gift - a new shipment of their superb 2015 Gigondas and Vacqueyras along with a few cases each of Gigondas from 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2012! Tasted last winter at the estate, the older wines showed  beautifully and g
Apr 14 2018
Mid-April, 2018; Spring Finally Arrives, AND Blue Moon Fish is Back at the Greenmarket on Saturdays!
Alex Villani may be the most popular man in New York. His boat, the Blue Moon, operates out of the Mattituck Inlet in Eastern Long Island and since 1988 he has been truckng his fish into the city, offering the freshest seafood in town and at very reasonable prices.  The return of Captain Alex a
Apr 13 2018
Wenzel - Bringing Furmint Back
Since 1647, the Wenzel family has worked the land near the town of Rust, on the western side of Lake Neusiedl, in the Burgenland region of Austria. Rust has had a long, storied history in the wine world, at one time producing wines so renowned that they were able to buy their way into
Apr 12 2018
The natural association with Champagne is "bubbles." Though that is only partially correct, as the region produces a small quantity of Coteaux Champenois, or still wine. In fact, stably bottling with bubbles is a recent development, apocryphal stories about certain monks aside. The wines once rivale
Apr 11 2018
Domaine Belluard: The Ayse of Spades
Brighter days, blooms, and bird song can only mean that Domaine Belluard is back in stock. While savvy wine drinkers have already scrolled past this to the offer, I must confess to the newcomers that it took me a moment to have my "moment" with these wines.  The scarcen
Apr 10 2018
New Arrivals from the Ardeche
In recent years, there's been a good amount of interest growing in France for wines from the Ardèche, and though people aren't flocking to Chambers Street and asking for the regions' wines by name, we thought it was about time to do a small piece for our readers. The Ardèche is a region located jus
Apr 7 2018
The Beautiful Pouilly-Fuissés of Château des Rontets: Taste with Winemaker Fabio Montrasi, Today at 4:00; and Monday at 5:30 at Racines NY!
Since a tasting many years ago at the natural wine fair "La Dive Bouteille," we have loved the Pouilly-Fuissés of Château des Rontets. Created in the 1700s, the estate has been in the Varambon family since the mid 1800s. In 1995 Claire Gazeau, François Varambon's great-grand-daughter, moved to Fuiss
Apr 6 2018
A Mezcal Dinner and New Arrivals from Mexico!
Are we living in the golden age of mezcal? At this point, I think it's safe to say it's an exploding category. We're seeing more exposure: more articles, more selections available on the shelf, and more consumers interested in learning about mezcal. It seems like almost every week there is something
Apr 5 2018
Great Châteauneuf-du-Papes from Chapelle St. Theodoric, Featuring the Superb 2015 "Le Grand Pin" and "Guigasse;" and 2010 Pierre André!
We were very excited a few years ago to discover some beautiful Chateauneuf-du-Papes at a tasting of wines imported by our old friend Peter Weygandt. The wines were aromatically complex and lovely, and were not heavy or over-extracted. There was fabulous density and length on the palate but with lig
Apr 3 2018
Newly arrived wines from private cellars
Mar 30 2018
The Beautiful Bourgueils of Dom. de la Chevalerie - Stephanie Caslot Pours on Friday 3/30!
Please join us today at 5pm as the marvelous Stephanie Caslot pours Bourgueil from her family estate, the Domaine de la Chevalerie! The estate has great parcels on all the varied terroirs of Bourgueil; they farm with Biodynamic methods and use minimal sulfur. The wines are soulful and delicious. As
Mar 29 2018
For Rum's Sake: Sensational Clairin from Haiti
I never wanted to be a pirate, but when I was younger I developed a keen interest in Italian cinema. I remember sitting cross-legged on my parent's carpet watching Fellini's Amarcord, feeling entirely awe-struck, somewhat overwhelmed, like I was discovering a new language for the first time. Soon th
Mar 27 2018
CSW - Louis/Dressner Selections Tasting to Benefit Partners In Health: Complete List - 60 Sensational Organic and Natural Wines!
For those of you who were able to attend yesterday's fabulous tasting at Racines NY - or for those who might like to sample some great organic and natural wines - here's the complete list of wines available. Please note: Most wines are in stock - wines marked PRE should arrive by Thursday, March 29t
Mar 26 2018
Gorgeous Garnachas from the Gredos: Bernabeleva, Rubén Díaz, Orly Lumbreras, Daniel Ramos, and Comando G
The massive Sierra de Gredos mountain range is home to one of the highest peaks on mainland Spain, and a tiny community of talented winemakers on a quest toward the pinnacle of Grenache. Although they are a short drive west from Madrid, the Gredos mountains are among the most remote- and wild-
Mar 24 2018
Monday, March 26th:  Julien Ilbert and Thierry Puzelat Take Over the Bar at Racines, 6pm; Dinner with Bellivière, Closel, Pépière and Pinon, 7pm!
Chambers Street Wines and Racines NY present two fundraisers for Partners In Health, this Monday,  March 26th. First, Thierry Puzelat of the Clos du Tue-Boeuf in Touraine and Julien Ilbert of Combel-la-Serre in Cahors take over the bar at Racines at 6pm to pour their sensational natural wines
Mar 22 2018
Don't Miss the 17th Annual CSW-Louis/Dressner Selections Benefit Tasting for Partners in Health! Sunday, March 25th, 2 until 7pm at Racines NY. PIH Benefit Dinner, Monday 3/26 at Racines!
Please join us on Sunday, March 25th from 2:00 until 7:00pm at Racines NY as we taste over 70 wines with 23 of the finest winemakers from France, Italy, Germany and Portugal, imported by Louis/Dressner Selections. And join us on Monday March 26th at Racines NY for a festive Loire Valley Dinner featu
Mar 21 2018
Pairing Wine with Steak Tartare (à la Française)
I mostly eat a vegetarian diet, but I occasionally long for a nice steak or beef dish. Last week, I satisfied my cravings by making a steak tartare à la Française. There are many recipes for steak tartare, from traditional to exotic, with various choices of condiments and spices. However, being bor
Mar 20 2018
Burgundy From Private Cellars
We don't like to count our chickens, but these wines often sell very quickly. To avoid frustration, please click-through to our website to see live inventory. We process requests in the order they are received, which does mean that a wine might still show as available while it waits in a queue for t
Mar 15 2018
Portugal Naturally - Aphros Winery
To many wine shoppers, Portugal is mostly known for value whites and reds...and Port of course. Vinho Verde, for example, is a region that is synonymous with inexpensive, low alcohol thirst quenching white wines of the same name. Many people don't realize that there are red wines from Vinh
Mar 14 2018
Montesecondo: Silvio Messana's take on Chianti
The Italian wine scene has never been more exciting than it is now, with producers exploring new terriors in places like Mount Etna and Friuli, and utilizing many long neglected cultivars (ever hear of Ciliegiolo?).  In the rush to explore this incredible variety of new wines, excellent produce
Mar 13 2018
Fabulous Loire Reds from Domaine de la Chevalerie, Terres Blanches, Pierre Breton, Chateau du Coulaine and Source du Ruault!
We're very happy to feature a few lesser known Loire Valley estates that we really love in today's email, principally the wonderful Domaine de la Chevalerie in Bourgueil. "Wine has no value unless it's shared" says the Caslot family at Chevalerie. And in fact during our visits to the Salon des Vins
Mar 12 2018
Delicious, Affordable Burgundies from Jane et Sylvain, Jean-Claude Rateau, and Champs de l'Abbaye!
One of the highlights of our recent whirlwind Tour de France was tasting the lovely organic Burgundies from these three great estates. All three produced delicious wines in 2015, featuring the ripeness and gorgeous fruit of the vintage, but happily avoiding the extra weight and alcohol present in ma
Mar 9 2018
New Arrivals from the Rhône Valley: The Beautiful 2015 Saint-Joseph "Châtelet" from Monier Perreol, plus Texier CDP, Dumien-Serette and Great Côtes-du-Rhônes!
We have been huge fans of the Saint-Josephs of Jean-Pierre Monier since tasting them many years ago and visiting his "garagiste" winery in Brunieux, in the hills above Saint-Desirat. Like many Saint-Josephs from the northern zone, the wines here emphasize beautiful high-toned Syrah fruit and can be
Mar 8 2018
In a Silent Way: The Quiet Pleasures of Duplessis Chablis
Under the best of circumstances, organic and biodynamic viticulture is never easy. When you combine that with a marginal climate like that in Chablis the level of difficulty only increases. This is why we have such admiration for father and son vignerons Gérard and Lilian Duplessis. In an area known
Mar 7 2018
Book Signing, Tasting and Dinner with Tessa Laroche of Domaine aux Moines and Pascaline Lepeltier, Wednesday March 14th!
Please join us on Wenesday, March 14th as Tessa Laroche comes to Chambers Street Wines for a book signing and tasting, followed by a dinner and tasting at Racines, with author/sommelier Pascaline Lepeltier in attendance.  In this book, "Domaine aux Moines, A Year at the Domaine, in the Loire Va
Mar 7 2018
B. Mascarello and G. Conterno
The older wines are from 2 Italian collections, and the newer vintages from 2 New York collections; all are guaranteed. There's a lot one could say about authenticity, tradition, grand-cru wine, pricing (and relative value) but we'll leave that for another day. PS: We're sorry that the bottle
Mar 5 2018
The Charm of Ciliegiolo
The more I learn about Italian wine, the more I am staggered by the sheer number of grapes that are indigenous to the country.  Beyond the more familiar varieties like Sangiovese and Nebbiolo, there are almost 400 distinct varieties registered with the Italian government and as many as 400 othe
Mar 2 2018
Handwerk : Alzinger 2016ers
In the northwest reaches of Niederösterreich (Lower Austria) one finds the Wachau, a region located about an hour's drive from Vienna. A brisk journey along the Danube river takes you past epic vistas of undulating mountains and hills striated with stone terraces l
Mar 1 2018
The Rewards of Nuits St. Georges - Domaine Jean Chauvenet
There's nothing like received wisdom. Older wine books will tell us some hoary truths, which turn out to be at best dated, and often untrue. If many basic wine texts are to be believed, a monk invented bubbles, Muscadet doesn't age, and Nuits St. Georges is a sturdy, verging on coarse, wine short on
Feb 28 2018
Fine Barolo and Barbaresco from Franco Fiorina
I still vividly recall the first bottle of Franco Fiorina Barolo I tasted - the 1964, which was a beautiful wine, still very fresh and rich. While prices for old Nebbiolo have been moving up, the Fiorina wines remain very fairly priced for their quality. What follows is copied from an email we sent
Feb 27 2018
2015 Domaine de la Pépière "Clisson" and "Monnières Saint-Fiacre" plus 2014 Baudry "Clos Guillot!"
Terroir in the AOC Muscadet Sevre et Maine is largely a story of granite, resulting from a billion-year-old upswelling of molten rock called the Massif Armoricain. Some of this granite remains near the surface where it has weathered to unique nutrient-rich clays, in other areas it has been changed i
Feb 26 2018
Brick & Mortar: Intriguing Napa Classics
Located in Healdsburg, Brick & Mortar is a mix of classic and new Napa styles. They focus on more traditional grapes (pinot noir and chardonnay) but present them in inventive and surprising new ways. Keeping acidity high while still trying to offer wines that show Napa’s iconic signatures, winem
Feb 24 2018
A Banquet with Frank Cornelissen!
Frank Cornelissen is coming back to NY (after a year off from his typically grueling US itineraries) and will regale us at a Chinese banquet with tales of life under the volcano. More importantly we will taste all of Frank’s recent production, including a new single-vineyard wine (the 4th in the lin
Feb 23 2018
Introducing Marie and Florian Curtet from Savoie!
For fans of low intervention, organic, biodynamic, and natural wines, there are only a handful of names to memorize in the Savoie: Belluard, Gonin, Dupasquier, Peron, Magnin, Berlioz, Lucas, and Maillet are some that come to mind. While we have many vintages to look forward to from most of thes
Feb 22 2018
From the Rioja Cellar
Here's a special treat - we don't get to offer nearly as much old Rioja as we'd like. The wines age beautifully. These come from two different collections and were in temperature-controlled storage.
Feb 21 2018
The Superb 2015s Burgundies from Stephane Magnien and Gilles Lafouge are Back!
Our recent visit to Burgundy reminded us of how much we like the old-school wines of Domaine Stéphane Magnien in Morey-Saint-Denis and Domaine Jean and Gilles Lafouge in Auxey-Duresses. Both estates work well in the vines, and practice old-fashioned vinifications, producing lovely un-forced and eleg
Feb 20 2018
Barbaresco from the Big Cellar
Barbaresco, and some other wines - Dolcetto, Freisa, Nebbiolo - from Barbaresco producers, including wine from some of our favorite Barolo producers, who also made excellent Barbaresco. All guaranteed!
Feb 16 2018
New Sake Selections
Sake is difficult. Not only are the labels undecipherable to most Occidental folk, but the flavors and textures of sake are far removed from what we normally encounter in wine. Scientifically speaking, sake has a narrower range of flavors (congeners) compared to wine or spirits, but within that spec
Feb 16 2018
Bel Air Marquis d'Aligre, Part 2, with More Organic Bordeaux!
We recently spent a few long rainy days in Bordeaux, happily visiting old and new friends who are bringing great organic farming and more natural winemaking methods to this land of stuffed-shirts and Chateaux. And of course we managed a visit to Jean-Pierre Boyer at Bel Air Marquis d'Aligre, whose d
Feb 15 2018
Great Southern Land- Australian Classics from a Trio of Cellars
Despite having fallen out of fashion, Australia has more to offer the discerning drinker than overblown pointy wines and industrial plonk featuring a marsupial on the label. First, there’s terroir, from the cooler maritime climate areas like Grampians to the drier, more continental conditions of the
Feb 9 2018
Bordeaux from a Fine Private Collection
These wines come from a lovingly collected and treasured personal selection made by the owner over many years. All removed from temperature-controlled storage, condition guaranteed. And more to come, soon...
Feb 8 2018
American Wine from Private Collections
A handful of recent cellars yielded this tantalizing array of California classics at very good prices. Just in time for your mid-winter braises and steak nights, and with your Valentine(s). The rest should be self-explanatory! NB: Please remember that you can see live inventory on our website
Feb 7 2018
Burgundy, Rhone, Bordeaux from Private  Collections
The Burgundy comes from the same fine private collection as yesterday's Bordeaux offer - a lot of very cool wine (and, we think, very fairly priced) in excellent condition - and guaranteed, of course!
Jan 28 2018
Look What We Found in the Cellar! #27, Piedmont
We don't find the time to do inventory nearly often enough, but when we finally get around to it we do discover some very nice wine that's what you might call slipped through the cracks. Fortunately it's 55 degrees in the cellar, so a little more time down there is fine!
Jan 25 2018
Austrian Innovators: Seminar and Tasting w/David Schildknecht @ Chambers Street -- Saturday, February 3rd! -- SEMINAR FILLED**
**All spots are filled for the three sessions. If you'd like to be added to a waiting list, please call/email and let us know which session you would like, and your contact information. Thank you!**   At my first Rieslingfeier Gala dinner in 2016 I had the good fortune of being seat
Jan 24 2018
New Arrivals from Dirty & Rowdy!
  Dust off your picnic table, shake out your white table cloth, and get your auntie’s famous recipe for ribs because The Dirty & Rowdy Family Winery is back in stock and won't be for long!  Hardy Wallace (Dirty) says 2016 was a wild year. After several years of drought, some lat
Jan 20 2018
Wine Books (and Magazines) Featuring "Domaine aux Moines: A Year in the Heart of the Loire Valley Vineyards!"
We're happy to offer a variety of excellent recently published wine books, featuring the just released "Domaine aux Moines: A Year in the Heart of the Loire Valley Vineyards" with text by Pascaline Lepeltier.  "A story of fine wine - The Domaine aux Moines is in the Anjou area of the Loire
Jan 19 2018
The Undying Magic of French Brandy
The polar vortex/bomb cyclone/cold weather might be over, but winter sure isn't; and with a few more months of chilly temperatures, we're all looking for something to keep us cozy until spring buds. I've made French brandy my libation of choice. What's keeping your heart and spirit warm? Laberdoli
Jan 17 2018
Great Values from the Rhone, North and South: Domaine Rousset and La Ferme Saint-Martin!
Our second shipment of the beautiful 2015s from Domaine Rousset in Crôzes-Hermitage has just arrived! 2015 is an excellent vintage in the Northern Rhône, although in some degree dependent on the timing of September rains after dry weather in August that delayed maturation. Stéphan Rousset seems to h
Jan 16 2018
Alsace Review Part 3: Laurent Barth
Last summer I spent a few days in Alsace, to get a sense of what the new generation of winemakers has been up to, and to visit a few estates that I have admired for years. I discovered that Alsace is burgeoning with young vignerons who are carrying on their families' traditions of organic and biodyn
Jan 13 2018
Beautiful Beaujolais: New Vintages from Roland Pignard; Last of Stock from Georges Descombes!
Joëlle and Roland Pignard produce Biodynamic Regnié, Morgon and Beaujolais-Villages from their four and one-half hectares of hillside vineyards above Villié-Morgon. Preferring to use horse-power in the vineyard, their farming is similar to Christion Ducroux's and vinifications are with wild yea
Jan 12 2018
Rieslingfeier 2018: This year with more Alsace!
The sixth annual Rieslingfeier is almost upon us! This year the Gränd Tasting and Gala Dinner will take place on Saturday, January 27th, and although the Gala Dinner has sold out, there are still tickets available for the Gränd Tasting at Craft Restaurant. We highly encourage folks to
Jan 11 2018
Just Arrived: The Superb 2015 Cornas from Dumien-Serrette!
We have previously written about the excellent 2015 vintage in the northern Rhône, where late season rains served to freshen and revive the grapes which were suffering from heat and drought. The resulting wines have proved to be superb with beautiful concentration and ripeness, brightened by firm ac
Jan 10 2018
Pairing wines with a Creamy Broccoli Soup
With the new year starting, resolutions are taken to follow an healthier lifestyle. A glass of wine to accompany a healthy meal once in a while will help you stick to the resolutions without affecting them. For this month, I have chosen to make a creamy broccoli soup from “The Love & Lemons” Coo
Jan 9 2018
20 Under $20 From France for the New Year, featuring Laguerre, Fresche, Amphores, Barou, Jonc Blanc and More!
2018 has brought us new arrivals from some of our favorite domains in France - estates that practice beautiful organic farming and natural vinifications, producing distinctive and delicious wines of terroir at very reasonable prices. All these wines offer sensational value and crowd pleasing quality
Jan 4 2018
Barale Barolo
  "Barolesi! [Citizens of Barolo!] Unite in defense of <BAROLO> Don't miss the asssembly of the Committee "For Barolo.' (Dated June 6, 1909)" As you can see, the Committee was made up of several familiar names; some of these families are still making very good wine today. Carl
Jan 2 2018
Happy New Year From Everyone at Chambers Street Wines! May You Have a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous 2018!
It's our sixteenth New Year at Chambers Street and once again we'd like to thank our great customers in Tribeca, around New York and around the country for making it possible.  We hope for progress and increased health and happiness for all in 2018, for peace and understanding, brightened by th
Dec 28 2017
Sparkling Wines for New Year's Eve 2018!
Although Chambers Street Wines is known for our outstanding selection of grower Champagnes, we are equally proud of the variety and quality of the Sparkling Wines that we offer throughout the year, many of which are imported especially for Chambers Street. These delicious and affordable wines can ma
Dec 27 2017
Champagnes for New Year's Eve 2018!
As 2017 draws to a close and we look toward 2018, we should take time to reflect on the year’s events, those we’ve met, and anticipate what’s to come in the New Year. And while customarily we raise a glass to celebrate, there’s far more in that glass than mere bubbles; contained within are hope, mem
Dec 15 2017
Champagne André Beaufort for the Holidays!
We are very proud to feature a new selection of the extraordinary Champagnes of André Beaufort, just in time for the holidays! Primarily available at natural wine shops in France, Italy and Japan (and on the wine list at Noma), we are happy to bring these exceptional Champagnes to New York. They all
Dec 14 2017
Francesco Rinaldi Barolo, and some other very fine old Nebbiolo
The 1971 Francesco Rinaldi was one of the first really fine old Barolos I tasted (in 2003), and it made an important contribution to the Nebbiolo obsession I’ve been enjoying since. Some of the Italian collectors we were buying from in those years had a lot of F. Rinaldi in their cellars, and for a
Dec 13 2017
Chambers Street Holiday Whiskey Guide
When the weather starts dipping below freezing and the holidays are upon us, I increasingly find myself reaching for a dram of the darker stuff. And as I look for interesting and exciting gifts for friends and family, a bottle of small batch and handcrafted whiskey makes it to the top of my list. Wh
Dec 12 2017
New Arrivals from Bordeaux
With the winter coming, what better than to drink beautiful full bodied red Bordeaux with hearty meals. Our new arrivals are exciting: all certified organic or biodynamic, these wines represent the true characteristics of traditional Bordeaux, offering vibrant minerality, great structure,&
Dec 11 2017
Biodynamic Burgundies from Jean-Claude Rateau and Julien Guillot (Clos des Vignes du Maynes)!
We're proud to be working with these two outstanding estates, both among the first in France to practice organic and biodynamic agriculture. New shipments have just arrived from both of these great domaines, just in time for your holiday festivities! The Guillot family's Clos des Vignes du Maynes h
Dec 8 2017
The Singular Champagnes of Cédric Bouchard
Among the visionary growers of Champagne, Cédric Bouchard of Roses de Jeanne might be considered something of an auteur. Which is to say that all of his efforts in the vines and cellar advance his vision: that expression of each vineyard is paramount. Contrary to the Champenois tradition of blending
Dec 7 2017
New from the Jura: Les Granges Paquenesses!
Loreline Laborde is living the fantasy many city dwellers have during rush hour: fleeing the city to live a quiet life in harmony with nature. After completing her formal studies in viticulture, Loreline left the bustling city of Montpellier to make wine in the undulating foothills of Tourmont, a vi
Dec 6 2017
Bountiful Bubbles from Bérêche
With the holidays upon us and gatherings of friends and family at hand, we are happy to remind you of the joys of Champagne at the table. New releases from our favorite growers are streaming in and we're positively giddy, as we taste the newest vintages and cuvées. One of the most exciting producers
Dec 5 2017
News Flash: Pascaline Lepeltier will be at Chambers Street, Saturdays in December! (and at Racines NY Friday and Saturday Nights)
Please join us on Saturdays in December for some very expert wine advice from the enthusiastic, fantastic and amazingly knowledgeable Pascaline Lepeltier! One of the world's great sommeliers, Pascaline knows a thing or two about wine and will share her wisdom with you on Saturday afternoons through
Dec 5 2017
Bruno Giacosa: You don't drink the label
These bottles come from excellent, temperature-controlled storage, but some of the labels are a mess. Damp, dirt, humidity, and (as in the case of at least some of these bottles) accidental spills are the enemies of wine labels, but I can attest from a great many examples over the years that all of
Dec 1 2017
A Festive Spanish Mixed Case for the Holidays: Envínate, Laura Lorenzo, Orly Lumbreras, and More!
Our popular mixed cases become especially useful this time of year -- as gifts unto themselves, as a household stash to draw from on your way to events that require wine, or for dinners at home during the busy holiday season (when getting to the wine shop might become a hassle). This spec
Nov 30 2017
Barolo from the Big Cellar
No complete inventory exists for this cellar, but from selling chunks of it over the last 10 years, we can begin to get a sense of its comprehensive scope – comprehensive, that is, in terms of Nebbiolo producers both large and small, famous and long-gone. There is still much more wine left in this c
Nov 29 2017
The Charming 2015 Chinons from Domaine Bernard Baudry!
Thanksgiving may be over, but the arrival of the 2015 Chinons from Domaine Bernard Baudry is really somethng to be thankful for! When tasting with the Baudrys in January of 2016, then again last January, I have to confess to preferring the remarkably balanced 2014s, a vintage that will obviously cel
Nov 28 2017
Is there more to life besides Nebbiolo?
Of course! We don't exactly hide our love for Nebbiolo, but it's good to have some other very fine Italian wine every now and then... Some comes from the Connoisseur's Cellar, and the rest is from a fine cellar in Italy; all are guaranteed.
Nov 27 2017
Produttori del Barbaresco - a large collection from Italy
A shocking number of years have now gone by during which I have been able to taste a great many Barbarescos and Barolos. Thus far, I have two firm conclusions from the experience: 1) Bruno Giacosa is King, making the greatest wines of the region and perhaps in all of Italy into the early 2000s. Giac
Nov 26 2017
Holiday Gifts 2017 - A Reminder...
We're sorry to send this reminder so soon after Thanksgiving, but yes the December holidays are coming soon and we - and your friends, family, business associates and clients - appreciate getting your orders as early as possible to ensure the best selection and timely delivery. And of course Chamber
Nov 24 2017
Mags Mags Mags !
As we all recover from our post-Thanksgiving food comas, we thought it might be a good moment to highlight the fantastic collection of large format bottles we currently have at Chambers Street. More gatherings and feasts will follow as 2017 comes to an end, and in our opinion, nothing accompanies fe
Nov 21 2017
Last-Minute Thanksgivng Wines - For In-Store Pick-up or Manhattan, Bklyn and Local Shipping!
You ordered the turkey but forgot the wine? Yes, our truck will be delivering in Manhattan and Brooklyn on Wednesday and our flock of delivery personnel will be covering the city below Canal Sreet.  So don''t panic, just give us a call or order on-line and great wines for Thanksgiving will be f
Nov 20 2017
Dazzling Champagne from a Trio of Cellars
Just in time for the holidays, we are pleased to offer a selection of aged Champagnes from a trio of collectors. With bubbles from the most avant-garde growers to the more classically styled bottlings, there's something here for everyone. Of special interest are back vintage bottles from a number of
Nov 16 2017
Put Some Sweetness in Your Holidays with Jurançon! And Beautiful Dry Wines as Well...
Wine-making in Jurançon dates back to the Roman era, with the grape "Manseng" first recorded in the 13th century. The golden age of Jurançon was in the 15th and 16th centuries, when it was a favorite of royalty and was supposedly served at the baptism of King Henry the Fourth. The reputation of Jura
Nov 16 2017
Bartolo Mascarello
An old friend in Italy has decided to part with some of their collection of Bartolo Mascarello Barolo, represented here with some older vintages, and especially with a remarkable group of large bottles, purchased over the years (and years ago) from Mascarello. Recently the part of the Masca
Nov 15 2017
A Superb Collecton of Vouvrays from Domaine Huet and Dinner at Racines with Pascaline Lepeltier, Featuring 1947, 1959, 1989 & 1996!
We are proud to present an extensive collection of the great Vouvrays of Domaine Huet from 1947 to 2016. The estate is one of the greatest producers of white wines in the world, producing brilliant wines, from very dry to intensely sweet, from Chenin Blanc grown principally in three great vineyards
Nov 13 2017
The 53rd Annual Chambers Street Wines Thanksgiving Email!
Thanksgiving — the wine lover's favorite holiday, when sharing our favorite bird-friendly wines with family, friends and neighbors heightens our enjoyment of this most convivial day! And what do we look for in a Thanksgiving wine? A full-bodied white that will not only complement turkey, but stand u
Nov 11 2017
A Visit to Forthave Spirits
Collection of herbs, roots, and spices. As I walked into the production facility of Forthave Spirits, located on the 6th floor of an industrial building in Bed Stuy, I was struck by two things: how tiny the space is, and how much activity was crammed into it. I'm greeted by a glass of Mondeuse
Nov 10 2017
2015 Chateauneuf-du-Pape: An Excellent Vintage! Charvin, Ferrand, Marcoux, Clos des Papes, Boislauzon & Beaucastel (with a Few Favorites from 2013 and 2014)!
Our tastings in the Rhône Valley last winter revealed a vintage with excellent concentration and depth, with varying degrees of freshness and balance depending on rain that was needed during the dry conditions of the late summer. In the Southern Rhône, in particular, many vignerons reported receivin
Nov 9 2017
This is a mash-up of perfectly stored wines from 3 different collectors. It's also a reminder that what sounds very recent to old guys like me (vintage 2000, for example) is now 17 years old and drinking very well indeed. Jamie Wolff Winter is coming to Cote Rotie     &nb
Nov 8 2017
A Wealth of Wines from Alsace, Austria, & Germany
We are pleased to offer an amalgamation of wines* from different private collections, just in time to stock up for the upcoming holiday season: wines to pair with holiday feasts, from the welcoming glass, to beyond dessert. Let's also not forget about thoughtful host gifts, future Rie
Nov 7 2017
The Athlete Wine Drinker - Pairing Wine with White Truffle Cornbread Stuffing for Thanksgiving
With the festivities coming up, it is time to celebrate cherished time with family and friends over fantastic food and wine, taking time to appreciate what this year has offered us, while putting training on the back burner.  For the purpose of this article, I have decided to pa
Nov 6 2017
Chateau Bel Air Marquis d'Aligre: A Margaux from the Past! (Or Perhaps the Future?)
In January of 2013, Eben and I spent some time wandering around the Medoc, hoping to find some wine we liked among the over-extracted, over-oaked, modern wines of Bordeaux and their neatly herbicided vineyards. We were ecstatic to find "Planquette" in Saint-Yzan, Didier Michaud's two hectare organic
Nov 3 2017
The Modern Day Classics: The Old School Bordeaux of Clos du Jaugueyron
While we love Bordeaux (at least the old school stuff), we often find the modern wines to be too manipulated for our tastes. Too often the wines range from uninspiring to over-priced and over-oaked, a far cry from the classic Claret on which we cut our teeth. This is a shame, as there are few wines
Nov 2 2017
A Very Special Dinner with Jesús Barquín & Eduardo Ojeda of Equipo Navazos
For sherry lovers and collectors, there are no scents or flavors more mouth-watering than those created by flor yeast, no image more fascinating than a cobwebbed cask of long-lost wine, and no words more resonant than "La Bota." Eduardo Ojeda and Jesús Barquín are Equipo Nav
Nov 1 2017
Roero Revealed: The Transparent Wines of Chiesa
The terroirs of Barolo and Barbaresco have been endlessly examined and explored by wine drinkers seeking out different expression of Nebbiolo; however, the wines of Roero just to the north seem to have a bit of a hazy image. It is a region composed of steep slopes of soils that are largely sandy and
Oct 31 2017
Drink More Beaujolais! 2016 "Clos de la Roilette" and "Cuvée Tardive" from Alain Coudert plus Favorites from 2014 and 2015! (2009 Vintage Tasting and Dinner at Racines, Wed., Nov 15th.)
It has come to our attention over the past thirty-plus years that Americans don't drink enough Beaujolais. Whether this is a reaction to years of sugary, artificial Nouveau from the big negociants or to a preference for heavier-bodied, higher alcohol reds we're not sure. At any rate, we'd like to te
Oct 30 2017
New Arrivals from the Loire Valley: Lise and Bertrand Jousset; Stephane Guion(!); Patrick Lambert; Frantz Saumon and More...
The Loire Valley continues to amaze us with soulful and delicious wines, products of organic farming and natural vinifications that offer superb value, both in traditional styles and in distinctive new wines that capture the energy and creativity of this dynamic region. In Muscadet, Anjou and Tourai
Oct 28 2017
Alsace Review Part 2: The wines of Pierre and Chantal Frick
In our second installment of a series of emails focused on Alsace, we present the wines of Pierre and Chantal Frick. The Fricks have been working organically since 1970, and have been certified Biodynamic since 1981. They are incredibly passionate about the importance of living soils that contribute
Oct 27 2017
Old Nebbiolo, part 2
One of the great revelations about old Nebbiolo is how consistently good it is. I admit that my perspective was formed by the frustrations of chasing the tail of the Burgundy peacock for years: hugely gratifying if you catch it, but not statistically likely, and now punishingly expensive. On the Neb
Oct 26 2017
Old Nebbiolo from a fine Italian Cellar
Plus a few younger wines, and a little Barbera and Dolcetto, here's the first half of the alphabet. The wines are from 2 favorite Italian cellars (in Italy, that is), and are guaranteed, as always.
Oct 25 2017
Lauer 2016: Brightness in the Bottle
When speaking about the weather extremes of the 2016 vintage in Germany, many winemakers reflected on the new normal of having record-breaking weather every year. In late spring and early summer of 2016, the deluge of rain made for Peronospora (downy mildew) troubles for man
Oct 24 2017
Monte Bernardi for Vieques
In its current incarnation, Monte Bernardi is now 14 years old; wine was made there before (for centuries) but things changed dramatically when Michael Schmelzer and his family bought the property in 2003. The farming moved to all biodynamic (certified as of 2004), and the winemaking went from moder
Oct 23 2017
Cameron Wines and a Special Dinner with John Paul of Cameron
A couple months ago, during a vacation in the Pacific Northwest, I stopped to visit John Paul and his family in Oregon. It wasn't a typical wine visit - I arrived as the sun was setting over the Clos Electrique vineyard, pulled in at the top of the hill next to the beautiful house that serves as tas
Oct 21 2017
PIH Benefit Tasting, Sunday 10/22: 48 Fantastic Wines! Mix a Case, Make Your Own Tasting...
For those who attended the great tasting at Racines on Sunday, here's the line-up from the 9 estates that were present, and the other superb Louis/Dressner wines that were shown. (Note: Some wines arrive 10/24-25 so please add two extra days for pick-up or shipping)  For those who couldn't make
Oct 21 2017
Partners In Health Benefit Tasting (Sunday 10/22) and Dinner (Monday 10/23), at Racines NY! (Sponsored by CSW, Louis/Dressner Selections and David Bowler Wines)
"Around the world, vulnerable nations are facing a cruel onslaught of back-to-back disasters—leaving countless families without the health care, food, or shelter they need - and with crucial programs at risk of cutbacks, our responsibility to the world's poor has never been so great." Partners in He
Oct 20 2017
2015 Franck Balthazar Cornas "Chaillot" and "Casimir:" Great Wines from a Great Vintage!
One of my most vivid memories of traveling in the Rhône Valley was a morning in 1992 in the cellar of Albert Dervieux-Thaize. He was climbing a ladder perched against an old foudre, pipette in hand, to get a sample of Côte-Rôtie "Vialliere," exclaiming loudly "Never, never, use new oak with the Syra
Oct 20 2017
Reboule du Rhône: A Celebration of the Great Wines of the Northern Rhône, Nov 17-19!
'La Reboule’ is a traditional end of harvest celebration in France’s Northern Rhône Valley where grape harvesters, winemakers, and cellar staff get together at the end of a successful vintage to toast with great food, wine, & revelry.  Sommeliers Dustin Wilson & Thomas Pastuszak are bri
Oct 19 2017
Champet Côte Rôtie 2014
This wine is delicious and easy to drink, but it seems clear that it’s a baby, and will have a lot more to offer after a few more years in bottle. I’ve tasted it twice in recent months – the first time probably too soon after it had been shipped; last Friday it was much more open, complex, and appea
Oct 18 2017
Nobody Beats the Bize: The Fabulous Village Wines from Domaine Simon Bize
  There are certain vignerons whose wines we eagerly anticiapte with each new vintage. Near the top of that list is Simon Bize et Fils. Arguably the finest grower in Savigny-Les-Beaune, the domaine was run by the talented Patrick Bize, who tragically passed away in 2013. The reins have been abl
Oct 17 2017
The Athlete Wine Drinker - Pairing Wines with a Sweet Potato Vegetable Curry
Continuing with the idea of pairing wines with healthy meals for athletes, over the weekend I decided to cook a sweet potato vegetable curry and offer a selection of wines to accompany this delicious dish.  Vegetable curries are great for athletes: they are easy to mak
Oct 14 2017
French Wine from the Connoisseur's Cellar
“How can you govern a country which has two hundred and forty-six varieties of cheese?” Charles de Gaulle France is a big country! Perhaps it’s not geographically large by American standards, but it’s incredibly varied and culturally rich. And it has more and more wines of real interest, coming fro
Oct 14 2017
Dauvissat Irancy - a wine dinner
The Chablis of my wine youth was mostly underripe with searing acidity, and simultaneously over-manipulated. Honestly it wasn’t always clear that it was much better than that other Chablis, the big green jug of Almaden. Then, in 1990, a friend brought a bottle of 1982 Dauvissat Chablis Montée de Ton
Oct 12 2017
Straight Outta Comté: Jura (And Savoie) Cellar Offer
Another collection from the Connoisseur's Jura and Savoie trove. This lovingly curated selection arrives just in time for us to hunker down and contemplate all things great and esoteric. The range from classic, multi-generational winemakers to the brave new wave puts the Jura's remark
Oct 11 2017
New Arrivals from the Loire Valley, Part 2: Raffault; Luneau-Papin; Pépière; Château de Coulaine; Chevalerie; Domaine du Fresche; Robinot and Tessier!
The Loire Valley continues to amaze us with the quality, diversity and general food-friendly deliciousness of its wines! Our hit-parade of new releases includes: The re-release of the fabulous and almost mature 2008 Olga Raffault Chinon "Les Picasses;" the ripe and rocky 2015 Luneau-Papin Muscadet "
Oct 10 2017
Clarity from the Canaries: Envínate, Suertes del Marqués, and Matías i Torres
A trek through Taganana with Roberto Santana of Envínate demands focus and footwork to keep from skidding down the vine-coated cliffs, which appear to drop directly into the Atlantic. Known more to hikers than wine drinkers these days, this corner of northwestern Tenerife --
Oct 9 2017
Some new old favorites
At Chambers Street we have been incredibly lucky because we can indulge our tastes and preferences, and we only sell wine that we actually like, or love. From everything I read and hear about the wine business in most places in the US, this is an unusual and very privileged position to be in, and it
Oct 8 2017
Partners In Health Benefit Tasting (Sunday 10/22) and Dinner (Monday 10/23), at Racines NY. (Sponsored by CSW, Louis/Dressner Selections and David Bowler Wines)
"Around the world, vulnerable nations are facing a cruel onslaught of back-to-back disasters—leaving countless families without the health care, food, or shelter they need - and with crucial programs at risk of cutbacks, our responsibility to the world's poor has never been so great." Partners in He
Oct 6 2017
Alto Piemonte
Some of our favorite old Alto Piemonte wines are here. More testing (always under strictly scientific methods) continue to demonstrate that these are both excellent wines, and excellent values. Like old Barolo and Barbaresco, they repay careful decanting and plenty of time to breath and blossom befo
Oct 5 2017
The Connoisseur's Cup Runneth Over: More Great North American Arrivals
More excellent wines have arrived from the Connoisseur's domestic (and Canadian) collection, which is an impressive mix of classics as well as well-priced gems from trailblazers of the New Californian ilk. Many of the latter have a delicious bit of bottle age, allowing us the rare chance to check ba
Oct 4 2017
New Arrivals from the Loire Valley, Part 1: Beautiful Wines from Domaine de la Roche Bleue in Jasnieres and La Source du Ruault in Saumur-Champigny!
Chambers Street is proud to be working with these two outstanding estates, both of which are producing wines which are among the finest of their appellations. Domaine de la Roche Bleue was established in 2008 by Sébastien Cornille, a native of Sancerre, with 3.5 hectares in Jasniéres and 1.5 hectare
Oct 3 2017
New Arrivals from Champagne André Beaufort, and Amaury Beaufort's Vins de Tonnerre!
During my early days in the wine trade, I sold vast quantities of brand name Champagnes (we won't get specific). When tasting them, my usual reaction was a headache and the conclusion, with rare exceptions, that these were "bad wines with bubbles." Happily, those days are over and dozens of distinct
Oct 2 2017
For about 12 years my wife and I have owned a house on Vieques, a small island off the east coast of Puerto Rico. Vieques is a lovely place, especially if you want a peaceful and completely laid-back break from city life. There are no malls, casinos, golf courses, gated communities, or stop lights,
Sep 29 2017
The Superb 2014 and 2015 Burgundies from Stéphane Magnien!
Every year our email offering of new wines from Stéphane Magnien begins with a different and more appreciative adjective - this year we're going with "superb" as more of the beautiful 2014s and the gorgeously ripe but perfectly balanced 2015s have arrived. They are superb wines that deserve the atte
Sep 28 2017
What's new in Alsace: Part 1 - Domaine Geschickt
Today we offer the first installment in a series of emails meant to shed light on the dynamic wines and winemakers of Alsace, with a focus on producers who work organically and biodynamically in the vineyards and with little or no added sulfites in the cellar. Our spotlight today is on Domaine Gesch
Sep 27 2017
We're All Light - The Luminous 2015s of Lignier-Michelot
At a certain point, when one reflects on all the wines they have been fortunate enough to taste, certain growers stand out for their ability to capture the character and quality of every vintage. Yet the best of these vignerons also offer their own signature to the wines much like a painter's signat
Sep 26 2017
A Fine Selection of Aged Burgundy
" Burgundy makes you think of silly things..." -Brillat-Savarin As we settle into Fall and the air cools (hopefully soon), we think of heartier foods and heart-warming wines. And few wines warm the soul and whet the appetite like well-aged Burgundy. Below is a selection of fine wines from the Côte
Sep 22 2017
Introducing Thomas Finot: Remarkable Wines from Isère and Crozes-Hermitage!
We're proud to introduce the wines of Thomas Finot, a young winemaker who, after experience in different regions of France, discovered abandonned vineyards in the Coteaux du Gresivaudan" (Isère) northeast of Grenoble, and is working to restore the vineyards and the region's potential. With great pas
Sep 20 2017
Bourgeuil and Chinon from Domaine Breton, Featuring the Superb 2014 "Clos Sénéchal" and "Nuits d'Ivresse!"
Our love of Loire Valley Cabernet Franc dates back to inexpensive bottles purchased at grocery stores in Paris in 1978. I knew nothing about wine at the time - my favorite was Taylor "Lake Country White" - but these light-bodied reds tasted wonderful with the charcuterie and bread of our bargain mea
Sep 18 2017
2015 Crozes-Hermitage and Saint-Joseph from Domaine Rousset Featuring Crozes "Les Picaudières!"
Beginning with the 2009 vintage, and based on a recommendation from Jean Gonon, we have been featuring the wonderful Crozes-Hermitages and Saint-Joseph from Stéphane and Isabelle Rousset.  Stephane's great uncle was the legendary Raymond Roure, from whom the Roussets purchased the "Picaudières"
Sep 15 2017
1967 Barolo and Barbaresco - wine, and dinner with wine
It’s 50th anniversary time, so why not taste some 1967 Barolo and Barbaresco? 1967 (along with 1964) is considered one of the best vintages of the decade, and I’ve certainly had a lot of pleasure from many that I’ve tasted. Let’s find out! We will taste Barolo from Barale, Burlotto, Cappellano, Cava
Sep 14 2017
Barale, Burlotto, Cappellano
                                    From a great cellar in Italy, three favorites at one go - what can be wrong with that? All bottles guaranteed, as usual.
Sep 13 2017
Carema, and some Valtellina
We love Nebbiolo from the mountains! Inferno in Valtellina                                              &nb
Sep 10 2017
Champagne, with Peter Liem
It’s common promo-speak to say that "we are very excited to…" but this time it’s really true. We are very excited that Peter Liem’s book on champagne* is about to be published. Why? Because Peter is one of the smartest tasters of champagne we know (in truth, he’s one of the smartest tasters we know
Sep 10 2017
"The Mystery of Pergola Wines"
We are taking advantage of a rare appearance in New York by Walter Speller to offer you a chance to learn about a fascinating and significant aspect of Italian wine. Walter is the Italian wine critic for; he’s good company, super knowledgeable, and entertaining. We’ll taste a lot
Sep 8 2017
2016 Domaine de la Pépière "Clos des Briords:" Great Quality in This Difficult Vintage.
Despite the disastrous frost that hit the Loire Valley in the spring of 2016, our friends Marc, Rémi and Gwenaëlle at Domaine de la Pépière were able to make a small quantity of their classic old-vine cuvée, the Muscadet Sèvre-et Maine Sur Lie "Clos des Briords," which arrives on October 2nd. Althou
Sep 7 2017
The Athlete Wine Drinker - Pairing Wine with Healthy Meals
With marathon season in full speed and excitement building for the upcoming NYC marathon, pairing wine with healthy meals has become a great hobby for many of our customers, who have been changing their diets to account for their training, and for their family members and partners&nbs
Sep 6 2017
New Arrivals from the Clos du Joncuas in Gigondas, Featuring the Superb 2015 "Esprit de Grenache!"
We're very proud to be working with Carole and Dany Chastan at the Clos du Joncuas, and we're happy to announce that more of their superb 2015s have arrived including the rare and beautiful "Esprit de Grenache!" This superb wine is made in only the finest vintages from old vines of massale selection
Aug 31 2017
You Can't Hurry Glug: Gonin Mondeuse Rosé
Much like white pants, rosé after Labor Day is controversial. Some might say that rosé season has come and gone. And they, like white pants, would be wrong. There are some things that just can't be rushed, like love, and native yeast fermentations.  In March, Nicolas Gonin tanta
Aug 31 2017
White Light, White Heat- Burgundy from Fichet and Colin-Morey
Today we are pleased to offer an assortment of white Burgundies from a pair of our favorite growers. Each makes magnificently pure and terroir specific wines through painstaking work in the vines as well and meticulous work in the cellar. Their wines are individual, precise, sauve, and age beautiful
Aug 29 2017
LATE SUMMER SPANISH MIXED CASE: Delicious New Arrivals from Alfredo Maestro, Celler La Salada, MicroBio, Quinta Milú, and More!
Fresh whites, fun sparklers, light reds, and rosés from Spain are streaming in this week, just in time for Labor Day weekend celebrations -- barbecues, lazy days at the beach, and picnics in the park. Highlights include eagerly awaited new vintages of Lovamor Albillo and Amanda Rosado from our frie
Aug 28 2017
For the last few years we’ve been trying to get in touch with Luca Roagna so that we could visit with him, but Luca is very busy and not easy to find. In the meantime the wines seemed to be getting expensive, especially the Barbaresco Crichet Paje, which is now at least $450, often a lot more, and t
Aug 21 2017
The Sensational 2015s from the Clos des Vignes du Maynes, Part 2!
We are often guilty of excessive use of superlatives, like most wine retailers and importers these days, but in this case the praise is well deserved. With vineyards dating back to 910 AD that have been farmed organically since the 1950s, and three generations of experience vinifying without additiv
Aug 18 2017
Give the people what they want: More Burgundy and Champagne from the Connoisseur!
Due to popular demand and the continued generosity of the Connoisseur, we are able to offer more top flight Burgundies and Champagnes, supplemented by another generous collector. All wines are in stock. Thank you to our friends for allowing us to share the fabulous rarities. John McIlwain
Aug 17 2017
Not least (and not last): Most of the rest of France
We’ve received about 50 cases of additional wine from the Connoisseur’s Cellar; this week’s round of offers also includes some more-than-worthy bottles that perhaps got lost in the sheer volume of our earlier emails. By now it’s likely that you share our impression that years of acquaintance and fri
Aug 16 2017
The Loire Valley: Another Cellar, Overlooked Gems and New Arrivals - Featuring 2014 Baudry La Croix Boissée!
Our cellar runneth over with beautiful wines from the Loire Valley as another small and very interesting collection has just arrived, along with the highly anticipated release of the Bernard and Matthieu Baudry 2014 Chinon La Croix Boissée! And some especially noteworthy wines remain from our recent
Aug 15 2017
More Gems from the Connoisseur's Cellar: USA, Italy, Spain, and New World
Today we present another round of the Connoisseur's excellent and obscure selections from California, Oregon, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, and more (including some previously-offered gems that might have been overlooked). These wines will arrive after Labor Day. Happy hunting!
Aug 14 2017
Connoisseur Continued: More Wines from Alsace, Austria, and Germany
We’ve received about 50 cases of additional wine from the Connoisseur’s Cellar; this week’s round of offers also includes some more-than-worthy bottles that perhaps got lost in the sheer volume of our earlier emails. By now it’s likely that you share our impression that years of acquaintance and fri
Aug 12 2017
Falkenstein Returns!
Visiting Hofgut Falkenstein in the first week of July this year the heat was stifling. Rain was nowhere to be found on the horizon, and the vines were further along compared to previous years; clusters of grapes were already drooping with weight under the large leaves. I couldn't help
Aug 10 2017
Introducing the Exciting Wines of Vinica from Molise
Of the many Italian wine regions I've had the chance to explore, the wines of Molise have remained a bit of a mystery to me.  Molise is a small and extremely mountainous region south of Abruzzo that is often absent from wine lists and in reference materials about Italian wine. Everything t
Aug 9 2017
The Beautiful 2015s from Domaine Barou in Saint-Joseph!
Chambers Street is proud to present our 7th vintage from Domaine Barou in Saint-Joseph. Alexis Barou converted the estate to organic agriculture back in 1975 as he didn't find as much flavor in his cherries with "conventional" farming. His son Emmanuel, with wife Marie-Agnès, currently have about 3
Aug 8 2017
Pet Nat!
In his sci-fi novel, “The Drowned World,” J.G. Ballard describes life on Earth after it becomes a swamp -- too boiling hot for natural human survival. This story feels relevant because it is the most accurate representation of New York City in August. In the weeks to come, two things are certain: hu
Aug 5 2017
IGNIOS ORÍGENES: Extraordinary Volcanic Wines from Tenerife
I vividly recall my first taste of Ignios Orígenes. It was after a tasting at the importer's office, when a trio of unlabeled black bottles appeared, distinguished only by inscrutable cursive markings. Finca la Vizcondesa: Baboso Negro at 370m. (Buen Paso, Tenerife) First to be poured: the Bab
Aug 4 2017
Introducing Liv Vincendeau!
Earlier this year, while researching new winemakers in the Loire, I stumbled upon some information about Domäne Vincendeau, an estate in Anjou that began producing wines in 2014. At the helm of this new estate was not the usual 30-something French guy living in his van, but instead a woman from Germ
Aug 3 2017
Rosé Round III: In the Heat of the Summer
As summer with its hot temperatures is upon us, what better to do than to seek out refreshing delicious rosés to enjoy with the heat? Our current selection of rosés offers a wide range of tastes and flavors. With many organically-farmed and naturally-made options, the following rosés will be perfect
Aug 1 2017
Days of Metl
Mezcal is often spoken about in spiritual, sometimes even religious terms. Many marketing materials of available brands hark back to Aztec mythology, speaking of this clear, fiery liquid as the spirit of the gods. While I don't completely feel myself drawn in by these attempts at such glorification,
Jul 27 2017
A Connoisseur's Cellar, Part 10 of 8: some fine bits towards the end
We might get another round, but after today there will be a break for at least a little while from this relentless assault of interesting wines. Meanwhile, lots more cool wine!   An Important Note: These wines are in professional-quality wine storage, and we spent 3 days there inspecting eve
Jul 26 2017
A Connoisseur's Cellar, Part 9: Italian Wines
We've exceeded our estimate of 8 parts for this cellar - rejoice!   An Important Note: These wines are in professional-quality wine storage, and we’ve just spent 3 days there inspecting every bottle in the cellar. Because of the large volume of wines they are not available for quick delivery
Jul 25 2017
A Connoisseur’s Cellar, Part 8: American Classics to Avant Garde
Part 8 takes us through the Connoisseur's domestic collection, which is an impressive mix of classics like Dunn, Ridge, Corison, Mayacamas, and Eyrie, as well as well-priced gems from trailblazers of the New Californian ilk, with a bit of everything in between. Ariana Rolich An Important Note: The
Jul 24 2017
A Connoisseur’s Cellar, Part 7 – Champagne
As we've seen with the other portions of the MOCA (Mother of All Cellars), the Connoisseur has wide-ranging tastes embracing the classics in addition to the more avant-garde growers. And were one able to "have-it-all," who wouldn't want to check in with back vintages of Ulysses Collin, Jérôme Prévos
Jul 21 2017
A Connoisseur’s Cellar, Part Six: Alsace, Austria, & Germany
Today's installment brings us wines from Alsace, Austria, and Germany with a healthy mix of classic and avant-garde styles represented in the lot. Happy hunting! Cari Bernard An Important Note: These wines are in professional-quality wine storage, and we’ve just spent 3 days there i
Jul 20 2017
A Conoisseur's Cellar, Part 5: The Loire Valley
With numerous contributions from our own collection, we offer Part 5 of "A Connoisseur's Cellar" which includes the entire Loire Valley, exclusive of the Chenin Blancs in Mondays email. Here you'll find Cabernet Franc from the finest producers in Anjou and Touraine, Muscadet from our good friends Jo
Jul 19 2017
A Connoisseur's Cellar (part 4): Rhone (and some wine from Provence)
An Important Note: These wines are in professional-quality wine storage, and we’ve just spent 3 days there inspecting every bottle in the cellar. Because of the large volume of wines they are not available for quick delivery - we can’t bring them back to the store at one time, but we expect to take
Jul 18 2017
A Connoisseur's Cellar, Part Three: Jura Wine
Our friend, the Connoisseur, has collected some of the Jura's most sought-after wines. It's been a while since many of us have seen these sort of quantities from the now allocated producers we enjoy (sorry - he couldn't part with his Overnoy). Those new to the Jura will find a rare chance to try a r
Jul 17 2017
A Connoisseur's Cellar, Part Two: Chenin Blanc
Over the years, Chambers Street has been assembling a extensive collection of great Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley. With recent purchases and the addition of "A Connoisseur's Cellar," containing a superb assortment of Chenins from our favorite producers, we are now able to offer this extensive a
Jul 14 2017
A Connoisseur's Cellar (in 8 parts)
Connoisseur is another much-abused term: it’s no longer much of a taste challenge to admire Monet, or Mouton. As this cellar goes on sale over the next two weeks, the sheer range of both classic and much more adventurous, ground breaking wines (and range of prices), will help you share the impressio
Jul 13 2017
Albariño to Excite the Mouth and Mind
Our favorite Albariños embody the Atlantic coast: rocks and sand, salty brine, and humid ocean breezes mingle with precise fruit, chiseled (even startling) acid, and bold minerality. Albariño is a popular everyday alternative to other crisp, dry whites - Muscadet and Sancerre wines from the Loire Va
Jul 12 2017
2015 Côte-Rôtie and Brézème, 2013 Domaine Pergaud and More, from Eric Texier!
Our friend Eric Texier is making some of the finest wines in the Rhône Valley, both in the south and the north. His Chateauneuf-du-Papes, red and white, are outstanding. His work in Brézème and St Julien-en-St Alban has resurrected forgotten vineyards and is producing magnificent wines. His inexpens
Jul 11 2017
Top Dog of the Underdogs: The Bouzeron Aligoté of Domaine de Villaine
For decades Aligoté has had something of an image problem. Short, sharp, and shocking in its acidity when farmed for high yields in indifferent terrior, it was viewed as a rustic country wine more suitable for a kir (softened with a scandalous amount of cassis,) than for the table. Yet, as a recent
Jul 10 2017
Return of Les Enfants Sauvages
We wouldn't mind being in the Côtes Catalanes right now, drinking regional wines outside under the summer sun. Since that won't be happening any time soon, at least we can share some new arrivals from our friends Carolin and Niko Bantlin, from Domaine Les Enfants Sauvages! This is the second year we
Jul 7 2017
Superb Values from Burgundy: 2015s and 2014s from Lafouge, Rateau and Rouges-Queues!
It's the middle of summer, just after the 4th - the perfect time to stock up on Burgundy as the 2014s and 2015s from these three estates are simply delicious and offer outstanding value, both for current drinking and for cellaring for fifteen to twenty years. From Jean and Gilles Lafouge in Auxey-D
Jul 6 2017
Please Dupasquier the Magnum
Historically the Savoie is a region where wine production is small and the tourists are thirsty. Limited quantities, immediate local consumption, and conventional farming have made it challenging to put the handful of producers we enjoy into a wider context. When the wines are good, they're very goo
Jul 5 2017
Canonica Barolo, 2013
Gianni Canonica is one of my wine heroes. He makes uncompromising, great wine in every vintage, and he seems happy in his work, taking a calm and harmonious view of the swirling world around him. His wines have been discovered – fundamentally because of their quality, but also because some key Itali
Jul 1 2017
A Special Six-Pack: American Wines for the 4th!
This year's July 4th six-pack features delicious domestic selections to accompany any celebration with family and friends: sparkling dry cider from the great folks upstate at Treasury Cider (Fishkill Farms), fresh and exotic Vermentino from the ingenious Chad Stock of Minimus (Oregon), exciting Cali
Jun 30 2017
Susucaru is back!
Apparently there is a very entertaining video of rapper Action Bronson tasting Susucaru, Frank Cornelissen’s fabulous rosato, and smoking pot. And smoking. And smoking. Or maybe he was smoking in a different video? I haven’t seen it, but it’s clear from his audiences’ response that he loved the wine
Jun 30 2017
The Focused wines of Fongoli!
Last fall we were graced by a visit from Angelo and Letizia of Azienda Fongoli and I came away from the experience deeply impressed. Not only were they lovely people who were excellent communicators about their land and their philosophy, but their wines were absolutely wonderful. The estate was foun
Jun 27 2017
Chateauneuf in Summer?
Other than on a fluke (or a too-good-to-be-true scenario), what other world class, Grand Cru level wine can you buy – at 10-15 years of perfectly-cellared age – for under $60? Never mind for even $35-$40? What other world class wine is at its peak at 10-15 years of age? What other mature, world clas
Jun 26 2017
A Summer Wine Case: A Selection of Delicious Wines to Enjoy Without Moderation at the Beach or on your Patio
As summer comes, our wine taste buds change and we are looking for lighter reds, fresher and more vibrant whites and obsessing over delicious rosés. With the hot temperatures, I personally enjoy quite high acid white wines, complex rosés, light tannin reds and some fun bubbles. To simplify your life
Jun 24 2017
Our Favorite BYOBs for Summer Weekends - Now Including Racines NY!
If you're stuck in the city on a summer weekend, don't despair, stop by Chambers Street for some special bottles and make it a great night at one of our favorite Bring Your Own Wine restaurants! While Peking Duck House has ruled ruled the roost for BYOB Chinese food over the years, we have great af
Jun 22 2017
Exceptional 2015s from Casa Aurora: Wild Mountain Wines of Bierzo Alto
In the mountains of Bierzo Alto, at the limit of winegrowing possibility, Germán Blanco makes his delicious Casa Aurora wines in the tiny village of Albares de la Ribera. This is the home town of his grandmother and mentor, La Señora Aurora Garcia, who was the first female in the area to work in the
Jun 20 2017
Superb Banyuls and Collioure, Organic and Biodynamic, from Domaine du Traginer!
We're very proud to be working with the witty and affable Jean-Francois Deu at Domaine du Traginer, and we have just received a new shipment of these unique and delicious wines that belong on your table this season! Last Friday we tasted all the new arrrivals and customers and staff alike were unani
Jun 19 2017
Masseria del Pino - 120 year old vines on Mt. Etna
I first went to see Mount Etna in 1981; I’m sure we drank wine but I have no idea if it was something local. The mountain was most impressive, and I do remember seeing vines amongst the old lava flows; it seemed incredible that anything could grow there. I loved it, and I loved Sicily. I did visit a
Jun 18 2017
New and Natural: La Vrille et le Papillon and Le Jonc Blanc!
We're thrilled to introduce the natural wines of La Vrille et le Papillon in the Ardeche. A brother and sister team, Meyrl and Géraldinge Crozier started La Vrille et le Papillon in 2012 and now have 5 hectares of Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Viognier, Grenache and Ugni Blanc tended in organic
Jun 16 2017
Terroir for the People! Burgundy values from Antoine Lienhardt
We will readily admit to an abiding love for Burgundy. The great names roll off the tongue: Amoureuses, Musigny, Romanée, Richebourg... The thought of these sets the heart racing. And while we'd love to drink these and savor the organoleptic nuances between the terroirs of, say, Latricières-Chambert
Jun 14 2017
Old Chateauneuf!
We've purchased a very nice parcel of older Chateau La Nerthe, one of the great estates of Chateauneuf du Pape.The Cuvee Cadettes is from vines that are (were) over 80 years old. In 1988 it was 59% Grenache, 11% Mourvedre, and 30 % Syrah; the classic Chateauneuf has some Cinsault and a little Counoi
Jun 13 2017
Muscadet Report: Domaine de la Pepiere's 2016 "La Pepie" is Here! Plus 2014s and 2015s from Luneau-Papin, Louvetrie and L'Ecu, While They Last!
It's a difficult period in Muscadet as most growers lost 50% to 90% of their crop in 2016 due to a terrible frost after a very warm early spring, with many producers suffering similar losses in 2017. Most estates were obliged to buy fruit and produced small quantities of wine in 2016, a terrible eco
Jun 12 2017
Fine Wine Mash Up
Just arrived from a couple of different private cellars - and, as always, all guaranteed!
Jun 11 2017
Introducing the Lovely Chinons of Patrick Lambert! Don't Miss the Great 2014s from Bernard Baudry...
Last winter we  were asking Matthieu and Bernard Baudry about their favorite growers in Chinon (we always need more Chinon!) and they immediately suggested their friend Patrick Lambert, whose domain is around the corner from them, on the hill of Sonnay in Cravant. Luckily, Patrick was showing h
Jun 8 2017
Rosé Round II: Summer is Coming!?
As the Northeast seems poised to emerge from the murky cool weather of the last few weeks, another crop of delicious naturally-made Rosés has arrived for your summer sipping pleasure.  Fermented with wild yeasts and without the additives present in most rosés, these delicious wines have subtle,
Jun 6 2017
Bubbly New Arrivals from Germany & Austria
More sparkling wines from Germany and Austria? Absolutely. We can think of few better things to open for any sort of occasion. Not sure what gift to give? Not sure what the food will be at the dinner party you're heading to? Not sure if you're leaving the house at all? A bottle of bub
Jun 5 2017
2015s From Domaine Bart in Marsannay: Great Quality, Tiny Quantity - plus 2014 Burgundy Close-outs!
Our first 2015 red Burgundies have arrived, from the affable Martin Bart and his nephew Pierre in Marsannay. While the quality is superb, from this highly anticipated vintage, our allocation was tiny, only 10 cases of the Au Champ Salomon and 4 cases of the very pretty Saint Jacques, in addition to
Jun 2 2017
Doin' It Again: More Brilliant Borgo Del Tiglio
It’s something of a curiosity that in considering the great wines of Italy and the great whites of the world, the wines of the Friuli's Collio are somehow overlooked. They combine structure, texture, aromatics, not to mention ageability, in compelling fashion. The region is blessed by a moderate cli
May 31 2017
Drink More Beaujolais - New Arrivals from Jean-Claude Lapalu! And many more...
One of the great pleasures of our winter trip to France is La Dive Bouteille in Saumur, where one can taste the great Beaujolais of the Descombes family, Lapierre, Chanudet, Breton, Leonis and others, including the beautiful natural wines of Jean-Claude Lapalu. Currently one of the most respected gr
May 30 2017
Organic and Biodynamic Philosophies among the Classic Bordeaux Appellations
As we know, few producers in the classic appellations of Bordeaux are practicing organic or biodynamic farming, in stark contrast with many of their neighboring producers of the "Côtes de Bordeaux" (see our prior article published a few days ago) or producers in other French regions such as the Loir
May 25 2017
The Rare and Beautiful Burgundies of Sylvie Esmonin!
Our small allocation of 2014s from Sylvie Esmonin has just arrived and the wines are full-bodied, complex and quite beautiful with the perfect balance of ripe fruit and acidity often found in this excellent vintage in Burgundy. During our visits to the estate many years ago, the importance of plowin
May 24 2017
Edmunds-St. John: The Rhône Speaks in California
Sitting across Steve Edmunds at an winemaker dinner at Racines last summer, he lightheartedly joked that his brief stint at the United States Postal Service made him sufficiently miserable to make the professional leap to winemaking. All humor aside, as a bottle of his 1995 Syrah Durell Vineyard Son
May 22 2017
A Retrospective Offer of Turley Zinfandels
Without question, Turley Wine Cellars produce some of California’s most impressive and iconic Zinfandels. Since Dr. Larry Turley started the winery in 1993, the estate's commitment to old vine and  single-vineyard Zinfandel has produced wines of geographical distinction, layered concentration
May 21 2017
Superb Organic Wines from the "Côtes de Bordeaux:" Peybonhomme, La Grolet, Cru Godard, Falfas, Champs des Treilles and More!
While most think of red Bordeaux wines as the classic appellations of Saint Estèphe, Pauillac, Saint Julien, Margaux, Pomerol and Saint Émilion, the Gironde region includes lesser known appellations that offer wonderful Bordeaux at a more affordable cost. While biking around Blaye in 1978 we encoun
May 19 2017
Natural Italian Bubbles
Of the under-appreciated categories in wine, Italian sparklers might not be the first thing that comes to mind.  Sure, Prosecco has always been quite popular and people are starting to realize that not all Lambrusco is sticky sweet,  but it's easy to miss out on some really compelling wine
May 18 2017
Aligoté, Bourgogne, Chablis and Beyond: The ABCs of White Burgundy
Despite the feeling of Summer being upon us, we're still feeling the flush of Spring. The appearence of fresh vegetables in the market as well as the return of our friend Captain Alex from Blue Moon Fish at the Greenmarket has us thinking of white wines. And while we love the mineral whites of the L
May 17 2017
A Selection of Properly Matured Bordeaux
Among many younger wine drinkers, Bordeaux seems hopelessly out of date and even easier to neglect. Sharply rising prices for classed growths over the past 20 years have driven potential drinkers away. Burgundy, Champagne, Loire Valley, and Jura wines have achieved prominence among hipsters, sommeli
May 16 2017
The Beautiful Biodynamic Wines of Domaine les Fouques - Our Favorite Provençal Rosés!
During last winter's mad dash through France, we were finally able to visit our friends Yves Gros and family at Domaine Les Fouques, near Hyères. Located in a lovely hidden valley a few miles north of the Mediterranean, the Vallons des Borels, the estate's vines are on hillsides below wild-boar infe
May 15 2017
Playing Favorites - Domaine Jean Chauvenet in Nuits St. Georges
Recently at a Burgundy dinner, someone far more knowledgable than I repeated the truism that Nuits St. Georges is no one's favorite wine. Now, I suppose it's difficult to argue with that as the village lacks grands crus and therefore a bit of sizzle, but I'd be hard pressed to say that any other&nbs
May 13 2017
Natural Wine Roundup; Pure Juice Part 2!  (Eben and David Pour Wines with No Added Sulfites at Racines, Tues. 5/16)
As part of a new monthly feature on natural wines, we offer new arrivals and a few old friends. Though it won't always be the case, today we're focusing on natural wines that are produced entirely without added sulfites. "Natural" may be an unfortunate word, due to the extensive misuse of the term f
May 12 2017
Dreaming of Bonavita Rosato
In New York these days nothing presages the arrival of spring quite as much as the wave of Rosés that land in the city, filling wine lists to the brim, and packing the shelves at Chambers Street. One bottle in particular that I look forward to every year is Bonavita's Rosato from Faro in Sicily. Win
May 10 2017
New Arrivals from Domaine Villet in Arbois!
Bubbles, an 'orange wine,' even a Macvin! We've recently received some new wines from our friends, the Villets, who have been working organically in Arbois for decades. We've been having a lot of fun drinking these and want to make sure you do too!  Domaine Villet is a family estate that was s
May 10 2017
Just Arrived, Superb Values From France, Part 2: Domaine des Amphores (Condrieu & Saint-Joseph) and Stephane Guion (Bourgueil)!
Continuing the theme of last Monday's email, we offer recent arrivals from two remarkable, over-achieving estates. Both domaines produce delicious wines for everyday enjoyment that offer sensational value through long-time organic and biodynamic farming, natural vinifications and their shared commit
May 5 2017
Rhys Back Vintages from a Private Collection
Within a short period of 15 years, Rhys Vineyards has become one of the marquee producers not only in California, but also in the United States. Kevin Harvey, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, initially transformed his deep passion for Burgundy into a backyard DIY wine project near the Santa Cruz Mount
May 3 2017
A Springtime Spanish Mixed Case
The transition to spring this year was a roller coaster ride through chilly winds and rains, monotone grey, and confusing bursts of warmth and sun that never seem to stay. But once the ramps, asparagus, and spring onions arrive at the markets (and once our first rosé email goes out!) there's no turn
May 2 2017
2015 Rhônes at Racines NY Tonight! Champagne Beaufort Vertical (2003 - 1979) Tuesday May 9th!
Just a reminder to join us at Racines tonight beginning at 6pm, as Arnaud and staff will pour a brilliant collection of Rhone wines from the great 2015 vintage. Wines available by the glass will include: Dard & Ribo Saint-Joseph Rouge and Blanc and Crozes "Les Baties;" the rare and delicious Ber
Apr 28 2017
Barolo by Commune
It’s conventional wisdom (repeated to the point of cliché) that each of the towns in the Barolo zone produce wine of specific character, a reflection of local geology and other factors. And generally speaking an educated taster has a decent chance of telling Serralunga from La Morra, and so on. But
Apr 27 2017
Spring is Here!? Our First Crop of Rosés...
Although we had a taste of Spring in February, the coming of warmer weather has been uneven at best, and our winter coats are not yet put away. We remain confident, however, that  four or five months of rosé weather will soon arrive, and our first crop of pink wines, in all different shades, is
Apr 26 2017
Tuscan Wines and a Few Other Things
From a cold cellar in Piemonte. All bottles are in excellent condition for age - and are guaranteed.
Apr 25 2017
'Na Gotta de Bon Veun: Alto Piemonte, Carema, and Valtellina
Very occassionally Italian dialects are not impenetrable, like the example above, from the Vallee d'Aosta, taken from the label for an old bottle of Ghiglieri Donnaz.                       These Nebbiolos age well, often
Apr 24 2017
Just Arrived: Superb Values from France for Spring and Summer Enjoyment, Part One!
We're proud to offer a great selection of new arrivals that will provide enormous enjoyment and superb value for the spring and summer and for short-term aging as well. All these estates practice organic or biodynamic farming, harvest by hand and ferment with wild yeasts, happily proving that delici
Apr 21 2017
Northern Rhone 2015s: Dard & Ribo, Gripa, Balthazar, Paris and More! (Taste Them at Racines, Tuesday, May 2nd)
January's trip to France included many tastings of 2015s from both the northern and southern Rhone. It's obvious that this is an excellent vintage, though some wines may lack the grip and structure present in the 2010s. They make up for it, however, with the gorgeous fruit that is complex and deep a
Apr 20 2017
1962                                                 &
Apr 19 2017
I don’t get too many chances to trot out the photo of Nicola Paone – or more accurately, we don’t get many chances to offer a large collection of old Vallana. The connection? In the mid-1990s, when Paone’s eponymous restaurant was on its last legs, the fantastic cellar was still in place, including
Apr 18 2017
Piccoli Vini Piemontese
We regularly buy from an Italian collector who calls the first wines on this list “piccoli vini” - or “little wines” - which to him means not Barolo or Barbaresco. And he also refers to “piccoli produttori” - or “little producers” - when he’s talking about Barolo or Barbaresco which are not from the
Apr 15 2017
Wines of the French Alps by Wink Lorch: Kickstarter Campaign 
Three years ago, Wink Lorch delivered the most comprehensive book to date on the wines of the Jura. After spending more than a decade becoming an intimate of Jura's ancient landscape, she helped wine lovers and professionals alike discover the geology, local varieties, and stories behind the peculia
Apr 14 2017
Gros Ventre: Conquering the Sonoma Coast and El Dorado
We've been proud to host Chris Pittinger for in-store tastings at Chambers Street Wines over the past several years. A former college baseball player who caught the wine bug, Chris has accumulated significant wine experience as a sommelier in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and on the production side in New Z
Apr 13 2017
Maître de Chai: Mastering the Cellar and the Vineyard through the Kitchen
Established in 2012, Maître de Chai was started by Marty Winters and Alex Pitts. They met in early 2010 while cooking at Sonoma’s Cyrus restaurant under chef Douglas Keane, and bonded over their mutual love of wine. Given the impecunious nature of working as a cook, Marty and Alex explored their nas
Apr 12 2017
Pure Juice: Our Favorite French Wines With No Added Sulfur!
Pierre Overnoy was asked what defines a "natural" wine: "For us, a natural wine, it's a wine that one wants to drink and drink again! For some, it's a wine with nothing added...but to work without sulfur it's not 'the little birds that sing, and then you go on vacation' (We think he means it's not s
Apr 11 2017
Burlotto + Cordero di Montezemolo
If you were buying wine from the 1960s – 1980s, primarily direct from the producer, and you had plenty of good cellar space, and enough money to spend – well – why not buy 5 cases of a wine you loved, or maybe 10 cases? This explains our good luck, shown below. We have tasted both wines several time
Apr 7 2017
Superb Cheverny and Cour-Cheverny from Domaine Philippe Tessier, 2014 & 2015!
A little more than a year ago, in January of 2016, we had the good fortune to taste barrel samples of the 2014s and 2015s from Domaine Philippe Tessier in Cheverny. The wines were simply delicious, showing beautiful, vibrant fruit with firm acidity and great minerality, and we're very happy that thi
Apr 6 2017
Chambers Street Welcomes Jean-Pierre Charlot from Domaine Joseph Voillot. Tonight, Thursday 4/6, from 5-7PM.
It is perhaps only in a village blessed with as many fabulous vignerons and famous wineries as Volnay, that a venerable domaine that stretches back five generations might be somewhat overlooked.  Yet this is somehow the case with Joseph Voillot in Volnay. With nine hectares of well-situated, ol
Apr 5 2017
Cappellano, Bartolo Mascarello, Giuseppe Rinaldi
Need we say more? Well, just one thing: the back label of the Cappellano 1974 Barolo is in Piemontese dialect, so I had a Piemontese friend confirm the text: "The winery of Doctor G. Cappellano is faithful to its tradition and has always been managed by the family that founded it -- it is one
Apr 3 2017
Classic Expressions of Chablis: Crisp, Mineral Chardonnay
I remember the first time I had Chablis at a restaurant in Paris when I was a young adult, not knowing how different Chablis was compared to the classic Chardonnays of the Côte D'Or. I remember being amazed by its distinctive flinty mineral and saline notes, and enjoying its elegant white floral, ap
Apr 1 2017
Meet Your Winemakers: Taste with Lise and Bertrand Jousset on Monday 04/03, and with Eric Laguerre on Tuesday 04/04.
Please join us as these talented winemakers pour their delicious organic Montlouis and Roussillon wines at the store this Monday and Tuesday, from 5 till 7pm! Lise and Bertrand are making scintillating Chenin Blancs from their great limestone terroirs in Montlouis, organically farmed and made with m
Apr 1 2017
Biodynamic New Arrivals from Austria!
Here at Chambers Street we relish the opportunity to work with wines that we can support and champion for all the right reasons, and today we are pleased to spotlight some new arrivals from Austrian winemakers: Claus Preisinger, Michael Gindl, and Matthias Hager, all certified Biodyna
Mar 31 2017
The Return of Blue Moon Fish, 2017!
We're very happy that our friend Alex Villani of Blue Moon Fish has recovered from some health issues last fall and is back on the water! His boat, the Blue Moon, operates out of the Mattituck Inlet in Eastern Long Island and since 1988 he has been truckng his fish into the city, first to the Tribec
Mar 30 2017
The Beautiful Beaujolais of Georges Descombes, 2014 & 2015 (with Chignard, Ducroux, Guillot, Terres Dorées and Thevenet)!
2014 was a difficult vintage for much of France as cool weather and abundant rains in the spring and mid-summer had growers working hard in the vines and worrying that a disaster was in the making. Happily, in mid to late august, depending on the region, sunny, dry weather arrived and continued thro
Mar 29 2017
The Spanish Invasion (Home Edition)
Last week we were pleased to host a series of tastings with some of Spain's finest natural winemakers. Alfredo Maestro and Goyo Garcia Viadero displayed continued mastery of zero-sulphur winemaking in the Ribera del Duero. We have admired their energetic, supple, and age-worthy wines over many years
Mar 28 2017
Domaine Olga Raffault 1979 - 2015, Part 2!
We're very happy to again offer the beautiful Chinons of our friends Sylvie Raffault and Eric de la Vigerie at Domaine Olga Raffault, who are doing great work at this important Loire Valley estate. While retaining the traditional vinifications practiced here, with aging in vat and large foudres, the
Mar 24 2017
REMINDER! Pink Hats: a benefit for Planned Parenthood
Thanks to everyone who has helped to already make this effort a great success! There's another week to go; some new wines have arrived and have been added to the list, so please have a look again. We are pleased to have gathered these wines as a group: they are all made by women. And it is, uncontr
Mar 23 2017
Rosés Fit For A King: The Regal Wines of Riceys
The center of gravity in Champagne skews decidedly northward. Montagne de Reims, La Valée de Marne and Côte des Blancs are spoken of more frequently and likely more glowingly, than Sézanne, Montgueux, Côtes de Bar. But there’s serious terroir in those hills and valleys if you look. It’s no secret th
Mar 20 2017
Wine Writer Wink Lorch Joins Us for an Evening of Book Signing and Wines of the Savoie
Wink is here! Well, almost. Our good friend and fellow Jura/Savoie enthusiast, Wink Lorch, is making a rare appearance in New York City, and we are delighted to host her in the store on Friday, April 7th, from 5-7pm. Wink Lorch’s wine writing career spans more than 25 years, with half of them devot
Mar 18 2017
Meinklang is the Land's Sound 
"The noblest form of agriculture is one that maintains its own fertility and therefore also becomes self-sufficient. This is a high ideal and a life task which must be considered on every level."  Bughouse to encourage a natural ecosystem From their work on the farm and in the cellar all
Mar 16 2017
A selection of German Riesling from 2001 to 2010
A story has been told that in the fall of 1775, the owner of Schloss Johannesberg at the time, Prince Abbot of Fulda, had intended to taste the grapes and let the workers know when it was time to harvest. The catch being that the grapes had to be sent via courier from the winery to th
Mar 15 2017
I've come to look for America.
Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's listening to "Pet Sounds," but lately I've been thinking a lot about California. Please find below a selection of aged wines from the Golden State classics to some newer school selections. All wines are in stock. Happy hunting!  John McIlwain
Mar 14 2017
These wines come from our friend T, who had a very simple answer when I asked why he was selling: “I have too much wine!” He started drinking Chateauneuf-du-Pape when he was fairly new to wine (not to date him, but that was a long time ago, and he now has a lot of tasting and drinking experience!).
Mar 13 2017
52nd Annual CSW - Louis/Dressner Selections March Sale - From Our PIH Benefit Tasting!
Yesterday's benefit tasting at Racines for Partners in Health was a great success, despite the collapsing coat-rack, with 18 winemakers showing their delicious current offerings - all of which are listed below for your shopping convenience. All these growers work in the most “natural” way possible,
Mar 12 2017
Tastings Galore!
This is always an exciting time of year, when we welcome visiting winemakers -- both old friends and new -- to the tasting table here at Chambers Street Wines. The wine glasses will barely have dried from today's tasting to benefit Partners in Health before five of our favorite producers from t
Mar 11 2017
REMINDER! Pink Hats: a Benefit for Planned Parenthood
Thanks to everyone who has helped to already make this effort a great success! There's another week to go; some new wines have arrived and have been added to the list, so please have a look again. We are pleased to have gathered these wines as a group: they are all made by women. And it is, uncontr
Mar 11 2017
Les Grandes Vignes Part II : New wines from the Loire
Last year we introduced the wines from Domaine Les Grandes Vignes, a sizeable Biodynamic estate in the Loire Valley that we have been really impressed with since we first started tasting their wines in 2015. We recently received a new shipment, and so figured it'd be a good time to re-introduce the
Mar 9 2017
Champagne Beaufort Tasting, Thursday, March 16, Dinner with Réol Beaufort, Wed. March 15! Pre-Arrival Sale!!
Please join us to taste the superb Champagnes from Domaine André Beaufort on Thursday, March 16th from 5 till 7pm at the store, along with the owners of Ai Valloni who will pour their  Nebbiolo-based wines from Boca in Piedmont. A double bill of extraordinary wines! And for an in-depth discussi
Mar 8 2017
Newly Arrived Wine from Piedmont
The older wines from a treasured cellar in Piedmont, the younger vintages (mostly) removed from professional storage in New York. All guaranteed!
Mar 7 2017
Taste Vouvray and Bourgueil with Catherine and Pierre Breton, Saturday, March 11th, 4 till 7pm!
Please join us this Saturday as we welcome Pierre and Catherine Breton to Chambers Street! Since 1985, the Bretons have been producing some of the most elegant and delicious wines in the Loire Valley, with great farming and brilliant winemaking and with a convivial attitude that has gained them frie
Mar 6 2017
Older Wine from Tuscany
From the same fine private cellars in Italy where we buy Piedmont wines, and a few more recent vintage wines removed from professional storage in NY – we guarantee the condition of every bottle. By the way: a friend brought a bottle of the Ruffino Ducale 1969 to a recent dinner with a lot of old San
Mar 3 2017
Cup Runneth Over: A French Cellar Offer
For those of us who love wine, and love it to the point of obsession, we sometimes come to the shocking conclusion that in our ardour we have purchased perhaps a few more bottles than we'll ever be able to enjoy. It's somewhat startling, really, just how quickly one's collection expands to exceed ev
Mar 1 2017
Chenin Blanc: Soil Makes the Difference
It's no secret that we at Chambers Street Wines are big fans of the Loire Valley and the astounding range of expression its varied terroir gives Chenin Blanc. Within the lower Loire where Chenin is king, geology varies more than climate: granites, schists, quartzites, s
Feb 27 2017
Savoie, Autrement - 2015s from Domaine Jacques Maillet
With each new year, we bid adieu to winemakers who have decided to retire, with hopes that their legacies will be carried on, either by daughters and sons, or by talented apprentices and stagiaires who have absorbed the know-how and philosophy of their predecesors, and are comitted to continuin
Feb 24 2017
Memories in Future Tense - Aged Australian Classics
Yes, Virginia, there is terroir and balance in Aussie wines. Once upon a time Down Under, before points, heavily extracted wines, and even heavier, deep-punted bottles, there were growers dry-farming very old, ungrafted vines on interesting soils. From the sandy clay loams of Barossa to the terra ro
Feb 23 2017
Ai Valloni from Boca, and other wines from Alto Piemonte
We are excited to have visitors from Boca: Anna Sertorio and Andrea Marzo, owners of the organic vineyard called Ai Valloni. After the war, Ai Valloni was one of just a few producers who held on as the land under vine in Boca (and throughout Alto Piemonte) shrunk dramatically, the result of a combin
Feb 22 2017
Côtes du Jura Savagnin, Trousseau and Poulsard  from Domaine Pont de Breux, Salins-les-Bains
We were lucky enough to meet and taste with Jean-Charles Maire at Domaine du Pont de Breux in the Spring of 2013 and we are sad to present the last wines produced at the estate before his death in 2015. From the estate description by Jean-Charles: "The domaine was created in 1992, situated in the co
Feb 20 2017
Wine from the Venetian Lagoon
My wife and I love Venice, and we keep going back. Some people understand, and others think we’re crazy because Venice is so thoroughly overrun with tourists that it can be really trying.                   But if you pick the right t
Feb 19 2017
52nd Annual CSW -  Louis/Dressner Tasting and Benefit for Partners-in-Health, Sunday March 12th at Racines NY, 3:00 - 7:00pm!
Please join us on Sunday, March 12th, as Chambers Street Wines, Louis/Dressner Selections and David Bowler Wines present 18 of the finest estates in France and Italy at a tasting to benefit Partners-in-Health. "We go. We make house calls. We build health systems. We stay." This is a great opportunit
Feb 18 2017
Rhys is the Place: Ethereal Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from Anderson Valley
Rhys Vineyards produces an exquisite range of single-vineyard Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays, and Syrahs from California. There is a precise minerality, focused elegance, and most importantly, definite sense of place that one finds in these wines. Without question, Rhys produces some of the best wines in
Feb 17 2017
A Midwinter Spanish Mixed Case, Starring Brilliant New Voices from Toro + 2015ers from Silice Viticultores and Envínate!
Three of the most fascinating wines I have tasted this year are from Toro (yes, Toro!), a winegrowing region located in the west of Castilla y León that dates back to Roman times, fed by the regal Duero River shortly before it flows into Portugal. Toro's terroir is varied and laudable, combining wel
Feb 16 2017
All Tomorrows' Parties - A Cellar of Ridge ATP
“In terms of the grandeur of its bold, dominant, powerful red wines (often the equals of some of the most famous grands crus of Europe)—also in terms of the pioneering experimentation by its prestigious winemaker-partner, Paul Draper—this is one of the most important vineyards in the United States.”
Feb 15 2017
Gringet For President 2017*
With the way things are going, I think that is something we can all get behind, especially when the Gringet grapes are in the hands of Dominique Belluard. In 1988, Dominique took over his family’s 10-hectare estate, nestled in the village of Ayse in the Savoie region of France, in the foothills of t
Feb 10 2017
New Arrivals From Nicolas Gonin!*
The first couple months of the year are a flurry of activity when it comes to restocking our shelves. For some reason, this seems to be when the bulk of new vintages from my favorite producers in eastern France make their way stateside, and today’s offer is case in point. We’ve long been fans of th
Feb 9 2017
More bottles from the cellar: just in time for Rieslingfeier 2017!
It's almost mid-February, which means one of our favorite holidays is coming up...Rieslingfeier is nigh! This year marks the fifth year of the 'feier, with winemakers coming from both Germany and Austria to share their wines and stories with us. For those unfamiliar, Rieslingfeier is a two-day affai
Feb 8 2017
Aglianico part two: the Vulture
That’s “vooltooray," in Italian. It’s not a bird, it’s a very large mountain – an extinct volcano, in fact. As you may recall, volcanoes make for very good farming because of the fertile soils produced by past eruptions. Some of the best agricultural land is actually not adjacent to Monte Vulture, b
Feb 3 2017
The Prädikat Powerhouses of Daniel Vollenweider 
Wolfer Goldgrube vineyard stood in the background, lush and green, warm with the late-afternoon sun; the lines of the single-post vines were occasionally interrupted by the forest cascading down from the crest of the mountain. Daniel Vollenweider explained that areas where the forest was encroa
Feb 2 2017
Look what we found in the cellar!
My first wine job was at Christie’s, working in the cellar, cataloguing wine as it arrived for auction. Over the year I did the job, before moving to the office, I estimate that I literally handled about 150,000 bottles: each bottle had to be inspected and given a Christie’s sticker as it was catalo
Feb 1 2017
Kelley Fox: A Shot of Bio-Dynamism in the Willamette Valley
We've never hesitated to shout our praises of Kelley Fox's wines. Kelley works biodynamically in her parcels at Maresh Vineyard, a historic source for Pinot Noir in the Willamette Valley's Dundee Hills AVA. The rest of her fruit comes from the certified biodynamic Momtazi Vineyard in the McMinnville
Jan 31 2017
Finally, Some Sangiovese!
Finally some Sangiovese! We are thrilled that Sabrina Lastrucci, the owner and winemaker at Chianti producer Lecci e Brocchi, is coming to town for a visit. We’ll have new vintages of her fabulous Chianti Classicos for a tasting in the store, and at a dinner in her honor. And at dinner we’ll also ta
Jan 27 2017
Le Vieux Donjon: Classic Châteauneuf-du-Pape, 2014 and 2015 Pre-Sell; Dinner with Winemaker Claire Fabre, Featuring the 1990!
Le Vieux Donjon has been one of the leading estates of Châteauneuf-du-Pape since the 1970s, under the direction of Lucien Michel, with his daughter Claire and son Francois now responsible for the winemaking. The red CDP is comprised of 75% Grenache, with vines dating back to 1900, with Syrah, Mourvè
Jan 26 2017
Bow & Arrow: On Target in 2015
Travelling to Oregon last summer, I was deeply impressed by husband-and-wife team Scott & Dana Frank of Bow & Arrow, an urban winery producing wines from Loire Valley varietals in downtown Portland. Both Scott and Dana have worked multiple roles throughout the wine industry: Scott previously
Jan 21 2017
Fresh and Exciting new arrivals from Alsace!
I recently had a conversation with a wine importer on the subject of Alsatian wines. “Alsace is a difficult thing,” he said. “For decades it’s been dominated by a few big names, and it’s been hard for people to break out of that.” With great respect and admiration for the wines of Zind-Humbrecht, Tr
Jan 18 2017
Evan Lewandowski: Utah's Wine Missionary
A common trajectory among US winemakers is to attend college somewhere, fall in love with the area's wine, travel the world to gain winemaking experience, and return to make wine in the area where their vinous passions were initially kindled. Evan Lewandowski’s story is no different, but setting up
Jan 17 2017
The Marvelous 2014 Pépière "Clisson" Has Arrived! Plus More Muscadet and 2015 Tue-Boeuf Buisson Pouilleux!
We remember our excitement at the end of 2007 when Marc Ollivier's first "Granite de Clisson," the 2005, arrived in New York. It was his first cuvée with extended sur lie aging, once common in Muscadet but then practised only by Marc's friend Michel Bregeon, Pierre Luneau-Papin and a few others. "Gr
Jan 13 2017
The Superb 2014 Chinons from Bernard and Matthieu Baudry, Part 3 - Le Clos Guillot!
2014 - Structure and Elegance (The Baudrys discuss this excellent vintage) "The 2013-2014 winter was especially mild, with a lot of rain and almost no days of frost: despite our temperate climate, this was unusual. Fortunately, no cold snap occurred in spring, the stressful time when buds burst. Co
Jan 12 2017
New Arrivals From Domaine des Marnes Blanches!
One winemaker visit always sticks out in my mind. It was a hot morning in July of 2015 when we left the hotel in Arbois bound for the small commune of Saint-Agnès, about a forty-minute drive southwest. Actually most of the days in France in the summer of 2015 were very hot, as tasting the newly-arri
Jan 11 2017
New Year, New Arrivals: Lauer GGs!
As unreal as it feels to be in 2017 already, we still have new arrivals from 2015 to get excited about! January heralds the release of the GGs (Großes Gewächs, 'great growth': dry wines from 'Grand Cru' vineyard sites) from Florian Lauer at Weingut Peter Lauer in the Saar, along with&
Jan 10 2017
Aged Bordeaux from the Cellar of Mr. L and a Wine Dinner Celebrating the 1986 Vintage (mostly).
For all the talk of Bordeaux being out of fashion, there are certainly a lot of Bordeaux lovers. Now we’ll be the first to decry the state of the modern version, but we’ll always have a place in our hearts for the wines from an earlier era. Perhaps you can chalk it up to nostalgia, but tasting well-
Jan 6 2017
Biodynamic Bordeaux and Bergerac! The Outstanding Wines and Great Values from Peybonhomme-les-Tours, La Grolet and Le Jonc Blanc!
Isabelle and Franck Pascal, Le Jonc Blanc, Bergerac A new shipment has just arrived from this superb Biodynamic estate in Bergerac, east of Bordeaux. Proprietors Isabelle Carles and Franck Pascal are delightful, deeply intelligent people whose committment to Biodynamic farming, natural winemaking an
Jan 3 2017
New Arrivals from Julien Guillot at the Clos des Vignes du Maynes - 2015 Cuvée Auguste, Manganite, Aragonite, and More!
Confirming our tastings from last winter, the newly arrived 2015 Cuvée Auguste, Manganite and Aragonite from the Clos des Vignes du Maynes are perhaps the finest wines ever made at this important Biodynamic estate. With vineyards dating back to 910 AD that have been farmed organically since the 1950
Jan 3 2017
A Miscellany of Interesting Italian Wine...
Including a rare group of old wine from Sella, a standard-bearer for quality wines from Alto Piemonte. Sella is best know for Lessona, in part because they more-or-less sustained wine production there during the lean post-war years. The Bramaterra is also very good. I have never tasted Picc
Dec 29 2016
A Sparkling New Year to All!
Although Chambers Street Wines is known for our outstanding selection of grower Champagnes, we are equally proud of the variety and quality of the Sparkling Wines that we offer throughout the year. And while "real" Champagne is always a treat, these superb and unique sparkling wines offer great valu
Dec 28 2016
A Selection of Champagnes for a New Year
As 2016 draws to a close and we look toward 2017, we should take time to reflect on the year’s events, those we’ve met, and anticipate what’s to come in the New Year. And while customarily we raise a glass to celebrate, there’s far more in that glass than mere bubbles; contained within are hope, mem
Dec 19 2016
The Great Champagnes of André Beaufort, 1990 - 2011!
We are very proud to feature a new selection of the extraordinary Champagnes of André Beaufort! Primarily available at natural wine shops in France, Italy and Japan (and on the wine list at Noma), we are happy to bring 12 exceptional examples to New York, all of which show the intense "vinosity" and
Dec 16 2016
Barolo Masters
The title says it all - four producers who made great wine then, and who still do now. Plus a special dinner: Francesco Rinaldi and Giuseppe Rinaldi, side-by-side tastings of 1964, 1967, 1971, 1974, 1978, and 1985; February 16th, 7pm, at Maialino, $650 includes dinner, wine, service, and tax. &nbs
Dec 14 2016
Introducing RuBor Viticultores: Thrilling Wines from Old Vines in the Sierra de Gredos!
RuBor Viticultores is a winegrowing partnership between Rubén Díaz and Orly Lumbreras, born of friendship and a shared passion for the vineyards of the Sierra de Gredos, a range of massive mountains just west of Madrid, where perfectly adapted old vines of Garnacha grow on granite and schist slopes
Dec 13 2016
Older Italian Wines (mostly) Under $40
This is a good opportunity to try older wines that age well, but which are usually consumed on the same weekend that they’re taken home. From a cold cellar in northern Italy.
Dec 12 2016
Fabulous 2015s from Clos du Joncuas: Gigondas, Vacqueyras and Seguret!
We're very proud to be working with Carole and Dany Chastan at the Clos du Joncuas, and we're happy to announce that their 2015s, which have just arrived, are absolutely superb! The Clos du Joncuas, founded in 1920 by Pierre Auguste Chastan, has always farmed with natural methods and has been offici
Dec 11 2016
All About Mags Vol. III: Champagne, Mature Piedmont, Jura, Spain, and More!
With the holiday season in full swing, we thought it was time to highlight our selection of large format bottles! Once again we have a fantastic selection available from some of our favorite producers -- some that would be perfect for the 1,000 holiday parties you have to attend to this month, and o
Dec 10 2016
Aglianico Part One: Taurasi
I confess to a near-total addiction to Ian d’Agata’s Native Wine Grapes of Italy. If you are even a fraction as interested in Italian wine as I am, you really should own a copy. It is a most remarkable book, and I know that every time I open it I will wish that I had at least an hour to wander the f
Dec 9 2016
Barolo from the Big Cellar, M - Z
Some more treasures from the Big Cellar, including an extensive group of the exceptional old wines from Oddero. We've tasted these many times over the past 10 years, and they deserve your full attention. Aside from the sale of Vietti (to an American convenience store magnate), the big land news in
Dec 8 2016
Barolo from the Big Cellar A - G
More wine from our old friend, including a great range from one of our particular old-Barolo-favorites, Cordero di Montezemolo. To say nothing about other especially good wine from Barale, Cappellano, Ceretto... and Brezza... Canale, by the way, was the owner of a prime piece of Collina Rionda (now
Dec 7 2016
Wintry Zins
Since Zinfandel's heyday in the mid-to-late 90s, the rich, bold, and hedonistic flavors have been dialed back; elegance, restraint, and balance have come to the forefront as a result of producers' focus on old-vine sites and better farming practices. This e-mail focuses on several Zinfandels we reco
Dec 6 2016
A Collection of Older Tuscan Wine
We don’t usually get a chance to offer so many older Tuscan wines at one time, so this is exciting for us – and seasonally appropriate! BTW: old Chianti can be very good indeed, and is well worth considering.
Dec 5 2016
Treasures of the Southern Rhone, Part 1, Featuring Châteauneuf-du-Pape, and More! Informal Rhône Dinner at Racines, Thurs 12/15...
As the weather gets colder, we'd like to feature some of our favorite wines from the Southern Rhone, which are such great accompaniments to hearty winter meals. We tend to prefer those wines made in a "traditional" style - from old vines with whole-cluster fermentations and aging in used barrels, fo
Dec 3 2016
1971 Barolo and Barbaresco + BYOB at Franny's!
“This vintage shows all the splendor of Barolo. The best wines, and there are still many that continue to improve, are among the greatest we’ve tasted.” Sheldon Wasserman in Italy’s Noble Red Wines, (published in 1990). Our friend MH has been asking us to put together a dinner of 1971 Barolo and Ba
Dec 2 2016
Barbaresco from the Big Cellar
These wines are from a favorite cellar in Piedmont. Having sampled many bottles from the same collection, we have no concerns about reminding you regarding our guarantee of each bottle. The classic line is that Barbaresco is easier drinking - and earlier drinking - than Barolo. Overall the soils, e
Dec 1 2016
A Great Beaujolais: 2014 Cédric Chignard Julienas "Beauvernay," and Other Favorites!
We have always loved the Fleurie "les Moriers" from Domaine Chignard - always one of the most elegant Beaujolais, sometimes a bit austere in it's youth, but always beautifully balanced, with pure fruit and good density and length. A few years ago, Cédric began producing a new cuvéee from a vineyard
Nov 30 2016
'Tis the Season for Teutonic Bubbles!
All current events aside, this is usually the time of year to celebrate. As we get closer to the holidays, it becomes instinctive to seek out special bottles for loved ones or ourselves; whether it's for holiday gifts, host gifts, end-of-year bonuses, or just a light at the end of a d
Nov 29 2016
Rock Steady: The Terroir and Soul of Agrapart Champagne
At Chambers Street Wines we are blessed to work with an array of dedicated and talented growers. Careful work in the vines (mostly organic or biodynamic) and cellar (mostly non-interventionist) produce wines that, in addition to being delicious, seem to offer deeper dimensions of terroir expression
Nov 25 2016
A Christmas Miracle: Two Single-Barrel Scotch Bottlings Selected By Chambers St. Wines
They’re here. Just in time for the holidays, we welcome two Chambers Street exclusives in the form of single-barrel Speyside single malts. This area in the northeast of Scotland around the River Moray is home to the most distilleries of any whisky-producing region in the country, and also produces s
Nov 22 2016
The Pure and Natural Pleasures of Touraine, 2015, from Louis/Dressner Selections! Touraine Dinner, with Jules Dressner, at Racines NY on Tuesday 12/6.
More and more delicious wines from Touraine keep appearing on our shelves from this lovely vintage in the Loire Valley, imported by our good friends at Louis/Dressner Selections. The 2015s from Touraine are beautifully ripe and supple while remaining relatively light and fresh with moderate alcohol
Nov 21 2016
New Releases from Champagne Bérêche & Fils
With the holidays upon us and gatherings of friends and family at hand, we are happy to remind you of the joys of Champagne at the table. New releases from our favorite growers are streaming in and we're positively giddy as we taste the newest vintages and cuvées. One of the most exciting producers
Nov 19 2016
Last-Minute Thanksgiving 6-Packs!
Holidays are hectic. If visiting the wine shop is one errand too many or you just don't have time to ponder Thanksgiving wine pairings, please click on our Last-Minute Thanksgiving 6-Pack and we'll deliver six bottles sure to pair beautifully with your Thanksgiving feast. This year, we are offering
Nov 17 2016
Welcome Back, Wigle! Our 2nd Single Barrel of Wigle Rye Whiskey
Many of our whiskey-savvy customers already know about Wigle. But for those who don’t, here is a bit of backstory: Before Prohibition, the Monongahela River Valley in the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania was a hotbed of distillation, with about 4,000 stills in operation by the mid-eighteenth cen
Nov 16 2016
A Bit of Spring Cleaning in the Fall - Burgundy Edition
Despite our best efforts to keep the cellar organized, on occasion there are some beautiful wines which manage to fall between the cracks. Often, a vintage change necessitates making room for new bottles and there are a few odd bottles on the racks, sadly neglected. Today we'd like to offer a few of
Nov 15 2016
A Selection of Rare Aged Marcs from an Italian Cellar
If there is one thing we have discovered with our Italian cellar purchases (beyond what a rare and wonderful drinking experience old Nebbiolo provides), it is that Italians love spirits. Beyond their own aperitivi, Amaro, digestivi, and Chinato, we have discovered troves of rare old whisky, as well
Nov 14 2016
For the Chill of Fall, the Warmth of Red Burgundy
With the weather finally feeling like autumn, our thoughts turn to the pleasures of the fireside and the table. While we love the warmth and bounty of summer, this time of year inspires up to cook up heartier fare. Now's the time for wild mushrooms, game, roasts, and braises, whose earthy complex fl
Nov 13 2016
47th Annual Chambers Street Thanksgiving Parade of Wines! Part 2...
(A few of you may have missed this last Wednesday, so here it is again.) Thanksgiving 2016 - A time to give thanks, perhaps most appropriately, to the strength of America's traditions and institutions that have withstood the wars, hard times and cretinous politics that have beset us over the years.
Nov 11 2016
Gattinara and other Alto Piemonte Nebbiolo
Tasting these wines has shown us, time and again, that they can age almost as long and beautifully as Barolo and Barbaresco. In Alto Piemonte, producers are permitted to include small quantities of Uva Rara (also called Bonarda, Bonarda Novarese, and Croatina ) and  Vespolina, which add color a
Nov 9 2016
47th Annual Chambers Street Thanksgiving Parade of Wines!
(A few of you may have missed this last Wednesday, so here it is again.) Thanksgiving 2016 - A time to give thanks, perhaps most appropriately, to the strength of America's traditions and institutions that have withstood the wars, hard times and cretinous politics that have beset us over the years.
Nov 8 2016
Introducing Terroir Historic: Brand New Priorats from Dominik Huber of Terroir Al Límit!
"For five years, this project was an ongoing story in my mind," Dominik Huber explained as we ascended the steep cobblestone street leading to the town square of Torroja del Priorat, the postcard-perfect, Catalan mountain village where he lives and works in a small garage winery on the edge of town.
Nov 7 2016
Great Burgundy Values from the Lovely 2014 Vintage: Rapet, Rateau, Bart, Jane et Sylvain and More!
As we have noted before, the words "value" and "Burgundy" are not often successfully associated. We do our best at Chambers Street, however, to feature delicious Burgundies from growers that, for one reason or another, are somewhat under the radar and whose wines offer outstanding value. Today we ar
Nov 4 2016
Domaine de Saint Pierre: Pure Jura Deliciousness
I’ve been a huge fan of the wines made by Domaine de Saint Pierre since I first encountered them in the beginning of 2014. I remember it quite clearly: I walked into my friend’s wine shop and I spotted a big, fat bottle with a bright red label that was turned just enough to the side that all I could
Nov 3 2016
Part 5: More California - Rhone Varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Zinfandel!
Today we are pleased to offer wines from some of California's great producers of Rhone varieties, Zinfandel, and Cabernet (including a couple bottles from Washington). There are many gems here, perfectly cellared and prime accompaniments to Sunday stews and holiday roasts. Cheers! Ariana Rolich We
Nov 2 2016
Back in Stock: The Superb Wines and Great Values from Eric Laguerre and Ch. Peybonhomme-les-Tours!
Although Chambers Street Wines has become known as a great source for properly cellared old and rare wines, we are equally proud to offer organically-farmed, naturally-made artisanal wines that offer superb value for everyday drinking. New shipments have just arrived from two of our favorite, over-a
Nov 1 2016
Part 4 - Italy, some others, and a very cool collection of old Port (winter is coming!)
The next-to-last batch from our collector friends.
Oct 31 2016
Part 3: A Collection of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from California: Rhys, Anthill Farms, Rivers-Marie, and More
This collection from the early 2000s takes us through California's finest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay winegrowing regions: Sonoma Coast and Mendocino in the north, the Santa Cruz Mountains, and down south to the Sta. Rita Hills. All bottles have been impeccably stored and are priced for immediate enjo
Oct 30 2016
Chinon from Domaine Olga Raffault, 1979 to 2015! Tasting and Dinner at Racines NY Tuesday, Nov. 15th
During my first visit to Domaine Olga Raffault in 1990, wine-maker Ernest Zenninger would keep disappearing into the basement returning with older and older mouldy bottles of their Chinon "Les Picasses." While I was well acquainted with the wines of Chinon and Bourgueil at the time, this was my firs
Oct 29 2016
Frank Cornelissen Returns to New York!
Frank is coming back to New York! We missed him last year, and we’re very happy that we can extend our series of dinners with him, which have always been memorable parties. One exciting thing about these dinners is that Frank is keen to show his wines with different cuisines, so this year we are goi
Oct 28 2016
Part 2: German Riesling - They're ALIVE!
We are pleased to offer a selection of Riesling (plus Kerner and Alsatian Pinot Gris) from private collections that will make great additions to your cellar, with bottles ranging in vintage from the early aughts to 2011, from a veritable panopoly of stalwart producers out of the Mosel, Saar, Nahe, R
Oct 27 2016
"Vendanges Solidaires" - Chambers Street Wines and Racines NY Raise Funds for Vignerons Devastated by Frost, Hail and Drought.
In recent years, the effects of global warming have been felt in vineyards throughout the world. This has been particularly serious in France, where frost, hail and drought, formerly rare occurrences, have become common and more intense. In 2016, certain areas in Beaujolais, Burgundy, the Loire and
Oct 26 2016
Part One - France
Two friends have pruned their cellars; one is moving to a smaller home and has conceded that a laundry room takes priority over wine storage (he claims that his concession was gracious, but I have my doubts), and the other sadly has some health concerns that limit how much they can consume. They bou
Oct 25 2016
Great Cabernet Franc - New Arrivals from Domaine Baudry, Domaine Guion and More!
We're very excited about the arrival of two of our favorite Loire reds, both from the excellent 2014 vintage - the Stéphane Guion Bourgueil "Cuvée des Deux Monts" and the Bernard and Matthieu Baudry Chinon "Cuvée Domaine!" The Guion "Deux Monts" is a prime candidate for long-term cellaring and the B
Oct 24 2016
Whites and Roses for Fall: Featuring Enderle & Moll, Gut Oggau, Ott, and Jutta Ambrositsch!!
Although the time has come when some of us instinctively reach for red wine over white and rosé, I like to think that the seasons for wine aren't so cut and dry. With this in mind, we are excited to highlight newly-arrived whites and rosés from some store favorites from Austria and Germany. Enderl
Oct 21 2016
An Autumnal Spanish Mixed Case, Featuring New Vintages from Alfredo Maestro (Ribera del Duero) and Fredi Torres (Montsant and Priorat)!
With the mid-October heat wave behind us, we are once again enjoying the chill in the air and savoring the unhurried transition from summer to fall produce at the farmers' markets. We're still lighting up the grill each weekend, glass of bubbles in hand, to steam open clams and char the year's last
Oct 20 2016
New Old Piedmont Wine, 1945 - 1993, M - S
I live a charmed life as far as Nebbiolo is concerned because I have been able to taste a lot of fine old Barolo, Barbaresco, Alto Piemonte, etc. Of course in any tasting there are a zillion variables, starting with the quality of each individual bottle, but one conclusion I draw from experience is
Oct 19 2016
New Old Piedmont Wine, 1947 -1993, A - G
Over the past few years prices for old and new Barolo and Barbaresco have risen a bit, but nothing like the increase in prices for Burgundy and Bordeaux. Rather than putting faith in less stable trends (like Bordeaux in China), most of the Piemontese producers I know have watched the craziness aroun
Oct 18 2016
The Fabulous Jurançons of Chateau Lapuyade and Domaine Tinou - Taste Them at CSW, Friday 10/21!
The wines of Jurançon may not be foremost in the minds of American wine-lovers, but these unique and distinctive dry, moelleux and very sweet wines, from the steep foothills of the Pyrenees, belong on your table and in your cellar! The six wines in today's email, ranging from quite dry to very sweet
Oct 18 2016
A Small Collection of Vintage Armagnac
I love Armagnac. So, when I was presented with the opportunity to attend a seminar in which we were going to taste a small selection of vintage brandy with one of the Armagnacs dating all the way back to 1893, I jumped at the chance. Each proved to be an incredibly engaging, thoughtful, and really f
Oct 16 2016
Meet Your Winemaker - An in store tasting with François Huré, from Champagne Huré Fréres  Tuesday, October 18th 5-7PM
Please join us Tuesday, October 18th as we welcome vigneron François Huré for a tasting of his family's sensational Champagnes. Located in Ludes on the northern slope of the Montagne de Reims, the Hurés have been growing Champagne since 1960 and bottling under the name Huré Fréres since 1971. All of
Oct 14 2016
Introducing Domaine Les Grandes Vignes
Here at Chambers Street, we typically shy away from large estates, and champion winemakers with tiny plots and horse-drawn plows, but occasionally there are exceptions to the rule! Enter Domaine Les Grandes Vignes, a family estate of about 50 hectares (over 100 acres) of vines in the Loire Valley. T
Oct 13 2016
RAW Wine Fair New York
“Explore the very best low-intervention organic, biodynamic, and natural wines (and other craft drinks) from all over the world. Meet over 120 growers and makers.” We are very excited about the first New York edition of RAW Wine, previously held to great acclaim in London and Berlin. Attending RAW
Oct 12 2016
Pet'Sec from Pascal Potaire and Moses Gadouche of Les Capriades!
Autumn: the perfect season. Among many other things that I love about my favorite time of year is that we can now feel less guilty about staying in and cooking at night, having friends over for a meal, and having the perfect wines to go with it. To that end I’m always on the lookout for sparkling wi
Oct 11 2016
Jewels for the Thirsty - A Cellar Offer
Today we have a fine little cellar offer with treasures new and old. Plenty of delights from all over the map. As always, we guarantee the condition of the bottles. Happy hunting!
Oct 10 2016
Beautiful 2014 Burgundies of Stéphane Magnien!
For many years we have been working with Domaine Stéphane Magnien (not to be confused with Michel or Frédéric), a small domaine in Morey-Saint-Denis that makes superb, subtle, and old-fashioned wines of terroir from their 4.5 hectares. The domaine is proud to say that for four generations they have
Oct 8 2016
But First, Champagne - A Tasting and Book Signing with author David White
Perhaps no major French wine-growing region is subject to as much change as Champagne. With the rise of grower Champagnes (recolant-manipulants), a new focus on terroir, and ever more vignerons working organically or biodynamically, the area is in constant flux. Consequently, while there are some te
Oct 6 2016
Autumn of Combate: New Vintages of Garnacha and Albillo from Maldivinas!
The Sierra de Gredos is a range of massive mountains west of Madrid, stretching from San Martín de Valdeiglesias in the DO Madrid deep into the Ávila province of Castilla y León. Blessed with an abundance of perfectly adapted, old-vine Garnacha planted on decomposed granite as well as some schist at
Oct 5 2016
Eminence Road: Naturally Made Wines from Upstate New York!
Living in New Jersey in the early 90's and working in Manhattan, Andrew Scott and Jennifer Clark became passionate wine lovers and soon fell in with the burgeoning natural wine scene in NYC. Both Andrew and Jennifer tasted many Loire Valley producers beloved here at Chambers Street Wines with David
Oct 4 2016
Partners in Health Benefit Dinner with Eric Texier, Gwenaëlle Croix of Pépière and Evelyne de Jessy of Closel, Monday October 24th!
Please join us on Monday, October 24th at 7:00pm as we host a dinner to benefit Partners in Health at Racines NY! In attendance will be our good friends Eric Texier, Gwenaëlle Croix and Evelyne de Jessy, who will be pouring and discussing their new releases along with a fabulous four-course dinner b
Oct 3 2016
The Natural Beauty of the Aveyron: The Wines of Nicolas Carmarans
Driving deep into the foothills of the Massif Central mountains to the village (nay, hamlet) of Le Bruel, near Campouriez, northeast of Toulouse in the Aveyron department, winding roads lead around fantastically steep slopes and through lush forests. The hamlet itself boasts no more than twenty home
Sep 30 2016
New Arrivals from the Northern Rhone: Levet, Balthazar, Lionnet, Gilles and Texier!
Now that cooler weather is here, we're stocking up on our favorite wines from the Northern Rhone, including new arrivals from 2013 and 2014 and a few of the excellent 2009s and 2010s that remain available. 2013 was a somewhat difficult year for the growers, with poor weather during flowering giving
Sep 29 2016
St. Innocent Winery: Mark Vlossak's Oregon Passion Project
There are some who are born into wine and some who arrive there later in life. In a sense, Mark Vlossak is a bit of both. Though he started St. Innocent in 1988, his roots go further back. As a child, he began tasting and discussing wines with his father, a wine importer and gourmand. This experienc
Sep 28 2016
Wine Tasting and Dinner with Walter Speller: Exploring Italian Terroir - Thursday, October 27th, at The Spotted Pig.
Walter Speller has been the Italian wine specialist for for several years. It’s an understatement that Walter has a broad mandate – his accurate and uncompromised reports are the basis for our admiration for his work, along with the fact that he does a hell of a job in covering th
Sep 27 2016
Introducing Julien Pineau, New Proprietor at Clos Roche Blanche!
2014 was the last vintage at Clos Roche Blanche, the estate inherited by Catherine Roussel from her grandfather and managed by Catherine and Didier Barouillet. It was one of the most important estates in the Loire Valley and an inspiration to young vignerons who followed their conversion to organic
Sep 26 2016
Apple Arrivals for Fall: New Arrivals from Aaron Burr, Shacksbury, Enlightenment Wines, and More!
Fall is finally here! And just in time for my favorite season are a handful of new arrivals (and the return of some all-time favorites) made from apples: exciting new releases from the Aaron Burr Cidery in Wurtsboro, NY, a new gin (distilled from apples!) from our friends at Neversink Spirits in Por
Sep 23 2016
Sylvaner as it Should Be: Stefan Vetter 2014ers
"Not More But Also Not Less." This is the translation of the phrase printed near the base of every label of Vetter wine (and cider), and it perfectly sums up Stefan Vetter’s approach and commitment to his vineyards and wines. He works by hand in the vineyards, using organic and biodynamic
Sep 22 2016
The Beautiful 2015 Vouvrays from Domaine Huet - Taste Them at Chambers Street, Saturday, Oct. 1st!
Tastings of the 2014 Vouvrays of Domaine Huet with winemaker Jean-Bertrand Berthomé, and of the 2015s with Sarah Hwang, have confirmed that this important estate made some of the world's finest Chenin Blancs in these two excellent vintages. Jean-Bertrand joined the estate in 1979 and worked alongsid
Sep 19 2016
Minimus Wines: Maximum Intensity
Minimus Wines are unconventional even by Oregon standards. Each wine is an individually numbered, non-repeating experiment with assorted varieties, fermentation, and/or maturation techniques that eschew or break formal winemaking conventions. For example, Experiment #1 was devoted to aging
Sep 17 2016
Many, Many Points
Many of the wines on this list received so many points that after we added up the Italian points we lost track of the point count. But the point is: there are many fine wines here, lovingly collected, carefully stored, and now available at what are mostly very reasonable prices. And, as always, thei
Sep 16 2016
Cappellano Barolo 1954 -2006
Our favorite old Barolo? Well, right up there, at any rate. A note: Troglia was a wine merchant in Torino; some older friends in the region still remember them as having very high standards (the fact that they bought Troglia / Cappellano wines offers proof of this). I would assume that the Cappella
Sep 15 2016
The Superb 2004 and 2009 Fief du Breil, and More, from Jo Landron!
For more than 25 years we have had the great pleasure of working with Jo Landron of the Domaine de la Louvetrie, not to mention drinking his superb Muscadets on a regular basis. Jo is one of the heroes of Loire Valley viticulture and has been a leader in the resurgence of quality in Muscadet by his
Sep 14 2016
I Wanna Go Backwards - The Beauty of Aged Collio Whites
It’s something of a curiosity that in considering the great wines of Italy and the great whites of the world, the wines of the Friuli's Collio are somehow overlooked. They combine structure, texture, aromatics, not to mention ageability, in compelling fashion.  The region is blessed by a modera
Sep 13 2016
Bartolo Mascarello 1952 - 2012
Years ago a memorable visitor to the shop pointed at a bottle of Bartolo Mascarello (which was sitting on a shelf with about 60 other similar Barolos), and asked why we didn’t “sell any of the famous producers?” On inquiry it turned out that they meant Altare and Sandrone. Nonetheless, in 2016 it se
Sep 12 2016
Pineau D'Aunis, Chenin Blanc, Romorantin and Menu Pineau from Roche Bleue, Tue-Boeuf and Villemade.
We find ourselves, as we often do, with a nice collection of unique and unusual wines from the Loire Valley which feature some of our favorite grape varieties - Pineau D'Aunis, Pineau de la Loire (Chenin Blanc), Menu Pineau and Romorantin. Sebastien Cornille, the talented winemaker at Domaine de la
Sep 10 2016
Jancis Robinson Presents: Barolo Night in New York!
This event is now sold-out - our apologies if you didn't get a ticket. We will start a waiting-list, so please call the store to take a place on the list. In November 2014 I attended Jancis Robinson’s annual tasting in London of the current Barolo vintage (for the 2010s), and it was a great evening
Sep 10 2016
A Mixed Bag of Riesling
Summer is (almost?) drawing to a close, and what better to drink than some Riesling to ride out the final sweltering days we have left. With that in mind, we are pleased to offer the following bottles recently sourced from various private collections. Cari Bernard
Sep 9 2016
Céline and Laurent Tripoz: The Soul of the Mâconnais
I first met Céline Tripoz this past January at a tasting in Angers. A few months later, I received an email from her asking for help finding her daughter a place to stay when she came to visit New York. I was happy that she had remembered our short conversation at the massive Salon des Vins de Loire
Sep 8 2016
Deep Fascination- the Minimalist Precision of Cedric Bouchard
Among the visionary growers of Champagne, Cédric Bouchard of Roses de Jeanne might be considered something of an auteur. Which is to say that all of his efforts in the vines and cellar advance his vision: that expression of each vineyard is paramount. Contrary to the Champenois tradition of blending
Sep 6 2016
Barolo + Barbaresco 1964
1964 is considered one of a few really great Piemonte vintages – an “Annata Eccezionale” on Renato Ratti’s seminal vintage chart and the equivalent on many others, and it’s the source of some of the best old Nebbiolo we’ve had. Let’s find out how they’re holding up, by tasting Barolo from Burlotto,
Sep 1 2016
Introducing... Les Fouques Pétillant Rosé!
We have been big fans of the wines from Domaine Les Fouques for many years now. Their rosé wines - the cuvée Aubigue and La Londe - are fantastic expressions of the classic Provençal style, and their nearly 20 years of bio-dynamic agriculture (aided by their flocks of sheep, guinea fowl, ducks,
Aug 31 2016
Rosé for Labor Day and Beyond: The Return of Les Fouques and Fabulous New Arrivals from Mosse, Saumon, Frontón de Oro, Cirelli, and More!
Chambers Street is proud and happy to sell delicious rosés of terroir that drink beautifully all year round! These wines, fermented slowly with wild yeasts, are often not ready until mid-summer and will show well in the late summer and into the follwing year and beyond. 2015 has been an excellent ye
Aug 30 2016
Accomasso Barolo - 2 Dinners with Wine
Accomasso Barolo is something of a secret. It’s been many years since the wines were in the US (via Peter Matt), Accomasso is not on the critics’ radars, and production is very small; it’s quite possible that even a diligent student of Nebbiolo won’t be familiar with the wines. Heir to Giovanni Acco
Aug 26 2016
A Small and Varied Collection
Something for everyone? Hopefully! But in any case, we guarantee the condition of every bottle.
Aug 25 2016
Lauer 2015ers : Flo(rian) Knows Saar Riesling
Florian with one of his many maps. (Photo: Cari Bernard) Our group was in the Peter Lauer tasting room, collectively gawking at old bottles, Lauer Schnapps(!), and the formidable number of samples we would soon be tasting through. Florian Lauer joined us and, after giving an amazing historical
Aug 23 2016
The Poetry and Precision of Willi Schaefer
It's no secret that the Rieslings of the Mosel (Saar and Ruwer) are some of the most articulate expressions of terroir in the world. At their finest, they are filigreed, detailed, mineral, and pure. The region is home to a number of sensational growers: J.J. Prüm, Egon Müller, Fritz Haag, Von Schube
Aug 22 2016
Great Values from France, Part 5: The Rhône Valley, North and South!
Perhaps August is not when we think most about Rhône Valley wines, but these recent arrivals are such terrific wines, and such great values, that you should consider them for your late summer cookouts, and for cellaring as well. Stéphane Rousset Just arrived from Domaine Rousset in Crôzes-Herm
Aug 19 2016
Produttori: New Old Wine, + a 1989-1990 Dinner
Over the past 10 years I have tasted a lot of wine from the Produttori del Barbaresco, going back to 1964, and I have yet to try a disappointing bottle. There is no other producer anywhere about whom I could make the same claim, and I’m including the so-called “bad” vintages in my assessment. At abo
Aug 19 2016
Late-Summer Spanish Mixed Case: Fabulous New Arrivals from Silice, Envínate, Corisca, Tajinaste, and More!
The 2016 edition of our popular Late-Summer Spanish Mixed Case is packed with fun and fascinating selections from old friends as well as some new favorites. It goes without saying that a "late-summer" wine must be refreshing to succeed in combatting the mind-numbing heat of August. Surprisingly, I h
Aug 19 2016
Enjoy Life - Drink More Beaujolais! New Arrivals from Pignard, Thevenet, Chamonard and Lapierre!!
Great Beaujolais reminds us that wine should not be measured by a number, or by the status it confers upon the owner but rather by the enjoyment it brings at table with friends and by the work of the vigneron, shared with us in the glass. The growers featured today practice organic farming and take
Aug 19 2016
Les Vins Contés: Natural Wines from Olivier Lemasson.
Back in 2011, I traveled through France for the first time, visiting with winemakers and attending trade tastings around the country. It was an eye-opening trip, and one that led to the realization that I wanted to continue in my father’s path, championing the work of small growers throughout F
Aug 19 2016
Natural Wine on 14th Street? Eben Lillie Brings VdT (Verre de Terre) to Dirty Bird Chelsea, Thursday, 8/18!
Please join us this Thursday night starting at 7pm, as CSW's Eben Lillie launches VdT (Verre de Terre) at Dirty Bird Chelsea, 204 West 14th Street. VdT will offer  an extensive list of natural wines by the glass, starting at $6, with bottles starting at $20, and many "pur jus" with no added sul
Aug 19 2016
End-of-Summer Heat Wave? Time For Rosé!
Even though we might not like to acknowledge it, the end of summer is right around the corner. But do not fear! It is still incredibly hot, and looks like it will stay that way for a while longer. Good thing we have the perfect rosé to pair with sweltering late-summer afternoon barbecues and the eve
Aug 19 2016
New Arrivals from Lise and Bertrand Jousset in Montlouis!
We're very happy to announce the arrival of another shipment of gloriously delicious wines from our new friends Lise and Bertrand Jousset in Montlouis! Their wines have become enormously popular both for their exceptional value and for their wonderful purity and vivacity, due to the character transm
Aug 19 2016
Franciacorta and Arcari + Danese
Italians love sparkling wines. There are some great indigenous examples, and Italy is also a fantastic place to drink Champagne, particularly if you’re interested in the best grower Champagne. But Italy’s famous sparkling wine called Franciacorta has long been a mystery to me, so for a couple of yea
Aug 19 2016
Cameron Winery: Oregon's Prince of Pinot
Ask any Oregon wine insider about great winemakers and the name John Paul Cameron comes up in hushed and reverent tones. His eponymous Cameron Winery has been around since 1984, but its legendary status often does not resonate outside Oregon because of the very limited distribution of these wines. M
Aug 19 2016
Cesanese Explosion!
Suddenly it’s boom-times for Cesanese, the most important red grape in Lazio (the region around Rome). Cesanese was the house wine in many Roman trattorias in the 1970s and 1980s; it could be pretty crude, but we have fond memories of lively wines that went perfectly with carbonara and saltimbocca.
Aug 19 2016
Chris and Katie's Wedding Registry
Hello friends and family, welcome to our wine registry. Why a wine registry you ask? (Well, wine not?) For starters, we live in a tiny, tiny space in the heart of Manhattan that is at its full capacity of things. We have, however, invented strategic holding spots for a respectable wine collection, a
Aug 18 2016
Kira and Jack's Wedding Registry
We always love receiving special bottles from the special people in our lives, so we've enlisted the help of our favorite wine gurus at NYC's Chambers Street Wines and created a Wedding Wine Registry! Below you will find a list of wines that reflect the styles and regions in the world that we enjoy
Aug 13 2016
A Special Dinner for Sherry Lovers! González Byass' Las Palmas 1 - 4 and 2016 Tío Pepe En Rama with Peruvian Pairings at Llama Inn (Monday, August 15th, at 7pm).
The annual release of González Byass' Tío Pepe Fino En Rama sherry is an eagerly anticipated event here at Chambers Street. Having downed copious amounts of the newly-bottled En Rama at the rollicking Feria de Jerez festival this past spring, our countdown to the delicious 2016 release began even ea
Aug 4 2016
Coudert and Dutraive 2015 Part 2, Featuring les Cuvées Vieilles Vignes!
No introductions needed for this great lineup of Beaujolais. Just arrived at Chambers Street is the 2015 Alain Coudert Clos de la Roilette Cuvée Tardive! Always one of the finest Beaujolais to cellar, this wine is superb after 5 to 8 years of aging and will drink beautifully until 2030 - or beyond.
Aug 3 2016
The Saar Electric: New Arrivals from Hofgut Falkenstein!
Hofgut Falkenstein stands surrounded by verdant vineyards and gardens, high above the Konz valley, a tiny side valley off the Saar River. Its roof was just recently restored in a traditional German style, utilizing thin, slate tiles, reminiscent of inky-gray fish scales, or plate
Aug 2 2016
More Muscadet! 2015 Pépière Clos de Briords is Here, Plus Great Wines from Louvetrie, Luneau-Papin and L'Écu!
Back in 2008 we had the good fortune to be present at a dinner in Nantes with four giants of Muscadet - Guy Bossard, Jo Landron, Pierre Luneau-Papin and Marc Ollivier of the Domaine de la Pépière. Each vigneron brought many bottles, with vintages all the way back to 1976! At the end of the night Guy
Aug 1 2016
For years we’ve been hoping to taste a Vermentino from Liguria that we thought competed with Lambruschi Vermentino for saline, mineral-driven and distinctive wine. Lambruschi has always been in short supply, and, as Vermentino goes, is also very expensive at $50+. And while the farming there is good
Jul 29 2016
The New Oregon Wine: Division Winemaking Company
A recent trip to Oregon demonstrated that there’s much more to the winemaking scene than Pinot Noir. There are some great Chardonnays (check out the 2014 vintage!), German, Alsatian, and Loire Valley varieties, and even experiments with Spanish grapes in the Columbia Gorge. (Mencia! Albarino!) With
Jul 27 2016
The Elegance and Terroir of Bérêche Champagnes
It is a truism that as much as wines reflect their terroir, they also reflect the personality of their grower.  At Bérêche et Fils, the energetic brothers Raphaël and Vincent turn out a range of inspiring Champagnes, which seem to improve with every vintage. Since taking over the estate in 2004
Jul 27 2016
Great Burgundy Values from Domaine Lafouge, Auxey-Duresses and Domaine Bart, Marsannay!
Recent arrivals in the Burgundy department include 2013s and 2014s from these two over-achieving estates, long-time favorites among CSW customers, offering outstanding quality Burgundies both for current  drinking and medium-term cellaring. Gilles Lafouge is the sixth generation at this 10 hec
Jul 26 2016
Louis/Dressner Treasures of Piedmont: Canonica and Gea
I’ve always had the sensation of stability at Canonica – the calm and contented atmosphere of the old family house, the Canonicas’ positive outlook and gentle good humor, and the consistently very high quality of the wine. But things change, and a great boom is under way! The house is expanding to a
Jul 25 2016
3 Martinis to Try This Summer
The Martini may be the iconic American cocktail, but its history is rather complicated (as many alcoholic concoctions’ origins are). And although we are a bit late to National Martini Day (which was on June 19th), who says we can’t celebrate all summer long? Cocktail historians have multiple theori
Jul 25 2016
2015 Fleuries from Dutraive and Coudert, Part One! (Plus Mags of Thevenet 2014...)
We're very happy to feature two of our favorite Beaujolais producers and their first arrivals from the outstanding, if somewhat ripe and powerful, 2015 vintage!  Both Le Clos de la Roilette (then classified as Moulin-a-Vent) and Le Domaine de la Grand'Cour were once owned by the same person, a
Jul 25 2016
A trip through the Sud de France
The number of organic and biodynamic estates in Southern France has been increasing in recent years, and as the farming has improved and growers have started to turn from the prevalent co-op model towards making and bottling their own wine, we’ve been able to enjoy some fantastic blends and single-v
Jul 25 2016
Great Jasnières and Coteaux du Loir from Bellivière and Roche Bleue!
Curnonsky, (1872 - 1956) Prince of Gastronomy, declared that "Jasnières is,  three times each century, the greatest white wine in the world!" Happily, with global warming, this tiny appellation north of Tours now produces outstanding wines more often, and 2014 is a superb vintage in Jasnières (
Jul 25 2016
Immich-Batterieberg 2014ers (& 2013ers)
I made my way from the Pfalz to the Mosel, zipping past the vast fields and rolling hillsides; up and up through forests of skinny, stately trees, and into the valley, to the tiny town of Enkirch. Gernot Kollmann of Immich-Batterieberg greeted me at the door to his house, which is attached to the ce
Jul 25 2016
A “New” Chianti Classico: Gregory Dal Piaz on Lecci e Brocchi
"Discovering" great wines today is a crapshoot. Simply put, there are not many producers out there who are both little known and fabulous. One must rely on luck and timing, above all, to be able to introduce wine-loving friends to something new and exciting. Many recent "discoveries" should be more
Jul 25 2016
Why Italians Don't Drink Chardonnay...
Well, they do really – at least on occasion – but they also drink a whole slew of other native grapes: apple-y Arneis, Pigato with its savory undercurrent of basil, citrusy Verdicchio, feminine, aromatic Falanghina, the more structured Trebbiano, and delicately stony Fiano, just to name a few.
Jul 23 2016
Dan & Laura's Wedding Registry
As most of you are well aware, we love our wine! It is a passion that has brought us closer together as a couple and has been a source of some amazing memories in our years together. We still both remember the first bottle of wine we shared - a white chateauneuf du pape (a wine that will always hold
Jul 14 2016
Mencia in the Wild: Single Parcel Wines from Casa Aurora
In the village of Albares de la Ribera, high in the mountains of the Bierzo Alto in Northwestern Spain, winegrower Germán Blanco (familiar to Chambers Street regulars through his very popular Quinta Milú wines) recuperates and farms old-vine piezas (small family vineyards) p
Jul 13 2016
Portuguese Summer Sippers
Portuguese wines are among the most terroir-driven and soulful on the planet, and they are increasingly deserving of serious scrutiny. Here at Chambers Street, our Portuguese selection is small but popular, featuring stunning, thirst quenching wines from stellar producers like Quinta do Perdigão, Ca
Jul 12 2016
You Can Always Trust the Taste of...Adalia.
You may remember a TV ad campaign featuring a handsome Franco Bolla telling Americans to drink more Soave. Thanks to successful marketing campaigns, mostly by larger wineries like Bolla, Soave surpassed Chianti in the 1970s as the largest-selling Italian DOC wine. By the mid-1990s Soave was producin
Jul 11 2016
Brovia Barolo 2003
2003-phobes: Before you run away, please read-on! You could be in for a happy surprise! There was some risk involved, but we put our money where our mouth is (“producer, producer, producer”) and bought a few cases of Brovia’s 2003 Barolos. Many much-followed critics loved the vintage, but 2003 is n
Jul 8 2016
Affordable Organic/Biodynamic  Burgundies, Part 2: 2014s and 2015s from Rateau, Jane et Sylvain and Champs de l'Abbaye!
Last January we wrote about the 2014s from these three outstanding organic and biodynamic estates, which offer old-fashioned Burgundies of terroir at affordable prices. We have just received new shipments from all three including the first 2015s from Jean-Claude Rateau, the outstanding 2014 whites f
Jul 7 2016
Domaine Leonis’ American Debut and the Delicious Beaujolais of Roland Pignard!
There’s a new Beaujolais producer in town: Domaine Leonis! The estate is a partnership of Raphael Champier and his girlfriend, Christine Lucca. Raphael comes from a large family (fourteen brothers and sisters from nearby Odenas) with a long winemaking background; Christine was formerly a photographe
Jul 6 2016
R. Pouillon et Fils: Terroir and Tradition
Witnessing the growth of a vigneron is one of the great pleasures of working in wine. When a domain makes a jump in quality, from very good to excellent, it’s akin to a small epiphany, like discovering an extra layer of meaning in a one of your favorite books or watching ‘like’ turn to ‘love.’ One s
Jul 5 2016
Mash-Up from the Cellar
Australia, California, Lebanon, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire, Rhone, Tuscany, Valpolicella, Piedmont, Various Italian Wines: Something for Everyone! And all guaranteed!  
Jul 1 2016
Kenny Likitprakong: Riding High in Santa Cruz
Although Napa Valley and Russian River Valley have gotten top billing in the wine press for the past two decades, Santa Cruz currently produces some of the most compelling wines in California. The region's wines have remarkable complexity and ageability without the overripeness and price sticker sho
Jun 30 2016
Intoducing Domaine Tinou, Jurançon and Le Jonc Blanc, Bergerac!
Serge Hondet, Domaine Tinou, Jurançon After reading about the great wines of Domaine Tinou, a 3 hectare estate in Jurançon that has been organic since 1964, we were determined to visit. 50 years of organic farming! We called proprietor Serge Hondet, who said he would be glad to see us, but
Jun 29 2016
Great Values from France, Part 4: The Loire Valley - Domaine Guion, Domaine du Fresche, Domaine Parentière!
We've been fortunate to come across many estates in the Loire Valley which farm organically and make beautiful wines but have remained  relatively unknown outside their region due to their modesty and disdain for self-promotion. The three estates featured today are firmly in that category, each
Jun 29 2016
Summer Blockbuster!!! Bruno Giacosa!!!! The Greatest Story Ever Told!!!
For a brief period we tried making a collection of text from various wine offers that we called the “hype of the week”. Man, is that dull work! Every producer is legendary, and every wine is stunning-the greatest-not to be missed-cult-blew me away-desert island-go long-insane-incredible-killer… Just
Jun 27 2016
Domestic Wines to Celebrate: New Arrivals from Joseph Swan (Grenache Blanc!), Division Wine Co., Southold Cellars + a July 4th Party Pack.
Whether you spend 4th of July by the pool, on the beach, or in front of the grill, a bottle of wine will likely be within reach. We've lined up some of our favorite American bottles to help beat the heat -  fresh and lively whites, roses, and chillable reds - as well as some richer, meatie
Jun 23 2016
The Pursuit of Tension: 2015ers from Weiser-Künstler! 
The skies were holding back rain as we approached the periwinkle-hued house of Konstantin Weiser and Alexandra Künstler. This year Germany (and much of Western Europe) has been host to one of the rainiest Junes on record. Many winemakers stated that they have already seen more rain in
Jun 23 2016
The Essence of Malbec? The Rustic Beauty of Aged Cahors.
When we think of the nature of a grape one supposes that we associate its identity with its more famous manifestations. For instance, we’ll identify Cabernet Sauvignon with the cedar wood, cassis, violets, pencil lead, and mid-weight elegance of Paulliac on Bordeaux’s left bank or the dense and powe
Jun 21 2016
Clos du Jaugueyron: Bordeaux the Old-School Way
Admittedly I’m not often wooed by Bordeaux. This is a region that today supplies the world with blue chip wines on the high end, industrial plonk on the other, and mostly boring wines falling somewhere in between. This is truly a shame for a region with such a rich history and well-documented winema
Jun 21 2016
I've only stopped once in Carema, in 2004, even though I've driven by a few times. We went to visit Ferrando's vines, and my memory is that they're on pergolas that are only about 4 feet high, which means the farmer has to kind of crawl around underneath to prune and harvest. And the vines are
Jun 16 2016
The Beautiful Natural Wines of Christian Ducroux: 2015 Exspectatia & 2014 Patience!
We've just received two beautiful natural wines from Christian Ducroux, products of unparalleled biodynamic farming and meticulous vinifications with zero added sulfur. As always the wines are "sauvage," complex, changeable and delicious reflecting Christian's committment to creating healthy, pure w
Jun 15 2016
Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey: The Magician of White Burgundy
Pierre-Yves Colin needs very little introduction. In the past decade, he's gone from rising star to full-fledged sensation in Burgundy and his wines have achieved "must-buy" status among sommeliers, collectors, and Burgundy drinkers alike. Pierre-Yves started working at his father’s winery (Domaine
Jun 14 2016
Grasso - Voerzio
The second part of the newly arrived shipment of fine older Barolo and Barbaresco. A special note: older Oddero Barolos are wonderful wines! Please remember that you can see live inventory by clicking-through to the website, and then by refreshing the page.
Jun 11 2016
New Arrivals from Julien Guillot at the Clos des Vignes du Maynes, Featuring the 2015 Cuvée 910!
The Clos des Vignes du Maynes, consisting of 7.5 hectares in Cruzille (Macon) is one of the most unique and fascinating estates in France, originally planted in the tenth century by the Abbey of Cluny. Puchased by Julien's grandparents, Pierre et Jeanne Guillot in 1952, the Clos had never used chemi
Jun 10 2016
Altare - Fiorina
Newly arrived old Nebbiolo! These bottles will show best after resting at home, standing up for at least a couple of days to let the sediment settle, and then a long time in the decanter. If we can assist at all with this process or provide any more detailed information please let us know. Meanwhil
Jun 9 2016
Buried Treasures: A Trove of Older French Wines
We recently purchased parts of a few cellars containing a number of lovely wines, stored properly and awaiting drinking. There are some fabulous wines here from great producers in Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Loire, and the Rhône. This is a fine opportunity to taste some back vintages which someone else
Jun 8 2016
Alfredo Maestro's Majuelos: "The Ribera del Duero of 100 Years Ago."
Alfredo Maestro pulled over to the side of a rocky, winding road and jumped out of his truck. Gesturing into the valley below, a curving patchwork of tiny, heterogeneous vineyards on chunky white limestone soils, he proclaimed: "Welcome to the Ribera del Duero of 100 years ago!" We had spent t
Jun 7 2016
The Kids are Alright, Part One: Martin and Anna Arndorfer
This is the first in a planned series to turn the spotlight onto young(er) winemakers out there in Germany and Austria. By no means comprehensive, this is just a dainty toe-dip into the pool of talent in the Teutonic wine world. First up, Martin and Anna Arndorfer in Straß im Straßertale, Kamptal, A
Jun 3 2016
Casalpriore - the New Face of Lambrusco
When Gabriele Ronzoni “retired” seven years ago at the age of 70, he decided to start making wine full time. Back in 1987 he had purchased a 2.3 hectare farm near Modena with a neglected 17th century farmhouse. Initially only making wine for friends and family, he is now producing enough Lambrusco t
Jun 2 2016
More Muscadet, Please: New Arrivals Featuring 2012 Pépière Chateau Thébaud plus Dinner (with Oysters!) at Racines NY Tuesday June 14th!
As we approach peak Muscadet Season (which is all year at my house) we are happy to announce the arrival of the long-awaited 2012 Domaine de la Pépière Château Thébaud "Clos des Morines!" Since acquiring this hillside parcel of old vines from Rémi Branger's family, this wine has become perhaps the f
Jun 1 2016
Great Values From France, Part 3: The Southern Rhône!
In our series of Great Values from France we turn towards the Southern Rhône, home of full-bodied, often powerful wines that we associate with winter meals but that are beautiful pairings, served a bit cool, with beef, pork, lamb and chicken from the grill this summer. Many of the wines in this emai
May 31 2016
Ed Hamilton - Sailor, Smuggler, Importer
In the world of fine rums, Ed Hamilton needs no introduction. He is the man behind the Ministry of Rum – a line of hand-selected, pot still rums from St. Lucia and Jamaica – as well as importer of the famed Lemon Hart 151 and Rhum Agricoles such as Neisson and La Favorite. A modern-day pirate
May 26 2016
A Visit to Georgia
We'd probably been in the country for 15 minutes when we had to stop "just for a snack".   It was delicious and judicious - it turned out to be a pretty long night in the wine bar. There was dinner too, but late enough that the snack sustained us for some hours. The Georgian culture of
May 25 2016
Pinon 2015 Petillant Naturel Rosé - 50% Cot, 50% Grolleau, 100% Delicious!
This beautiful sparkling rosé is made from vines planted by Francois Pinon's father Claude in the 1970's - "...a lovely plot with clay soils" says Francois. Made primarily for their local customers, the Pinons finally released a bit to Chambers Street some years ago after we spied it hidden in the b
May 24 2016
Magnum Dinner with Eric Demuth: Thursday 6/2 at Racines NY 7:00pm
We are thrilled to announce our second annual dinner with our good friend, Eric Demuth, who makes some of the most exciting wines coming out of California and is a much-anticipated visitor here at Chambers Street Wines! Eric helped his father, Chris Demuth, to plant the now-famous Demuth Vineyard i
May 20 2016
Great Values from France, Part 2: The Northern Rhône Valley!
The Northern Rhône may not be the first region we think of for great values, as Côte-Rôtie, Hermitage, Cornas, Saint-Joseph and Condrieu can be extremely expensive and of dubious quality, given the influence of fashionable oenologists and the uninspired work from many of the established "brands." Of
May 20 2016
Rosé Round II; New Arrivals for Memorial Day Weekend! Summer is Coming!?
As temperatures in New York finally creep upwards towards Summer another batch of beautiful naturally-made rosés has arrived to accompany your Memorial Day weekend and beyond. Fermented with wild yeasts and without the additives present in most rosés, these delicious wines have subtle, complex aroma
May 19 2016
Special Guests from California: In-store Tastings with John Lockwood of Enfield, Morgan Twain-Peterson and Chris Cottrell of Bedrock, Eric Demuth, and More!
Over the next two weeks, some of California's finest winemakers will be visiting the shop for in-store tastings and joining us for wine dinners. Do not miss tonight's tasting with John Lockwood of Enfield Wine Co. from 5pm until 7pm. Lockwood worked with two of California's best winemakers and growe
May 17 2016
Del Prete - The Heart of Puglia
Although steel, chemical, manufacturing and high-tech industries are all now part of the Puglian economy, agriculture is still the lifeblood of the region. Hot and flat, with constant sea breezes from both sides of the Salento peninsula, Puglia is an agricultural paradise - producing half of Italy’s
May 16 2016
A Voyage to Marseille: Wines of Bandol, Palette and Provence; Dinner at Racines NY, Tuesday May 24th!
A visit to Marseille has many rewards including of course the superb seafood-based cuisine of this vibrant city, the beautiful coastline "calanques" and beaches around Cassis, the Falaises Soubeyranes, the hill towns above Bandol and the beautiful countryside of Provence heading north towards Aix. T
May 15 2016
Swick Wines: A Native Oregonian Crafts Oregon Wine, Naturally
Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Joe Swick is a fifth-generation Oregonian whose family's roots are based in Eastern Oregon and the Columbia Gorge area. He became passionate about wine while working in the wine department of his local organic specialty food store. After meeting some Willamette V
May 14 2016
What's Cooking at Burlotto?
A survey of our rather expert group, currently visiting in Piedmont, yielded the same response from everyone: the winemaker trumps the vineyard, and the vintage. Can you imagine a history of the last 50 years of wine in Piedmont that doesn't put Bruno Giacosa at the top, or at least in the top
May 14 2016
Elizabeth and Liam's Wedding Registry
We love wine. OK, OK... let us rephrase that: we are rather obsessed with wine.  The first summer we lived together during college, we stayed on a vineyard and interviewed lots of California winemakers about organic and biodynamic viticultural practices. As part of our education, we stopped by
May 12 2016
New Arrivals From the Jura and a Special By-The-Glass Evening at Racines NY Tuesday May 17th!
It seems as if spring is finally here in New York City, and along with it a handful of new arrivals from the Jura! Below is a list of some exciting wines from producers we all know and love, to those that are just beginning to explode onto the scene. Of special note are tiny quantities of some 2014s
May 11 2016
Burgundy: Dinner and Tasting of the 2014 Vintage with Claude de Nicolay from Chandon de Briailles
Of the many benefits of working at Chambers Street Wines, one of the greatest privileges is working year after year with talented and conscientious growers. Tasting the wines from superlative winemakers and farmers in both easy and difficult years is inspiring and instructive of how one adjusts to t
May 9 2016
Michele Mascarello 1971 Nebbiolo d'Alba
Our attention gets channeled in ways we don’t always perceive, or at least give a lot of thought to. Good wine might escape us in NY simply because there’s no local importer, which is not to say, of course, that we don’t have plenty of good wine to choose from!  In any event, we have almost no
May 8 2016
The debut of Deboutbertin
Article by Eben Lillie. All photos by Isaac Rosenthal (web: / Instagram: ikesite) Here at Chambers Street, our love for the Loire Valley is well documented, and we’re happy to know that winemakers we have been championing over the years have become household names amongst tho
May 6 2016
Great Values From France, Part One: Languedoc and Roussillon!
The Languedoc/Roussillon region in the south of France continues to offer sensational values from both a new wave of natural wine producers and from long-established organic estates that offer delicious under-valued wines for current everyday drinking and medium-term aging. A visit to Eric Laguerre
May 5 2016
Mark Your Calendars: An Evening with John Locke and Alex Krause of Birichino - Wednesday, May 25th, at Blue Ribbon Bakery.
We are thrilled to welcome the talented team behind Birichino Wines, John Locke and Alex Krause, for a special feast at Blue Ribbon Bakery on Wednesday, May 25th, at 7:30pm. Locke and Krause met in the '90s at Bonny Doon, Randall Graham's trail-blazing Santa Cruz winery (and incubator for inventive
May 4 2016
High Wire Distilling Co.
I don’t think I could sum up the philosophy of High Wire Distilling Co. owners Scott Blackwell and Ann Marshall better than they do. From their website: “Our approach is simple: seek the finest ingredients available and develop recipes using a creative, culinary approach.  All of our products a
Apr 26 2016
The Great Wines of Flavio Roddolo
“Entrare nella cantina di Flavio Roddolo e un po come varcare la soglia di un luogo in ciu il tempo si e fermato. Fare il vino, nella cascina di Bricco Appiani, vuol dire saperlo aspettare pazientemente. Flavio e la sintesi perfetta del vignaiolo che ascolta e osserva, schivo ma capace di comunicare
Apr 22 2016
Great Chinons from Bernard and Matthieu Baudry: The Scintillating 2015 Rosé, The Sensational 2014 Les Grézeaux, The Elegant 2013 La Croix Boissée!
A few days after a sensational tasting with Jean Gonon in Mauves, we had a similarly trascendental experience in the long tunnel carved into the limestone at Domaine Bernard Baudry in Chinon. This estate has always produced excellent wine but recent vintages from Bernard and Matthieu have seemd to r
Apr 21 2016
Rioja Gloriosa
Old Rioja is a considerable bargain in the wine world (although maybe not for much longer). Prices of back vintages from classical Rioja producers such as CVNE, La Rioja Alta, and López de Heredia have risen dramatically in the past several years, reflecting wine drinkers’ realizations of their unde
Apr 20 2016
Rosé, Round 1: Early Arrivals from Spain, Italy, Austria, France and the US!
Warmer weather has finally arrived and with it many of our favorite rosés, in a wide variety of styles, from the exhilarating, zesty Ameztoi to the deep, ripe and spicy Mas Jullien. All of them were naturally produced and have the bright acidity and mineral flavors that make great rosés so refreshin
Apr 19 2016
The Terroir of Ancestry: Soulful Expressions from Tentenublo in the Rioja Alavesa
Roberto Oliván Iglesias has been farming his eight hectare family estate, Tentenublo, in the high, wind-swept Basque country of the Rioja Alavesa since 2011. Working organically, using native yeast fermentation, and limited sulphur, Roberto draws upon Rioja’s long established protocol of barrel agin
Apr 18 2016
A Celebration of Chenin Blanc - Our Favorite Wines, Plus A Tasting and Dinner with Pascaline Lepeltier! Tasting Times and Dinner Seats Still Available...
Chenin Blanc: "Loire, and South African speciality, making crisp, sometimes long-lived wines with varying degrees of sweetness that deserve more recognition" say the fine folks who produced the excellent book, Wine Grapes.  We might be more lavish in our praise, saying that Chenin Blanc pr
Apr 15 2016
2014 Beaujolais: Last Call for Coudert and Dutraive, plus Other Favorites and New Arrivals!
We were very happy to see Eric Asimov's excellent article in the NY Times on Wednesday "Fleurie and Morgon: Greatness if Not Gravitas" which praised numerous wines from these two appelations and many of our favorite growers. Mr. Asimov captured what we love about good Beaujolais "... they remain imb
Apr 14 2016
Vintage Vermouth
Next up in the world of old booze: a bevy of vintage vermouth. Our experiences with these have been overwhelmingly positive ranging from interesting cocktails (a memorable Manhattan made with Riccadonna Vermouth Classico comes to mind) or as an eclectic start to a dinner. There’s something here for
Apr 7 2016
Chinato and Friends
The next, and perhaps most interesting, addition to our old booze offerings centers around the elixir known as Chinato. First produced for its supposed medicinal qualities in Serralunga d’Alba in the early 1800s (quinine bark, rhubarb and gentian among other ingredients were steeped in Barolo wine a
Apr 6 2016
April in Provence: Sulauze, Les Fouques, Mas Gourgonnier & A Provençal Dinner at Racines 4/12!
Although winter has not released it's grasp on the northeast, we can dream of summer with our favorite Rosés from Provence, made at these outstanding organic and Biodynamic certified estates. The Sulauze "Pomponette"  is the ultimate light, crisp and refreshing rosé for hot weather, but grab so
Apr 5 2016
Gros Ventre: Keeping Cool in California
Chris Pittenger of Gros Ventre was a gifted baseball player in a previous life; however, he took a viticulture course during his freshman year at Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo, and subsequently caught the wine bug.  After college Chris worked in a couple of bottle shops before moving to Jackson H
Apr 4 2016
2013 Crozes-Hermitage and Saint-Joseph from Domaine Stéphane Rousset!
Beginning with the 2009 vintage, and based on a recommendation from Jean Gonon, we have been featuring the wonderful Crozes-Hermitages and Saint-Joseph from Stéphane and Isabelle Rousset.  Stephane's great uncle was the legendary Raymond Roure, from whom the Roussets purchased the "Picaudières"
Apr 1 2016
The Great Champagnes of André Beaufort are Back!
Unique among the hundreds of estate-bottled Champages that have recently arrived in the US are the superb wines of André Beaufort. These are complex, full-bodied wines, made from organic grapes, fermented with wild yeasts and bottled after very long sur-lie aging. "We keep our wines sur-lie as long
Mar 31 2016
Spring is Here and Blue Moon Fish is Back!
Alex Villani may be the most popular man in New York. His boat, the Blue Moon, operates out of the Mattituck Inlet in Eastern Long Island and since 1988 he has been truckng his fish into the city, offering the freshest seafood in town and at very reasonable prices.  The return of Captain Alex a
Mar 28 2016
Vecchio Toscana
Someday we hope to find the time to try more old Sangiovese, because quite of few of the ones we've tasted have been memorable. In the meantime, these should be excellent - as alway guarantee the condition of each bottle. Please let us know how it goes! Jamie Wolff
Mar 22 2016
This Must Be the Place: a Selection of Terroir Specific Champagnes
In as much as Champagne can be considered a brand embodying a "House Style," which is often the case, it can be a true wine of terroir. Whether it’s the sub-regional distinctions from the Kimmeridgian soils of the Côtes de Bar to the distinct chalkiness of the Côte des Blancs or explored at an even
Mar 21 2016
Newly Arrived Old Nebbiolo
More fine wine from our most recently arrived shipment. I think that at least another year has passed since I last mentioned decanting old Nebbiolo in these pages. Whenever that was, our experience since has 100% reinforced our practice of decanting these wines and giving them a long time to breath
Mar 18 2016
Natural Spanish Wines for Spring: A Sensational No- and Low- Sulphur Mixed Case!
February's flurry of natural wine events gave us with the opportunity to meet a number of our Spanish winemaking heroes for the first time! Lorenzo Valenzuela of Barranco Oscuro has many devoted fans among our customers, who have explored the heights (1300+ meters) of southern Spain's Granada region
Mar 18 2016
A Cool Stash of 1970s Chartreuse and Pernod
Everyone knows Chartreuse, but it's not every day that you have the opportunity to get your hands on bottles that have spent the past 40 years sleeping in a cellar in Italy. Chartreuse is well-known for its aging capabilities because the herbal components continue to meld in the bottle; there is no
Mar 16 2016
A Large Collection of Older Italian Amaro and Other Booze
We love the old labels! And the contents are fine too! The former owner is pretty sure he purchased these before 1980, but that's already 36 years ago, and it's possible that there might be some from later. Only a couple have barcodes, which didn't came into use until the late 1970s. While there ar
Mar 11 2016
Louis/Dressner Selections One-Day Sale, March 15, 2016!
For those of you who attended yesterday's Louis/Dressner tasting at The Ten Bells, consult your notes and select from the wines listed below to save an additional 5% on a one case (or more) purchase - that means 15% off on any 12 bottles or more puchased until midnight tonight! If you couldn't make
Mar 10 2016
43rd Annual Louis/Dressner Tasting and Benefit for Partners-in-Health, Monday March 14th at The Ten Bells, 3:00 - 7:00pm! (Call or email to reserve your time)
Please join us on Monday, March 14th as Louis/Dressner Selections and Chambers Street Wines present 22 of the finest estates in France and Italy at a tasting to benefit Partners-in-Health. "We go. We make house calls. We build health systems. We stay." This is a great opportunity to taste and talk w
Mar 8 2016
43rd Annual Louis/Dressner Tasting and Benefit for Partners-in-Health, Monday March 14th at The Ten Bells, 3:00 - 7:00pm! (call or email to reserve your time)
Please join us on Monday, March 14th as Louis/Dressner Selections and Chambers Street Wines present 22 of the finest estates in France and Italy at a tasting to benefit Partners-in-Health. "We go. We make house calls. We build health systems. We stay." This is a great opportunity to taste and talk w
Mar 7 2016
Nino Negri: Older Vintages from the Valtellina
I love the Valtellina, and I love old wine from the Valtellina, but I confess I know very little about Nino Negri (est. 1897), the largest producer in the zone. I have only tasted a little recent vintage Negri, and found the wine ranging between perfectly-fine-if-not-exciting and seriously-oaky. At
Mar 7 2016
Stars of Nebbiolo
Demand for these may not be quite as intense as shown in the photo, but please don't wait too long! Unlike missing a glimpse of the Beatles, you can confirm that a wine is still available by clicking-through to our website. However, we sometimes get a flood of orders; we process them in the order re
Mar 4 2016
Best of The Big Glou and Vivent les Vins Libres!
Hundreds of great vignerons invaded New York over the past week, showing their beautiful natural wines at The Big Glou at the Wythe Hotel and Vivent les Vins Libres at Racines NY. Both events were a huge success and many dinners, parties and extra-curricular tastings helped spread the vinous joy all
Mar 4 2016
Belluard is Back!
It’s that time of the year again, and after a long absence of one of my favorite winemakers from our shelves, the wines from Dominique Belluard are here again! For those of us familiar with these fantastic wines, rejoice! And for those who haven’t had the pleasure of tasting them before, take note.
Mar 3 2016
Biodynamic Spanish Wines and Iberico Suckling Pig: An Evening with Joan Asens (Orto Vins) & Miguel Hornillos (Hornillos Ballesteros) at Toro NYC.
Over the past two weeks, we have been fortunate to host many of our favorite Spanish winemakers, who traveled to New York to present their wines at the wildly successful natural wine fair, the Big Glou. Enthusiasm for their wines and stories was over
Mar 1 2016
Big Glou and Vins Libres Triple/Double Tastings, Wed 3/2 and Thurs 3/3, 5:00 to 7:00pm at Chambers Street Wines!
On Wednesday: Valerie Frison, Champagne; Nicolas Carmarans, Aveyron and Bertrand Jousset, Montlouis! On Thursday: Savoie night with Dominique Belluard and Dominique Lucas!! Don't miss this fabulous opportunity to taste and talk with these talented natural winemakers...
Feb 29 2016
Last Minute Dinner Opportunity with Laurent Charvin: Chateauneuf-du-Pape 2000-2014! Wednesday March 2nd at 8pm, at Racines NY.
Join Laurent Charvin, the sixth generation at this great estate, for a rare (and last minute) appearance in the US at Racines NY! We'll taste eight vintages from 2000 to 2014 and enjoy a brilliant four-course dinner by Chef Frédéric Duca. Domaine Charvin, now certified organic, is one of the finest
Feb 25 2016
Vivent Les Vins Libres - This Sunday 11:00am - 7:30pm at Racines NY!
Vivent Les Vins Libres brings 22 oustanding natural winemakers to New York on Sunday 2/28 and Monday 2/29, sponsored by Pascal and Evelyne Clairet of Domaine de la Tournelle with the participation of Restaurant Quedubon, Paris and New York's Rouge Tomate and Racines NY. Sunday 2/28, 11:00am to 7:30p
Feb 23 2016
CSW Salutes the 30th Anniversary of Domaine Pierre and Catherine Breton, Bourgueil!
Chambers Street congratulates Pierre and Catherine Breton on the 30th Anniversary of their estate - 30 years of producing some of the most elegant and delicious wines in the Loire Valley, with great farming, brilliant winemaking and a convivial attitude that has made them friends around the world. T
Feb 18 2016
Year of the Monkey, Presidents' Day, Valentine's, Pre-Leap Year, and any other excuse for a cellar offer.
For a fairly blah month, there certainly are quite a number of holidays of varying significance in February. Rather than trot out any number of different special offers we’ve combined a few different cellar purchases into one Year of the Monkey, Presidents' Day, Valentine's, pre-leap year and any-ot
Feb 15 2016
Savoie: Autrement - The wines of Jacques Maillet
Back in 2015, while I was making my way through a wine show in France, I noticed the dark blue label of a wine I'd had the pleasure of enjoying many years ago . I pointed at the wine, and looked up to find the proud smile of Jacques Maillet - a man whom I had never met, but whose wines were som
Feb 12 2016
Mid-Winter, Cold and Snowy: Time for Rosé!
Back in January of 2011, Eric Asimov published an article in the NY Times entitled "A Rosé Can Bloom in Winter, Too!" and we couldn't agree more. A good rosé - made from grapes farmed with organic/biodynamic methods, harvested by hand, fermented with wild yeasts and bottled after a bit of aging - ca
Feb 10 2016
Rieslingfeier and a substantial cellar of well-curated Rieslings
Though February is a cold and cruel month in many ways, let us not forget that love is in the air! And while, yes, Valentine's Day is nearly upon us, our hearts are warmed by our love for the noblest of the white wine grapes, Riesling (apologies to our dear Chenin Blanc). In honor of Riesling, our g
Feb 7 2016
Natural Wines Invade NY - Vivent Les Vins Libres and The Big Glou, February 27 - 29!
For many years now, hundreds of vignerons from all over Europe have joined together at tastings to display their wonderful new world of naturally-made wines, made from grapes grown in living soils farmed with organic and biodynamic methods. (One of the first and favorite is La Dive Bouteille, h
Feb 6 2016
Markus Spindler
“So it is not surprising that some would have us stay where we are a little longer to rest, to wait. But this country was not built by those waited and rested and wished to look behind them.” Ted Sorensen In so far as history sets expectations, most growers are more than happy to be work within tho
Feb 5 2016
The Events Calendar Runneth Over!
We are thrilled to be hosting a number of exciting tastings and dinners during February and March, many featuring visiting winemakers from France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and the United States. Please mark your calendars and join us for the following very special events! (And don't forget&n
Feb 4 2016
Gattinara and more
We’ve now tasted quite a few of these wines at dinners; I apologize that those tastings haven’t produced proper tasting notes – just happy memories. I need to learn to write while trying to play host. But, some standouts: pretty much all things Antoniolo (1964s!), and the Nervi and Travaglini wines
Feb 3 2016
A Tuscan Interlude
Every now and then we have to give old Sangiovese its due! These come from the same private collections as the Piedmont wines we offer. We hear that it's healthy to have a little variety in life... And old Sangiovese can be amazing. We're optimistic about these - while the 1988 vintage in Montalcino
Feb 2 2016
Gambellara - Soave's Lesser-Known Neighbor
East of Verona and just over the hill from Soave, Gambellara is a picturesque area covered by vines and lush valleys. Davide Vignato is now in charge of this family-run winery and was the first in the DOC to be certified organic and the first in the area to implement biodynamic farming methods. &nbs
Feb 1 2016
Piedmont N - V
N - V, but starting with some stragglers from earlier in the alphabet. And more to come, soon! Jamie Wolff
Jan 29 2016
Intermission: Produttori del Barbaresco
Another fine selection of the Produttori, from one of our favorite Italian collections. I'm not sure that I know of any other wine(s) that show such consistent quality, no matter the vintage. The 1960's and 1970's Riservas are magnificent wines. Jamie Wolff
Jan 28 2016
Priorat at the Limit: A Dinner with Dominik Huber of Terroir al Limit -- Betony (Friday 2/12 at 7pm).
We are pleased to announce a very special dinner with Dominik Huber, winemaker and founder of ground-breaking Priorat winery, Terroir al Limit. Torroja del Priorat is a postcard-perfect, rustic Catalan town of around 160 people, nestled in the side of a mountain and surrounded by gnarled old vineyar
Jan 27 2016
Piedmont A - M
A new purchase from a favorite Italian collector has arrived! To be offered in 2 parts, with an Intermission featuring the Produttori...
Jan 26 2016
French Wine for Dinner?
Between the darkness, the blizzards, the blustery winds, and slush, winter is making us hunker down. And while many dream of sunnier climes and the beach, some of us think of preparing wonderful, hearty, soul-satisfying meals. We envision the intoxicating aromas of that long-cooked braise, the burni
Jan 23 2016
The Final Installment of Chambers Street Selections Brandy: Single-Vintage Cognac!
Borderies is the smallest cru within the Cognac region of France, having only 4,160 hectares of vines (mainly Ugni Blanc) planted in clay-rich soils with flint and gypsum. It is here that arguably the most distinctive Cognacs are produced, and it is here that we found the third installment of our Ch
Jan 19 2016
Affordable Organic Burgundies from Jane et Sylvain, Champs de l'Abbaye and Jean-Claude Rateau - Featuring the Superb 2014s!
It's fascinating to read about and walk through the famous parcels in the Côte d'Or, learning about the subtle differences of slope, exposure, altitude, subsoil and topsoil that differentiate the great terroirs of Burgundy. It's not so interesting to note that many of these vineyards, largely create
Jan 17 2016
Austrian Classics
From current releases to older vintages, these are some of Austria’s finest vineyards and growers. Several back-vintage wines feature tasting notes and are in prime drinking windows. Genießen! - David Salinas
Jan 17 2016
Just Arrived - The Great 2014s (and more) From Clos des vignes du Maynes!
2014 is a great vintage for Julien Guillot and the Clos des vignes du Maynes with wines of  bright, lush fruit, impeccable balance and fantastic acidity and mineral expression. The top cuvées here are very rare, even in France, and we urge lovers of natural wines to obtain a sampling of these e
Jan 16 2016
Christmas in January or Easter Everywhere? Back Vintage Hubert Lignier and a Second Chance from Nuits St. Georges
With apologies to T. S. Eliot, in many ways January is the cruelest month. The inevitable post-holiday let down, the dark and cold, the half-hearted resolutions to never enjoy oneself again... The first month truly leaves a lot to be desired. But there are few rays of sunshine to brighten these day
Jan 12 2016
Great German Dry Wines
“We live in a world of refinement, not invention.” - Marco Pierre White “I want more freedom than that, a universe of surprises . . .  free of future predetermined.” Children of Dune, Frank Herbert The winter pruning is a time to make fundamental decisions, decisions that will affect the grow
Jan 11 2016
Winter Wines from Clos du Joncuas and Ferme Saint-Martin - Just Arrived!
Our last shipment of old-school organic wines  from Clos du Joncuas sold out almost immediately, but we were able to place one more order including the superb 2005 and 2006 Gigondas, as well as the delicious 2010 Vacqueyras. This is the last inventory of these lovely wines so don't delay in obt
Jan 8 2016
A Wonderful Selection of Southern French Wines
With the holidays over and winter in full swing (although depending on where you live it might not feel like it), my mind immediately dreams of island paradises and a bit of rest and relaxation. A wintry alternative to those dreams are similarly pleasing thoughts of hunkering down and cooking a hear
Jan 3 2016
Beautiful Natural Wines (2014s!) From Domaine Jousset in Montlouis! (Featured By-the-Glass This Tuesday at Racines NY)
We're very excited to start off the new year with another shipment from Lise and Bertrand Jousset, two of the nicest vignerons we have ever met, who make beautiful wines of nature from their 11 hectares in and around Montlouis-sur-Loir. Primarily working with Chenin Blanc in Montlouis, they also gro
Dec 30 2015
Grower Champagne 3-Packs
“The discussion about what is good, what is beautiful, what is noble, what is pure, and what is true could always go on . . . I wouldn’t have it any other way.”  Christopher Hitchens This is a time of year for gatherings, for conversations about the things left unsaid during the rest of the ye
Dec 28 2015
Chamery's Brilliant Parade: Taste the Organic Champagnes of Thomas Perseval.
There are numerous ways to discover wine, or more accurately learn about a wine. There are the classics, described in the acknowledged tomes by wine authorities; there are the vast trade tastings where one ambles over to the most crowded table to join in the scrum to taste the newest/hottest/allocat
Dec 19 2015
The Enduring Masterpieces of R. López de Heredia and a Bold New Voice from the Rioja Alavesa
As winter begins in the Northeastern United States and the days grow gradually colder, the lush verdancy of summer is finally hushed with the stripping of the trees by wind and rain, and the earth gives up musky notes of broken down foliage, moss and fungi. Current releases from R. López de Heredia
Dec 18 2015
Vouette et Sorbée: Champagnes of Power and Precision from the Aube.
Although Vouette et Sorbée only started releasing Champagnes about 10 years ago, the domaine has grown in stature, mentioned in the same reverent conversations as rising stars Cédric Bouchard, Dominique Moreau (Marie Courtin), and Pascal Agrapart. Bertrand Gautherot used to sell grapes to other Cha
Dec 16 2015
A Time of Gifts : Champagnes
The following is a collection of some of the best Champagnes that John McIlwain and I have tasted throughout 2015. From affordably priced splits to good value vintage Champagnes and larger formats, there's enough stylistic range here to suit a myriad of celebrations. Enjoy! - David Salinas
Dec 15 2015
Team Beaufort
. . . take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way.   – Christopher Hitchens We are all the beneficiaries of a more dynamic, more free-thinking, more conversationally-based wine world. There was a time, not so long ago, when m
Dec 14 2015
New Arrivals from Priorat's Finest: Scala Dei, Terroir al Limit, Nin-Ortiz, and Mas Martinet
Legend tells of how King Alfons "The Chaste" sent two of his knights to reconoitre the land in search of the ideal place for the Carthusian Order to settle in Catalonia. When they reached the foothills of Montsant they were immediately struck by the extraordinary beauty of the area and they requeste
Dec 13 2015
More Treasures from the Cellar
Some new arrivals, and as well we've found some more fine wine in the cellar that was under our radar. Some lagged because of damaged labels - as noted - but after all, you don't drink the label, and the prices more than compensate for what we guarantee is only cosmetic damage. Something for everyon
Dec 11 2015
The Lovely 2013 Burgundies of Chandon de Briailles (and some stately 2012s).
At Chambers Street Wines, we have had the great fortune to work with a number of fabulous organic growers over the years. With our mandate of supporting good farming and traditional wine-making, offering the Burgundies from Domaine Chandon de Briailles is a distinct pleasure. Based in the village of
Dec 10 2015
All About Mags!
With the holiday season in full swing, we thought it was time to highlight our selection of large format bottles! Once again we have a fantastic selection available from some of our favorite producers -- some that would be perfect for the 1,000 holiday parties you have to attend to this month, and o
Dec 9 2015
Two New Chambers Street Selections: Calvados and Armagnac!
Following on the heels of our recent whiskey barrel acquisition, we are thrilled to offer two new Chambers Street Selections — brandy style! Selected by none other than our friend and former colleague, John Rankin, on a trip to the famed brandy producing regions of France (Calvados, Cognac, and Arma
Dec 8 2015
Francesco Clerico Barolo Colonello 2010
For vineyard workers a merenda (the casse-croute of France) must be something to look forward to every day: it’s the mid-morning snack, and I imagine that it’s well-earned. In early summer of 1989 Francesco Clerico had come home to Bussia in Monforte to help his father in the vines (he was, at that
Dec 7 2015
New French Cellar Arrivals
The question arises: what makes the perfect gift? While we wouldn't insist upon there being one perfect gift, we do have an inclination that a very nice gift is perfectly aged wine. Below is a newly arrived selection of cellared French wines we'd love to find under the tree or upon the table this ho
Dec 6 2015
The Age of Scotch
In the first few thousand years after the Ice Age, Scotland’s forests grew vast and covered as much as 60% of the landscape. It wouldn’t only have been Scots pine that grew; the trees included oak, birch, hazel, rowan, and alder. Back then, it would have been truly wild. Scotland’s forests would hav
Dec 5 2015
Cava and Beyond: Sensational Champagne Method Sparkling Wines from Catalonia (Raventos, Recaredo, Can Suriol, Clos Lentiscus)
Over the last two centuries, key advancements in the history of Cava were introduced by a series of innovative heirs to the Raventós name and land. Josep Raventós Fatjó was among the first to produce Método Tradicional (Champagne method) sparkling wines; Manuel Raventós Domènech spearheaded the
Dec 3 2015
Champagne Geoffroy
Novels start not with a decision, as so many people think, ‘Why did you decide to write?’. That sounds to me like a description of writer’s block, when you have to decide to write something. It comes in the form of a throb or a shiver . . . I could never, sort of, disobey that feeling.  – Marti
Dec 2 2015
Introducing Domaine Villet from Arbois, and new arrivals from Marnes Blanches!
Earlier this year after a fantastic visit with Jean-Claude Rateau in Burgundy I headed east to Jura, to visit a few estates. Having only been in the region on a misty, snowy day in January years ago, I was excited to experience this part of France in the Spring. Of course, as luck would have it, it
Dec 1 2015
Piedmont G - S: Some New Arrivals + Look What We Found in the Cellar!
Chatter abounds regarding the future of wine prices in Piedmont. A good part of it is based on the sensation, which seems to be widespread, that the Chinese wine market may be turning its mercurial eye toward Barolo and Barbaresco. Bordeaux had its turn; Burgundy is still hot in China, but unlike Bo
Nov 30 2015
Reprint: Sandri - Italian for Uncompromising
We really didn’t have enough of the Sandri wines when we first offered them in October. Since then we’ve been able to re-stock some more of the excellent 2007 Barolo, the 2013 Barbera and the 2013 Nebbiolo (and a little of the amazing Barolo Riservas from '07 and '08), and the response has been real
Nov 29 2015
Tempus Fugit
When we’re lucky enough to be offered wines by private collectors we don’t try to cherry pick, we just buy the wine – we’d like to be invited back to the party. Of course our idea of what’s a cherry is in the eye of the beholder: we do pass on the Harlan, but we’d love to have the old Beaujolais. In
Nov 28 2015
Just in Time for the Holidays: A Barrel of Wigle Rye!
We've done it again: we bought a barrel. This time from none other than our friends in Pittsburgh, PA -- Wigle, who are single-handedly trying to revive the region's history as the bread basket (or should I say whiskey barrel?) of America's distilling culture.  Before Prohibition ruined everyt
Nov 27 2015
One Great Gift: Chambers Street Gift Cards Are Here!
Our gift certificate format has always been endearingly simple. Customers never seemed to mind that we had to sit down, type and print out their gift certificates while they wait, but that's not a surprise -- our customers are pretty terrific. Nevertheless, an upgrade was long overdue. We've ju
Nov 24 2015
Holiday Classics from America's Finest: Kelley Fox, Steve & Jill Matthiasson, John Lockwood, Eric Demuth, Kenny Likitprakong, and More. (Plus a Last-Minute Thanksgiving 6-Pack!)
We're always eager to prod our customers outside of preferred regions, varieties, and styles - happily, it almost always works out!  This time of year, however, even the most adventurous drinkers among you seek out classic producers and varieties, often American, for gifts, parties, and feasts.
Nov 23 2015
Chiesa and the Roero
For several years I attended the annual giant tasting in Alba called Nebbiolo Prima; tasting 70-80 Nebbiolos before lunch is a truly interesting and challenging experience. By far the hardest group of wines to taste were from the Roero, the Nebbiolo-centric DOCG just north of Barolo. Poured first in
Nov 21 2015
Great Aube Champagnes
“Here we find people whose achievements will be snatched for the glory of others, whose sacrifices will be forgotten as detritus. The cleanest telling would draw one great person, in whom we could find a teachable narrative, an exemplar of what, should we give it our all, we could become. But those
Nov 19 2015
Muscadet 2005 - 2014 Featuring Luneau-Papin and Domaine de l'Ecu!
Once again, we find ourselves somehow possessing vast quantities of sensational Muscadet, both from the excellent 2014 vintage and, thanks to our friends the Luneau-Papins, the best vintages going back to 2005. We are especially happy to have the Domaine de l'Ecu 2014 "Granite" and "Orthogneiss" in
Nov 18 2015
Staying in the Holiday Spirit with Digestivos
While every wine retailer will offer suggestions on what to drink with Thanksgiving dinner, we’re determined to take it to the next level by telling you what to drink after Thanksgiving dinner! If one meal reminds us of indulgence (or even over-indulgence) it is Thanksgiving. And while we love the
Nov 16 2015
36th Annual Chambers Street Thanksgiving Email!
Recent tragic events in Egypt, Beirut, Paris and elsewhere may not inspire Thanksgiving, but life goes on - let's hope that an appropriate international response will someday put fanatic terrorism in the past. Thanksgiving — the wine lover's favorite holiday, when sharing our favorite bird-friendly
Nov 16 2015
Fontanafredda - A Reprint
What’s happened since last spring when the text below was originally published? We’ve received another group of old Fontanafredda from an Italian collection, but more importantly we had a chance to taste a number of vintages (1958, 1961, 1967, 1971, 1978, 1982, 1988). I was too occupied during the t
Nov 14 2015
Apple Arrivals for Fall!
As soon as the temperature drops below the 60 degree mark, there’s a thought that we can’t get off of our minds: apples. Whether you prefer them plucked directly from the tree, baked into any sort of dish you can imagine, fermented into cider, or distilled into the sweet nectar of life known as appl
Nov 13 2015
Combate in the Gredos: Albillo and Garnacha from Maldivinas, plus new arrivals from Vinos Ambiz and Bernabeleva!
Through the airplane window on the scenic descent to Madrid, it is possible to view the majestic Sierra de Gredos mountains, part of the 600 kilometer long Sistema Centrale range and home to its highest peaks. Massive, storybook mounds from the sky, they are equally monumental from ground level
Nov 12 2015
The Produttori, Year In and Year Out.
My early years as a wine lover were spent in pursuit of Burgundy. All of the most sage advice I could find boiled down to the same 3 factors in determining the potential quality of a wine: Producer, Producer, Producer. Back in those bad old days there was much more bad wine out there, and it quickly
Nov 11 2015
Beaujolais: New Arrivals Featuring 2014 Dutraive Brouilly Vieilles Vignes! Beaujolais Dinner (2005 - 2014) at Racines NY Tuesday 11/17.
Although our favorite growers in Beaujolais have consistently made good wines in recent years, no recent vintage has captured the hearts and palates of Americans since the much-balyhooed Vintage-of-the-Century, 2009. (We are very fond of the 2012s here at Chambers Street - a minority opinion perhaps
Nov 10 2015
The Surgical Focus of Céderic Bouchard
Whether from his tiny estate Roses de Jeanne or formerly from his bespoke négoce operation, Cédric Bouchard crafts Champagnes of breathtaking focus. Each derived from one grape and one parcel and vinified to maximize sense of terroir and fruit while eliminating those elements Bouchard finds extraneo
Nov 8 2015
Clos du Joncuas is Back! Old-School Organic Wines from Gigondas, Vacqueyras and Seguret!
Our third shipment form the Clos du Joncuas has just arrived! We're very happy to have these wonderfully complex old-school wines on the shelf again and we urge you to try them. Clos du Joncuas, founded in 1920 by Pierre Auguste Chastan, has always farmed with natural methods and has been officially
Nov 7 2015
Les Vignes de Paradis: The Wines of Dominique Lucas
This is the only time I’ve ever said this: Chasselas saved my life. After a brush with food poisoning from a bad hard-boiled egg for breakfast in Arbois, a harrowing drive with numerous switchbacks over the Jura Mountains on our way to the Savoie, two liters of water, and a bag of strange Scandinavi
Nov 6 2015
Taste with Hank Beckmeyer of La Clarine Farm, Tuesday, 11/10. Dinner with Hank and Caroline at Racines NY, Friday 11/13!
We interrupt our regular programming to tell you about  a surprise tasting with Hank Beckmeyer of La Clarine Farm at Chambers Street Wines on Tuesday evening, November 10th from 5 till 7pm. We'll taste the new releases  from this great producer of natural wines - La Clarine Farm is located
Nov 6 2015
La Grange Aux Belles, Nicolas Carmarans and Sebastien Fleuret - Great Natural Wines from the Aveyron and Loire Valley! Taste at Racines NY, Tuesday Nov. 10th.
We're proud to feature some sensationally delicious wines imported by our friend Fifi, formerly of Ten Bells and now bringing to NY some of the most distinctive natural wines of France. La Grange Aux Belles was created by Marc Houtin in 2004 - a classic story of a new career, first looking for vine
Nov 5 2015
New Champagne 3-Packs
This past July, we offered a bit of an exploration of Champagne through 3-Packs, organized by sub-regions, in an effort to render one of France’s largest appellations more approachable. The response was overwhelmingly positive and we’re delighted to write of the return of Chambers Street Wines’ Cham
Nov 4 2015
La Visciola Proves That It's Possible: Great Wine from Lazio!
When your clientele changes every day it must be easy to lose the incentive to maintain standards; there are very few customers who are going to be back ever again, which is why the food in Taormina, Como, or Amalfi is almost never as good as the food in a town just off the beaten path. A variation
Nov 3 2015
Grand Cru Nero d'Avola
Nero d’Avola is the most widely planted red grape in Sicily; it ranges from light and tart to heavy and roasted, the latter type a style that often comes with lots of new oak on top – not something that enhances the wine. There are quite a lot of pleasant and easy drinking Nero d’Avolas, but very fe
Oct 30 2015
The Many Mosels
Within the region formerly and more descriptively known as Germany’s Mosel-Saar-Ruwer (known simply as Mosel since 2007), there are terroirs that rival any in the world for their myriad, their depth, and for yielding wines of uncompromising, ethereal tension. Precisely because of the abundance and t
Oct 29 2015
Cappellano & Giacomo Conterno
These two producers need no introduction from us! However, two notes: Troglia was a wine merchant in Torino; some older friends in the region still remember them as having very high standards (the fact that they bought Troglia / Cappellano wines offers proof of this). I would assume that the Cappel
Oct 27 2015
Another in the pantheon of great Barolo producers - the older vintages are magnificent wines.  Jamie Wolff   Some bottles of the Barolo Riserva Colle Sud Ovest have this celebratory back-label.  
Oct 25 2015
New Arrivals from Jean-François Ganevat! Dinner at Racines NY Tuesday 11/3.
Perhaps there are no CSW customers unfamiliar with Domaine Jean-François Ganevat, but just in case, we offer a brief description. Located in the hamlet of La Combe, Rotalier, southwest of Lons-le-Saunier, the estate dates back to 1650, with vines and Montbeliarde cows which produced milk for Comté c
Oct 24 2015
The Champagnes 0f Fabrice Pouillon
“He had simply chosen to make life easy to himself — to carry his human lot, if possible, in such a way that it should pinch him nowhere . . .”   - George Eliot, Romola Following the first global, commercial success of Champagne in the 19th century, its growers have had every in
Oct 23 2015
We think that Fabio Alessandria, owner and winemaker at Burlotto, is far out-performing most of his colleagues in the region, and we make no secret of our deep admiration for his wines. His father and grandfather also make excellent wine – a distinguished history which in fact goes back well into th
Oct 23 2015
Brovia - the best of 2011
As pronounced in an earlier email, we think Brovia made fantastic wine in 2011. Hyperbole would not be hyperbolic: we have seldom tasted young wines that seem so complete, balanced, promising, and on a strictly technical basis, delicious. However, these are not wines for the near-term; despite the r
Oct 22 2015
Nicolas Gonin: Patron Saint of "Orphan" Grapes
Though the town is only forty-five minutes east from the bustling city of Lyon, you’ve probably never heard of Saint-Chef. It is tucked away in the department of Isère -- not a well-known wine producing region by any means (all wines made here must be labeled either Vin de France or IGP Isère, which
Oct 20 2015
Louis/Dressner Selections One and A-Half-Day Sale, March 14 - 15, 2016!
For those of you who attended yesterday's Louis/Dressner tasting at Racines NY, consult your notes and select from the wines listed below to save an additional 5% - that means 15% off on any 12 bottles puchased until midnight tomorrow! If you couldn't make it to yesterday's event (The dinner, by the
Oct 20 2015
Not Nebbiolo!
Here's shocking news: there is very good, even excellent old Italian wine that's not made from Nebbiolo! Why just last week we tasted superb Sangiovese (1967 Barbi Brunello) and amazing Aglianico (1968 Mastroberardino Taurasi Riserva), so we know it's true! Even our friends in Piedmon
Oct 19 2015
German Prädikatswein
From the noticeably sweet to the nearly dry, the following wines show some of the stylistic range that's possible within German Prädikatswein. We've opened several sample bottles and found that newer vintages are showing great promise. Among the older, private cellar collection bottles, the corks an
Oct 18 2015
Mosel Strong
“You don’t grow on a secure path. All of us should conquer something in life and it needs a lot work. It needs a lot of risk.” – Francis Mallmann The vineyards of Germany’s Mosel wine region can be understood through beautifully rendered 19th century Prussian tax
Oct 16 2015
An Autumnal Steak Dinner with Eric Demuth! (Tuesday, October 27th, 7pm at Back Forty West)
We are always delighted to welcome Eric Demuth to Chambers Street Wines. He is unanimously popular among the staff and, on top of that, we absolutely love his wines! Our first tasting with Eric featured about 8 bottles of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet, and Syrah from some of Northern Californi
Oct 15 2015
Elio Sandri: Italian for Uncompromising
Have you had this experience? On your way to visit X (here insert known name like Mugnier or Mascarello), you pass little side roads with arrowed-signs naming producers you’ve never heard of, and you think: statistically there must be someone among these who actually makes really good wine. There ar
Oct 14 2015
Historic Marc de Chambolle-Musigny from Frédéric Mugnier
It’s funny how fortunes turn. Some spirits deemed essential fade, while others take their place. One such spirit is marc. Fashioned from the pomace, or pulpy skins and seeds left over from winemaking, eau de vie de marc was considered an essential digestif after a substantial meal much like
Oct 13 2015
A Reminder - Louis/Dressner Benefit Tasting and Dinner for Partners-in Health, Monday October 19th!
Space is still available at this fall's fabulous tasting and dinner for PIH! Don't miss this rare opportunity to discuss and taste with Alice and Olivier De Moor, Eric Texier, Melanie Tarlant and 18 more of the greatest winemakers of Europe... Please join us on Monday, October 19th at
Oct 11 2015
WINE LAB with Jon Bonné: Session 3 — Champagne!
In an effort to do justice to this most delicate and ephemeral of subjects — the wines of Champagne — Session 3 of Wine Lab with Jon Bonné will assume a different format from the first two: a guided, sit-down tasting of 9 Champagnes, served alongside casual bar snacks
Oct 10 2015
New Arrivals from the Northern Rhone: Levet, Lionnet and Gilles; Dinner at Racines with Sophie Barrett October 20th!
We're proud to offer the lovely 2012s, recently arrived, from these three outstanding producers of traditional Côte-Rotie and Cornas. 2012 was a somewhat difficult year for the vigneron with rainy periods in June and July followed by good weather in August and September and a few days o
Oct 9 2015
Piedmont M-V
From Piedmont, one of our favorite collections has offered another remarkable batch of wine, including some intriguing lesser-known producers. Who knows - a fine discovery is always possible! Jamie Wolff
Oct 8 2015
A New Shipment from the Big Cellar: Piedmont A - G
From Piedmont, one of our favorite collections has offered another remarkable batch of wine, including some intriguing lesser-known producers. Who knows - a fine discovery is always possible! Jamie Wolff
Oct 7 2015
38th Semi-Annual Louis/Dressner Tasting and Dinner to Benefit Partners-in-Health, Monday October 19th at Racines NY!
Please join us on Monday, October 19th at Racines NY, 94 Chambers Street, as we present 21 of the greatest winemakers in France, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia in a tasting and dinner to benefit Partners-in-Health "saving lives, revitalizing communities & transforming global health" sp
Oct 6 2015
Tio Pepe Two Ways: 50 Years in Bottle and the New "En Rama" Release
Tío Pepe Fino Sherry is the rare example of a wine that is the most widely distributed in its category as well as the most distinguished. The brand was born at González Byass winery in Jerez in 1844 when Tío Pepe himself, the uncle of Manuel María Gonz&a
Oct 5 2015
The Austrian Collection
It’s a rare privilege to present a collection of Austrian wines with such depth and range. It affords the curious, the adventurous, and the scholarly the chance to sample and make minutely fine observations and distinctions among some of Austria’s most heralded sites from some of Aust
Oct 2 2015
New Arrivals and Best Values from France, Under $20!
Among our recent arrivals from France there are many outstanding wines which we have not presented in emails, but which offer fabulous value and distinctive every day drinking at very reasonable prices. These are unique, complex and delicious wines which just happen to be inexpensive. Each one of
Oct 1 2015
A Selection of Aged Wines from a Longtime Customer
There's a chill to the air (finally) and though it finally feels like Fall there's a spring to our step. We've recently purchased a parcel of aged wines from a longtime customer and friend who needed to make some room in his cellar. There are a number of Tuscan, Rhône, and Burgu
Sep 30 2015
Champagne's Harvests
Historically, reaching physiological ripeness was a real challenge in Champagne. However, that challenge has greatly diminished in recent years and the well-documented reasons behind that change go beyond the anectdotal.             &
Sep 29 2015
Aligoté: Working Class Hero
There’s something about an underdog. That is to say, some of us find ourselves rooting for the unlikeliest of heroes. In wine as much as we love the nobility of benchmark wines and appellations, we also find ourselves drawn to the charms of so-called lesser grapes. In Burgundy we find this
Sep 26 2015
New Arrivals from the Jura - and By-The-Glass at Racines NY Tuesday, September 29th!
Given the scarcity and popularity of the best wines from the Jura, we're very happy to offer new arrivals and returning favorites from some of the regions best producers. And we are very excited to be collaborating with our friends down the street at Racines NY where they will pour a special
Sep 25 2015
Jochen Dreissigacker
Let us probe the silent places, let us seek what luck betide us;     Let us journey to a lovely land I know. There's a whisper on the night-wind, there's a star agleam to guide us,     And the vines are calling, calling . . . let us go.  – in admiratio
Sep 24 2015
Dinner at Maialino - What Could Be Finer?
We are happy to announce a series of wine dinners at Maialino. We’ve had quite a few very successful dinners in their private room, which is a peaceful and relaxed place to spend the evening. Add fantastic food, great service, and fine old Italian wine… I’m hungry already.
Sep 23 2015
Sensational Natural Values from Spain -- Alt Penedès, Sierra de Gredos, Mallorca, and More!*
People often ask us how we decide which wines to stock in the store. Organic farming, biodynamic methods, unique terroirs and growers, and natural winemaking with no additives are the qualities that dominate our list of criteria, store-wide. Perhaps the most impressive, albeit subjectiv
Sep 22 2015
Sangiovese with a Sea Breeze
Sangiovese is one of Italy’s most abundant red grape varieties, but it’s not the easiest to work with from a viticultural or enological perspective. At Villa Venti, Davide and Mauro seem to have found the magic formula. Nestled in a lush valley in Emilia-Romagna, south east of Bologna
Sep 19 2015
A Nice Lot of Mature Rieslings from Willi Schaefer
When it comes to wine nomenclature and taxonomy, the Germans have a gift of nearly Linnaen proportions. And while each Prädikat level has a legal definition, each also suggests a certain style or use. And while must weights and harvest time determine the category of wine, the expected style
Sep 18 2015
Domaine des Marnes Blanches
The Sud Revermont area of the Jura has become a small hub for terroir-driven, natural wines that more than titillate the palate. Beginning with the renowned Jean-Francois Ganevat, the philosophy for making wines of nature and terroir has spread to his neighbors Peggy and Jean-Pascal Buronfosse wh
Sep 17 2015
2014 Peter Lauer Pre-Arrivals!
We’re delighted to offer four, pre-arrival, single-parcel, 2014 wines from Peter Lauer. These wines are some of the most exciting dry to off-dry Rieslings being grown in Germany’s Saar valley. First on deck is the always dry and zippy, Fass 2 Extra Trocken, sourced from south and south-west facing R
Sep 16 2015
Dinner at Lupa: Fontanafredda 1958-1982 – Oct. 6
Fontanafredda 1958 – 1982, Dinner at Lupa, October 6th, 7pm The historical importance of Fontanafredda for Barolo cannot be overstated; it’s one of the oldest and largest properties in the region, and one of the first to estate-bottle and market under its own label. This is beauti
Sep 15 2015
Oltretorrente means outside the stream of life
Kind of dreamy, the life that Chiara and Michele have put in place, moving to their own home in the countryside in Piedmont after working for some big companies, a lovely place to raise their kids, to live peacefully in an unspoiled spot, to realize their desire to make their own wine.  Perh
Sep 14 2015
Vecchio Vermut
As part two of our rare and ancient herbal Italian beverages, we have a collection of Vermouths unlike any we have ever seen before. Most of these would have been bottled between 1960 and 1980, thus their herbal blend has had plenty of time to become resolved and harmonious. These vintage bottles
Sep 13 2015
Pascal Agrapart is doing next-level work in his 9.75 hectares of vineyards, spread across 62 parcels in the grand cru Champagne villages of Avize, Cramant, Oiry, and Oger. The wines and the cult status speak for themselves, but it’s worth taking the time to make the connections between his
Sep 10 2015
Taste Great Burgundies (and More) with Jeanne-Marie de Champs, This Saturday 4:00 till 7:00!
Come meet and taste with the indefatigable Jeanne-Marie de Champs who will share her great knowledge of Burgundy with us this Saturday from 4:00 till 7 PM! Jeanne-Marie represents some of the finest estates in the Côte D'Or, Côte Chalonnaise and Beaujolais and will pour a selectio
Sep 9 2015
Alto Piemonte and Other Fine Expressions of Old Nebbiolo
Good and age worthy wine from Nebbiolo is also made outside of Barolo and Barbaresco; here we’ve collected some fine examples, mostly from Alto Piemonte, and a few from Carema. The wines come from the same fine private cellars in Italy where we buy Barolo and Barbaresco. They are here and are availa
Sep 8 2015
Burlotto, Canonica, Brovia
Despite the commercial temptation to which a merchant might be subject, not every vintage can be our favorite. 2011 in Piedmont is not an easy year for us due to the heat of the season, which resulted in many full-bodied, even over-blown wines, with quite high alcohol levels. It’s similar i
Sep 3 2015
Pranzegg - Beautiful Wines from the Alto Adige
For a long time we’ve been tasting Lagrein and Schiava, the two key reds of the Alto Adige, just to see, in a fairly idle manner, if we could find any that we thought were as good as Nusserhof’s. Some are certainly good wines, but none have shown anything like the purity of Hans Mayr&
Sep 2 2015
G. Rinaldi, F. Rinaldi
We have had nothing but great experiences with older vintages of Francesco Rinaldi. I admire their new wine too, which is still made in a very classic, austere style, and needs a LOT of time. Here’s a fine chance to find out just how good the wines are once they have some age. Giuseppe Rina
Sep 1 2015
Great Bourgueils from Stéphane Guion! Last Call for the Beautiful 2012s from Bernard and Matthieu Baudry!!
Stéphane Guion, whose family has been farming organically since 1965, makes some of the most terroir-expressive and ageworthy wines in Bourgueil, and at prices that make the wines easily affordable to all! The 2014 vintage, which was looking disastrous as of mid-summer that year, has turne
Aug 29 2015
The Nikolaihof
“Again, he [Archimedes] used to say, in the Doric speech of Syracuse : “Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world.” - John Tzetzes (Book of Histories : Chiliades) As the Wachau has been a fulcrum in the history of Western civilization, the vin
Aug 29 2015
Les Montils Mafia!
For decades now, the Loire Valley has been a hotbed of unconventional wine practices, with a history of winemakers turning away from the heavily prescribed use of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers in favor of organic and biodynamic treatments, compost, cover crops, biodiversity in
Aug 28 2015
A Historic Collection of Amaro
America has a current obsession with Amaro, Italy’s classic digestivo. These bitter spirits are being incorporated in cutting-edge cocktails, and in the States there are now homegrown versions of Amaro popping up all over the country (there are already at least three made in Brooklyn). Inve
Aug 27 2015
Le Sot de L'Ange
Show me a fanatic and I’ll show you a success. Truer words could not be said about Quentin Bourse – the “Idiot Angel” of Azay-Le-Rideau. While this is the rough translation of the name of his label, Le Sot de L’Ange, he is a far cry from anything remotely resembling
Aug 21 2015
The Umami of Champagne
Champagne's stylistic range is born, in part, from an appellation with nearly 34,000 hectares under vine and from the potential to blend many of those myriad terroirs. However, an important part of the breadth and the particularities of these wines comes from a pivotal step in the Méth
Aug 18 2015
The Single Bottle Email
"In the old days, a bottle of wine and an eight hour read of me, seemed like the perfect evening. Now, every sentence should have a minimum elegance and euphony. This means not repeating, in the same sentence, suffixes and prefixes. You can't repeat. I think that prose will give a sort o
Aug 16 2015
Beautiful, Affordable Burgundies from Jean-Claude Rateau and Jane et Sylvain!
New shipments of beautiful, old-fashioned Burgundies have just arrived from Jean-Claude Rateau in Beaune, and Jane et Sylvain in Gevrey-Chambertin. These two estates practice organic or biodynamic farming, ferment with wild yeasts and age their wines in minimal or zero new oak thus preserving the
Aug 15 2015
Jochen Beurer : Young Swabian
Jochen Beurer is a man on a mission, in fact, a man on many missions. While most steep vineyard growers have their hands full with 700 to 800 hours of vineyard work per hectare, per year (double the number of work hours for flatland vineyards), Jochen is driven.  Driven, in his yout
Aug 14 2015
Rare Whisky
In one of our recent deliveries of vintage Italian wines, we received an extremely rare collection of old whisky. In the current market for Scotch and Bourbon it’s hard to overstate how incredibly difficult it is to track down vintage spirits. We’ve watched old stand-by values rocket
Aug 13 2015
The Beautiful 2014s from Alain Coudert at Clos de la Roilette!
Since taking over the estate from his father Fernand in 1991, Alain Coudert has become one of the most consistent and respected producers in Beaujolais. Alain was a reluctant vigneron, returning to aid the family after his brother had a serous accident in 1979. During our early visits to the esta
Aug 11 2015
Taste Natural Wines with Christophe Foucher of La Lunotte, Wednesday August 12, 6 to 8pm!!
Christophe Foucher makes brilliant natural wines on his 5 hectare estate in Couffy,  on the southern bank of the Cher River, near St. Aignan, just a short distance from our friends at Clos Roche Blanche. Christophe grows Sauvignon Blanc, Menu Pineau, Cabernet Franc, Cot and Gamay, farmed wit
Aug 7 2015
The Webers of Falkenstein
To visit the Webers of Hofgut Falkenstein is to know that practiced fingers still dapple embossed ribbons in measured sequence for no more considered reasons than pride of craft and tradition.               To know that many
Aug 6 2015
Rosé, Part Three - Sensational New Arrivals and CSW Exclusives!
We take our rosé selection very seriously at Chambers Street, seeking out wines made primarily with organic and biodynamic farming, vinified naturally with wild yeasts and bottled later after a few months of aging. These wines take longer to produce and many of our favorites are only arriv
Aug 2 2015
New Arrivals from Eastern and Southern France!
As the mercury continues to rise during these dog days of summer, so does the number of new wines filling our shelves. From new producers that are arriving for the first time to new vintages of producers we love working with each year, it is always an exciting couple of months. Of note are the ar
Jul 29 2015
Domaine Lise et Bertrand Jousset - Beautiful Natural Wines from Montlouis-Sur-Loire!
We are proud to feature new arrivals from Lise and Bertrand Jousset, two of the nicest vignerons we have ever met, who make beautiful wines of nature from their 11 hectares in and around Montlouis-sur-Loir. Primarily working with Chenin Blanc in Montlouis, they also grow Gamay, Grolleau and Chardonn
Jul 29 2015
Jacques Beaufort's Champagnes of Valor
Jacques Beaufort has held his vineyard work to the highest ethical standards (relying only on soil work, homeopathic & alleopathic treatments) for over three decades, but the measure of the courage of his convictions cannot be properly appreciated without context. Champagne has land prices th
Jul 28 2015
The Supernaturals (Part One) Featuring Clos des Vignes du Maynes "Cuvee 910!" By-the-Glass at Racines, Tuesday, August 4th!
Recent arrivals to Chambers Street have included some of the most sought-after natural wines of France (or "wines of nature" as Didier Barrouillet would say) - we've selected some of our favorites for this email and Racines NY will feature them by-the-glass - one night only - just u
Jul 26 2015
2014 Pépière Clos des Briords; 2014s from François Pinon!
                  The release of a new vintage of Domaine de la Pépière's Muscadet Clos des Briords is always a cause for rejoicing, especially when nature has blessed the Loire Valley with an
Jul 24 2015
Mosel Riesling Moonrakers
The highest rigged sail on the wind ships of the 19th century would be called the moonrakers or the hopes-in-heaven. They provided the ships that raised them with that pivotal extra bit of speed and lightness. The heyday of those sailing ships long passed, who stands watch over that highest sail,
Jul 23 2015
Wines of Nature from Christian Ducroux and Roland Pignard!
Chambers Street is honored to work with Christian Ducroux who produces vibrant, delicious "wines of nature" from his four hectares of living soils in Thulon, above Regnié-Durette in the Beaujolais. As with Didier Barrouillet at Clos Roche Blanche, Christian's attention is pri
Jul 22 2015
Rosado for All: A Summery 6-Pack of Spanish Rosés!
Pale, fresh and mineral-driven to pigmented, spicy and rich, some Spanish rosados (rosés) stand out for their bold structure and food pairing potential, while others are thirst-quenching, pleasurable and light. Vast diversity among terroirs, local grape varieties, and climates in beautiful
Jul 20 2015
More 2013s from Colin-Morey
There's something admirable about winemakers whose wines seem to transend vintage. One such producer is Pierre Yves Colin-Morey. Considered a rising star over the last decade, Pierre Yves Colin worked at his family’s winery until 2005 while starting his own label. His wines have since a
Jul 17 2015
Champagne's Subregions : A 3-Pack Tour
Every wine grower works within the potentialities afforded them by nature, but each grower also has a series of choices that will yield a particular vinous reality from among those possible outcomes. The grape bud is a prime example, because within each bud are found the eventual beginnings of no
Jul 16 2015
Burgundy from a Private Cellar - Available for Delivery in August
Part 5 of a private cellar of perfectly stored wines, although as previously noted the humidity was high and some labels are damp-stained. This group of Burgundies is offered as a kind of pre-arrival: we have examined and catalogued all of the wines, and we’re now storing them in a professi
Jul 14 2015
French Wine
Part 4 of a private cellar of perfectly stored wines, although as previously noted the humidity was high and some labels are damp-stained. The former owner is a Francophile at heart, with wide-ranging interests and taste; something for everyone! Including, to our delight and amazement, a fabulous
Jul 9 2015
Germany, Port, Spain, Italy
Part 3 of a private cellar of perfectly stored wines, although as previously noted the humidity was high and some labels are damp-stained. The former owner is a Francophile at heart (when it comes to wine), but made room for quite a number of other fine bottles. More to come!
Jul 7 2015
US, Australia, South America
Part two of a private cellar of perfectly stored wines, although, as previously noted, the humidity was high and some labels are damp-stained. The former owner is a Francophile at heart (when it comes to wine), but made room for quite a number of other fine bottles. More to come! Jamie Wolff
Jul 3 2015
Introducing WINE LAB with Jon Bonné: Session 1 — American Rebels!
We are always eager to learn more about what Jon Bonné is working on. He's a very busy man these days, relocating to New York after 15 years on the West Coast, and balancing his diverse assignments as the San Francisco Chronicle's contributing wine editor, senior contribu
Jul 2 2015
This is the first part of a cellar of fine old European wines (along with some interesting American wines).  The wines were bought on release and also at Christie’s auctions in the mid 1990’s, when Christie’s was the market leader and the team there set a very high standard
Jul 1 2015
A Very Large Collection of Produttori del Barbaresco
In April we had a dinner of Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco, tasting many of what are considered the worst vintages of the last 50 years in Piedmont (which you can see in the above photo; for contrast I included a bottle from the famous 1978 vintage - it was corked). The Produttori didn'
Jun 30 2015
A Cure for the Summertime Blues
Gin is the ultimate summer spirit. Whether sipped neat, on the rocks, or mixed into your favorite cocktail, it never fails to refresh the soul (ever heard of a Corpse Reviver #2*?) and palate. Now more than ever, there is a vast array of different styles of gin available to us and each of them is
Jun 27 2015
Seeing Green in Saint Romain: Henri et Gilles Buisson
When you drive south from Beaune, the famous red wine vineyards of Pommard and Volnay stretch out on the slope to your right, while to the left you’ll find famed whit
Jun 24 2015
Summer Of Swabia
It's fun to drink serious wines from a winemaking region most Americans have never heard of and Germans simply scoff at. The area is Swabia--an area dear to our hearts and inspiring all because of two growers who have taken it upon themselves to take advantage of the hillside vineyards outsid
Jun 22 2015
New Old Barolo and Barbaresco
We have sold many wines from this favorite Italian cellar over the years and we're excited to have a new batch of their wine - as always, we guarantee condition. A quick note about decanting these wines: DO IT! In addition to our own recent experience(s), we have received numerous account
Jun 19 2015
Let the Grilling Begin!
Although there were no calls for barbeque in the Declaration of Independence, they have certainly become a fixture of our modern Fourth of July celebrations. According to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, 80% of Americans plan to host or attend a cook-out that day making it the bigges
Jun 18 2015
Austrian Treasures Part 4: Alzinger
Precision is possibly the most oft-used term used to describe the wines of the Alzinger estate. Of course, the corollary to this is an extraordinary work ethic and committment to their vision. Since Leo Alzinger Sr. began bottling his family's wines in 1983 instead of selling off the grapes,
Jun 17 2015
Austrian Treasures Part 3: Wachau
This part of the Austrian collection includes a terrific list of lauded Wachau names. There is a broad range of styles, as the densely structured, mineral Pragers contrast greatly with the flashy decadence of FX Pichler. All of these are wines built for lifetimes that will span several decades, a
Jun 16 2015
Austrian Treasures Part 2: Kamptal, Kremstal, and Wagram
Today we take a brief respite from the powerhouse that is the Wachau and head downstream toward Vienna to briefly check in with the most beloved estates of the Kamptal, Kremstal and Wagram. Tucked higher up in the hills and shielded from the warming influence of the Danube, these wines lack the s
Jun 15 2015
Austrian Treasures Part 1: Emmerich Knoll
Adorning each bottle of Knoll is St. Urban’s holy visage: his fiery stare is a fitting way to alert those about to imbibe of the serious nature of the wines contained within. Frankly, we’re as much terrified as inspired by his powerful mystical presence, but we love it (and the w
Jun 11 2015
The Spirit of Speyside
The Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival, held annually as April turns to May, offers a a chance for in-depth visits to distilleries (normally off-limits to the public) in this small northeast corner of Britain that is home to over half the distilleries in Scotland. The high concentration of smokes
Jun 8 2015
Some New Old Riojas, Priced for Immediate Enjoyment!
We are pleased to have received an extensive collection of old Riojas from a single Spanish cellar. All of the bottles have at least several decades of age and are ready to drink now. Mature Rioja wines offer reliable pleasure through generous, shimmering Tempranillo fruit and textural depth, fre
Jun 5 2015
The Dream Of The 1890s Is Alive In The Mosel
There is nothing quite like the light, bracing, barely off-dry style of Riesling in which the Mosel particularly excels. In the 1890s and the first decade of the 20th Century, it was this unique character that grabbed the public's attention and affection, and Mosel Rieslings enjoyed a status not see
Jun 3 2015
Knoll and Alzinger: A Pair Of Austrian Dinners
Over the past few years we have been lucky enough to have been granted access to a few perfectly stored collections of Austrian whites. The great wines of the Wachau, Kremstal, and Kamptal have remarkable substance and significant aging potential, with a reputation that has only been growing.
Jun 2 2015
Taste Great Muscadets with Jo Landron, Domaine de la Louvetrie, Saturday June 6th! Dinner with Jo, Monday June 8th!
Chambers Street is proud to host one of our favorite winemakers, Jo Landron of Domaine de la Louvetrie, pouring new arrivals from this wonderful estate, Saturday, June 6th, from 4 till 7:00. Turning towards organic farming in the late 1980s, the entire estate is now certified organic and Biodynamic
May 31 2015
Apples To Apples
Apples are one of the most diverse agricultural crops (with more than 7,500 known varieties), but they are overlooked in terms of quality, because they are often associated with sweet, cloying ciders and boring varieties sold on grocery store shelves.  This is unfortunate. Luckily we have be
May 29 2015
Champagne's Bérêchian So(u)l
Walk a vineyard’s rows before harvest and taste the grapes from different plots, from vine to vine, from bunch to bunch, and one thing jumps out: Ripeness varies! Should those differences in ripeness be, in part, chalked up to the naturally occurring mosaic of soils from one corner of the v
May 27 2015
Rosé, Part Two! Featuring Les Fouques, Baudry, Sancerre, Spain, California and More!
Summer having made it's usual abrupt late-May arrival in New York, we are happy to offer a wide and delicious array of (mostly) new arrivals to our outstanding collection of rosés for your seasonal enjoyment. We take our rosés seriously at Chambers Street. The vast majority of t
May 20 2015
A New Brunello for Chambers Street Wines
Being on many wine lists, my inbox always seems full of emails with superlatives describing the most recent vintage or recently discovered winemaker that my cellar can’t survive without. I’m sure that many are quite good and our friends at other stores and journalists are working hard
May 19 2015
My Fair Riesling
  The evolution of North American Riesling offerings, from simple and sweet to dramatically aromatic and superbly dry make this a thrilling time for Riesling lovers. Newcomers to Riesling will find an array of expressions that were untapped until inspired winemakers championed the g
May 17 2015
Pierre André, Clos du Joncuas and la Ferme Saint-Martin; Great Traditional Wines from the Southern Rhone! Rhone Dinner at Racines NY, June 9th!
These three great estates are long-time practitioners of organic and biodynamic farming; Clos du Joncuas has farmed organically since 1920 and has been certified since 1980, Domaine Pierre André has been organic "depuis toujours," certified since 1980 and Biodynamic since 1992, a
May 15 2015
The Age of Champagne
Stand at the seashore or by the fogbank of a fragrant forest and the aromas of place will seem to be the concentrated essence of sea-spray or pine. This is more than just romantic fancy because the tiny water droplets of a fog can contain supersaturated solutions of aromatic compounds. Thanks
May 14 2015
German Mavericks: The Pinot Noirs of Enderle & Moll
When Sven Enderle was growing up in the foothills of the Black Forest, his favorite place to play was in the breezy slopes around Ettenheim, roughly equidistant from Freiburg in Germany and Strasbourg in Alsatian France. Apple trees and grapevines peppered the fields under the protective watch of
May 13 2015
Dine With Michael Dashe: In-Store Tasting and Dinner
We are long time admirers of Michael Dashe. He’s a sweet tempered winemaker whose excitement about fermentation and all things wine is incredibly infectious. Michael and his wife/co-winemaker Anne created Dashe Cellars in 1996 as a project to focus on northern California’s steep, cool
May 12 2015
2012s from Georges Lignier
One of the curious things about Burgundy is how one can manage to have a famous name and a bounty of fine vineyards and remain off the radar. One such grower is Domaine Georges Lignier, who despite having 16 Hectares across 17 appellations (including substantial parcels in multiple grand crus), m
May 8 2015
Wild, Wonderful Steiermark
There are strange stirrings in the south of Austria, encouraging whispers and exciting wines from a small group of ecologically conscientious, hands-off winemakers who are redefining the region. Styria, or Steiermark in Austrian parlance, is a beautiful locale of rolling hills an hour south of Gr
May 6 2015
Rustic and Rugged – The Wines of Southwest France
Between Bordeaux in the north and the Pyrenees Mountains to the south lies the Sud-Ouest. This is one of France’s lesser-known winemaking regions, overshadowed by the prominence of Bordeaux, and isolated by its rural setting (this is the least densely populated region of France with only te
May 5 2015
Spanish Spring Mixed Cases Are Here!
Popular demand and this week's weather forecast have compelled us to assemble another delicious Spanish Mixed Case! This mouthwatering array of energizing whites, juicy rosés, and fresh, complex reds is specially selected to complement the market-fresh vegetables, meats, seafood, and h
May 3 2015
The High Road
Sitting in the multistory steel and glass atrium of the soon to be re-opened 5 Beekman Street, you can’t help but notice the drive and the confidence that marked New York at the end of the 19th century. It was a similar boundless industry and optimism of bold spirits that raised the copper
Apr 30 2015
Welcome to the Club!
Over the last couple of years our Wine Clubs have attracted quite a loyal following. We’ve just added four new ones for you to try or give as a gift. Each month we will carefully curate and select wines and Scotch to guide you through different grape varieties, regions and/or producers. You
Apr 28 2015
2010 Pépière Chateau Thébaud, 2014 Pépière Sur Lie and More Great Muscadet!
                            During this year's winter trip to France we had two occasions to taste the wines of Domaine de la Pépière. Both times we
Apr 27 2015
Poking Around Pays Off: Sensational 2013 Pinot Noirs from Wind Gap
Tasting through new releases from California, we consistently find Pax Mahle's Wind Gap label on the wines we think are the most vibrant and intriguing expressions of the Sunshine State’s cooler corners. At this year's In Pursuit of Balance tasting - a yearly event focused on e
Apr 24 2015
Great 2012 Burgundies from Stéphane Magnien! Dinner at Racines NY, Tuesday, May 5th!!
We were very happy to hear that a small additional quantity of Stéphane Magnien's wonderful 2012s was available, including some of the lovely 1er Cru Faconnières. These are beautiful wines that don't as yet carry the insane price tags attached to the top producers of this st
Apr 23 2015
Great Growths and Great Owls: Top Wines from Lauer and Weiser-Künstler
2013 in the Mosel was tricky, a vintage made difficult primarily from rain during the harvest, but if there is one takeaway from the story of the vintage, it's that results varied widely from grower to grower -- and it's possible that Florian Lauer made the best 2013ers of anyone in the r
Apr 21 2015
Time for Another Installment of Look What We Found in the (Piedmont) Cellar!
Here are a few new arrivals, and also some fine finds in the cellar here. As always, we guarantee the condition of each bottle.There are some older wines from producers we admire but hardly ever see, like Guido Porro, Rizzi, Scarzello...
Apr 20 2015
Single-Vineyard Champagne
Once, the vineyards of Champagne were simply divided into the wines of the mountain and the wines of the river.  During the winters of the Little Ice Age (16c-19c), these wines, particularly those of the river, would often experience stuck fermentations. Spring’s warmth would restart t
Apr 17 2015
Spring is Here (Maybe) - Our First Crop of Rosés!
Rose á Lies is a beautiful Petillant Naturel Rosé from our new friends Lise and Bertrand Jousset in Montlouis-sur-Loire. Made from 40 year-old organic Gamay and Grolleau vines grown on sand and silex soils over limestone. Fermented in used barriques, the wine is bottled at 15 grams of sugar and fini
Apr 16 2015
An Evening with Steve Edmunds at King Bee!
Since its founding in 1985, the Edmunds St. John label has stood for balanced, low-alcohol, and terroir-expressive wines from some of the most unique and well farmed vineyards in the state of California (Fenaughty, Witters, and Barsotti to name a few). Winemaker Steve Edmunds spent decades a
Apr 15 2015
Lilian Duplessis - The New Generation of Chablis!
Organic farming and natural winemaking are not the first things to come to mind when thinking of Chablis. Industrial farming is commonplace, with chemical pesticides and mechanical harvesting in the vines and lab yeasts and other winemaking tricks in the cellar. There are, however, a few producer
Apr 13 2015
Learning to Love VinItaly
We’re kind of learning to love VinItaly. Yes, it’s crowded, sometimes with inebriated sightseers who make it extra-hard to navigate. Yes, the food sucks, but that’s hardly why you go. True, the bathrooms are a topic to avoid – literally, if possible. But it’s excitin
Apr 10 2015
Jefferson's Bourbon - Chambers Street Style
  We continue our Bourbon odyssey with a special selection from Trey Zoeller’s fantastic Jefferson’s label. Jefferson’s is unlike other Bourbon, because instead of distilling they focus on purchasing the best barrels possible from other producers to create superb, ultra
Apr 10 2015
Piedmont Week - Friday - Cavallotto
In the opinion of this map-loving wine geek, Alessandro Masnaghetti, the author of the map pictured above, would already be Sir Alessandro, as he has performed extraordinary services for his country – if only Italy had knighthoods. Masnaghetti’s ever-expanding library of vineyard maps
Apr 9 2015
Piedmont Week - Thursday - De Forville and Barale
A few weeks ago we had a wonderful dinner at Franny’s, the excuse being a chance to taste a number of vintages of De Forville Barbaresco. Prior to dinner, the oldest De Forville I’d tasted was about 14 years old (the excellent 1995), so I really didn’t know what to expect. All o
Apr 8 2015
Piedmont Week - Wednesday - Franco Fiorina
We can’t offer much sound information about Fiorina without blatantly plagiarizing Wasserman’s Italy’s Noble Red Wines; as usual it’s hard to find anything else published. But on Franco Zilliani’s fascinating site, there’s a very informative s
Apr 7 2015
Piedmont Week - Tuesday - A Favorite, Cordero di Montezemolo
Cordero di Montezemolo is one of our great favorites for their wines made up until 1990, after which they went to a modern-style wine. Hearsay has it that things are moving back at Cordero, and I was happy to hear that their 2010s were showing much better than other recent vintages I’d tast
Apr 6 2015
Piedmont Week - Monday - the Historic Wines of Fontanafredda
The historical importance of Fontanafredda for Barolo cannot be overstated; it’s one of the oldest and largest properties in the region, and one of the first to estate-bottle and market under its own label. This is beautifully related in Kerin O’Keefe’s “Barolo and Barbare
Apr 2 2015
Exciting Arrivals from California: Three Mourvèdres and a Pair of Great Grenaches!
Dirty & Rowdy's Hardy Wallace is one of the hardest working (not to mention nicest) winemakers in the business. His expressive lineup of Mourvèdre wines (eight of them) alone requires consistent travel from the winery in Santa Rosa, California to far-flung parcels around
Apr 1 2015
2012 Baudry Clos Guillot and Croix Boissée: Great Wines from Wonderful People!
It gives me great pleasure to offer these superb wines, as 2015 marks a quarter-century of importing Chinons from the wise and affable Bernard Baudry. (I think we began, at Garnet Wines, with 1988, purchased directly from an agent in the Loire, followed by the sensational 1989s which are now drin
Apr 1 2015
Principiano - Fine Barolo That You Probably Haven't Heard About
Grape growing in Barolo and Barbaresco has changed quite a lot in the 12 years since I first visited, the most visible and obvious factor being the greatly diminished use of herbicide – there’s still plenty used, but at least the whole place doesn’t look like the moon with vines
Mar 31 2015
The High Road
Sitting in the multistory steel and glass atrium of the soon to be re-opened 5 Beekman Street, you can’t help but notice the drive and the confidence that marked New York at the end of the 19th century. It was a similar boundless industry and optimism of bold spirits that raised the copper
Mar 28 2015
The Return of Blue Moon Fish!
We're very happy that our friend Alex Villani of Blue Moon fish has recovered from some health issues last fall and is back on the water! His boat, the Blue Moon, operates out of the Mattituck Inlet in Eastern Long Island and since 1988 he has been truckng his fish into the city, first to the Tribec
Mar 27 2015
2012s from Martin Bart and Gilles Lafouge; Lovely Burgundies, Great Values!!
"Value" and "Burgundy" are words that don't frequently go together and yet these two estates consistently produce beautiful wines which we are able to offer at extremely reasonable prices. The 2012 vintage is particularly successful for both Bart and Lafouge with the wines
Mar 26 2015
Early 21st-Century German Greats
Below is a collection of wines from the heady, sepia-tinted days of the first decade of the 21st century, from some familiar favorites. A lot of them in terrific drinking shape now - we've been cherry-picking some of these ourselves since they arrived recently and enjoying them thoroughly. Jo
Mar 24 2015
Spring Cleaning Cellar Selections
Despite the head fake last week in the form of a snowstorm, Spring is finally here! The days are getting longer and despite the chill, they will get warmer. And while ramps haven't arrived at the Greenmarket just yet, we're getting in the spirit of things by helping a couple of friend
Mar 23 2015
New White Wines from Jura and Savoie: Stéphane Tissot, Fabrice Dodane, Céline and Steve Gormally, and more!
Eastern France continues to offer surprises, whether in the form of distinct and flavorful wines from classic producers, or the new generation of winemakers who have been purchasing vines and establishing themselves at the vanguard of natural winemaking in some of France’s most historic win
Mar 22 2015
Vin de Pays, Vin de France: Great Wines, Great Values!
Since we opened, Chambers Street has been happily featuring unknown French growers who make fabulous wines, many of them outside the normal AOC structures either by choice or by geography. Today's offer contains fourteen of our favorite Vin de Pays, Vin de France and otherwise unusual wines.
Mar 20 2015
Native Grapes of Italy
We all love Italian wine. Grapes like Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, Pinot Grigio and Vermentino are very familiar, but many of the lesser-known indigenous grapes of Italy will soon be sharing the spotlight. According to Ian D’Agata’s comprehensive Native Wine Grapes of Italy, the country
Mar 20 2015
Paris/New York "Six Hands Dinner" Thursday, March 26th at Racines!
We invite you to join us at Racines NY as Chef Renaud Marcille from Racines (8 Passage des Panoramas, Paris) and Chef Alexandre Navarro from Racines 2 (39 Rue de l'Arbre Sec, Paris) join together with Chef Frédéric Duca from Racines NY, bringing Paris to 94 Chambers Street for o
Mar 18 2015
Beautiful Wines from Tenerife (Canary Islands): Viñátigo, Ignios, Monje, and Tajinaste.
The Canary Islands started their ascent from the eastern Atlantic more than 20 million years ago, just 100 kilometers off the western coast of Africa near the southern border of Morocco. The gradual emergence of the volcanic island chain began with Fuerteventura and Lanzarote in the east and continu
Mar 18 2015
Louis/Dressner Selections One and One-Half-Day Sale!
For those of you who attended yesterday's Louis/Dressner tasting at Racines NY, consult your notes and select from the wines listed below to save an additional 5% - that means 15% off on any 12 bottles puchased until midnight tomorrow! If you couldn't make it to yesterday's event, her
Mar 13 2015
All About Mags
Everyone loves magnums. They are inherently festive, commanding attention at any occasion. They are also the ultimate size for cellaring due to the larger volume of wine for oxygen to interact with (an interesting experiment for all wine collectors).  We are excited to share this curated sel
Mar 11 2015
Iron City, Strong Spirits
On a recent trip to Pittsburgh I visited numerous watering holes* and was delighted by cocktails crafted from fresh components.  Some drinks featured innovative ingredients (coconut cream, tarragon, crushed red pepper,) others were deftly executed classics, but every bar had an assortment of
Mar 11 2015
37th Annual Louis/Dressner Tasting and Dinner, Benefiting Partners In Health, Tuesday, March 17th! 5 Dinner Seats Still Available!
We're sorry, but the Tasting and Dinner are fully booked. Let's hope we can go back to a Saturday schedule in a larger space for next year's event... This year's Louis/Dressner Tasting and Dinner will take place on Tuesday, March 17th in the beautiful confines of Racines NY at
Mar 10 2015
The Superb 2012 Crozes-Hermitages from Domaine Rousset!
Beginning with the 2009 vintage, and based on a recommendation from Jean Gonon, we have been featuring the wonderful Crozes-Hermitages and Saint-Joseph from Stéphan and Isabelle Rousset.  Stephane's great uncle was the legendary Raymond Roure, from whom the Roussets purchased the
Mar 6 2015
Righteous Rossese
Liguria is one of Italy’s most picturesque and dramatic wine regions. It’s a sliver that runs along the northwest corner of the country where the Maritime Alps jut-out over the Ligurian sea. Many famous towns and cities like Savona and Genova cling to the cliffs, connected by the rais
Mar 6 2015
A Whole Lot of 'Rot'
Over the past few months I’ve enjoyed assembling a small selection of Austrian and German rot weine (red wines) that are a little outside of the norm. By that, I really just mean that these producers make wines that aren't afraid to exhibit a little more idiosyncrasy, simply by eschewin
Mar 2 2015
Dominique Belluard - Savior of Gringet
The wine district of Ayze is in the Savoie region of eastern France, not far from the Swiss border. Here the world’s remaining 20 hectares of an indigenous grape variety known as Gringet are farmed, and half are owned by Dominique Belluard. Dominique took over this estate in 1988 and became
Feb 26 2015
An Evening with Gideon Beinstock (Clos Saron)
Gideon Beinstock of Clos Saron is coming to town and we are thrilled to have an entire evening to spend with him! Following decades of experience in wine sales, winemaking, and viticulture for Renaissance (the pioneering winery in California’s Sierra Foothills), Gideon and his wife, Saron,
Feb 26 2015
An Iberian Wintry Survival Pack
Popular demand and cold weather ennui have compelled us to assemble an Iberian Wintry Survival Pack! This is a case of eight reds and four whites from Spain and Portugal, designed to soothe and fortify you through the final weeks of winter. Rich, warming reds like Mas Marer from Rene Barbier and
Feb 25 2015
California Variety
We’ve never had such a dynamic (and delicious!) selection of Californian wines. Between classics and new producers, if you haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on on the West Coast then you are missing out on a heap of excitement. Winemakers are interested in grape vari
Feb 24 2015
Falkenstein: The Tangy Soul Of The Saar
‘Make wines low in alcohol with lovely aromas.’ A tenet of the legendary Jules Chauvet of Beaujolais, rarely is this phrase associated with German winemaking. Yet the wines of Hofgut Falkenstein in the Saar valley fulfill this as well as any producer in Germany, let alone France. This
Feb 22 2015
Vallana Tasting and Dinner, March 11th, 2015
There are a lot of exciting developments in Italian wine, and one of the most gratifying to us is the revival of Vallana, the great producer in Alto-Piemonte, making Spanna, Gattinara, and Boca. The new generation of the family (now called Fogarty-Vallana) is making fantastic wine again, and Vall
Feb 19 2015
Majestic Mountain Wines: Garnachas de Gredos (and some Albillo too).
To the best of our knowledge, Garnacha originated in northeastern Spain's Aragon region, which was the center of the powerful maritime confederacy known as the Crown of Aragon. From the 12th to 17th centuries, the Crown extended from Spain to absorb the Mediterranean states of Mallorca, Sardi
Feb 16 2015
Psychedelic Booze
We’ve never been so excited by a German liquor! In Germany, there are a variety of delicious herbal spirits, but few make it to our shores outside of the frat house favorite Jägermeister. This is a gross injustice considering how broad the selection of Italian, French and even American
Feb 16 2015
Nebbiolo, NOT Barolo or Barbaresco!
All of the experts agree that Nebbiolo is a tough grape to grow, even on its home ground of Piedmont and a little slice of Lombardy (there are some well-regarded non-Italian Nebbiolos, but so far the only one I’ve enjoyed was made by John Paul at Cameron in Oregon – it actually tasted
Feb 13 2015
Sparkling Wines for Valentine's Day and Beyond
Legend has it that Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony gave Cleopatra wineskins and jars filled with sweet and frothy red wine that was thought to be an aphrodisiac. Whatever your romantic intentions are for Saturday night, every occasion is more festive with bubbles. Below are some of our favori
Feb 12 2015
“Sweet is your Real Estate”
Sweet wines are sadly overlooked, misunderstood, and maligned. Perhaps uncertain of the wines' place at the table, we refer to them as dessert wines, as if to pair with cake or pastry; in truth there can be some inspired pairings. But when the sweetness would serve as a counterpoint to savory
Feb 11 2015
Newly Arrived: An Assortment of French Wines
While we are in the throes of winter, a collector friend has decided to do a bit of spring cleaning. We were happy to help out. Below are a number of Burgundies, with a smattering of Bordeaux, Rhône, Loire reds priced sharply and ready to drink! We're also delighted to have a number of
Feb 10 2015
Events in honor of "Barolo and Barbaresco" by Kerin O'Keefe
There is a surprising lack of well-written and reliable info in English about Italian wine, especially when compared to the acres of books on French wine. We are still dependent on Wasserman’s “Italy’s Noble Red Wines”, and that was last published in 1990! There are other
Feb 7 2015
Rum vs. Rhum
Precursors to rum date back to antiquity with documented examples of drinks made from fermented sugarcane juice in China, India, and Malaysia; however modern-day distillation of this fermented alcohol did not take place until the 17th century on Caribbean sugarcane plantations. The British coloni
Feb 5 2015
A Special Collection of Amaro and Chinato
Excluding some malt Whisky, it’s very unusual to find a vintage date on a bottle of booze. According to the previous owner, everything in this collection was purchased prior to 1990, and most of it well before then. We’ve noted a few bottles that have dated tax-stamps, and there are s
Jan 30 2015
More Fine Old Barolo
A fine range of older Barolo, including some great rarities. As always, we guarantee condition. To see live inventory, please click-through to the website.  
Jan 29 2015
Rieslingfeier 2015
Once again a noble band of German winemakers are currently gracing New York's snowy streets with their charm and knowledge, pouring wines and participating in seminars for this year's German Riesling celebration, Rieslingfeier. For those not attending the dinner or the seminars, we hope y
Jan 28 2015
Barbaresco - not the Produttori
We have not ever exactly hidden our deep attachment to the wines of the Produttori del Barbaresco over the years (and in a couple of months we’ll have a giant collection of those wines for sale). Nonetheless it’s useful and good to remember that other excellent wines are made in Barba
Jan 27 2015
A Few Vintages of Berthet-Bondet Château-Chalon
Jean and Chantal Berthet-Bondet do not come from a long line of winemakers. They do, however, know a thing or two about agriculture. The two met in Montpellier as they pursued their respective courses in agronomy, leading Jean to take an assignment as a cooperante (a voluntary role as a researche
Jan 26 2015
A Bevy of Cool French Wines from a European Cellar
Just arrived: a European cellar purchase containing a number of interesting and ready-to-drink wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhône, and Languedoc. Of special interest are older bottles from Mas de Daumas Gassac and assorted northern Rhônes from Delas and Vallouit, not to mention a nu
Jan 22 2015
Neighbors in Barolo
Neighbors in Barolo These winemakers are neighbors in the town of Barolo (which gives its name to the overall wine district); many are cousins or otherwise connected by marriage. In several instances you can travel from the front door of one winemaker to another’s in less than a minute.
Jan 21 2015
Clos du Joncuas: Old-Fashioned Organic Wines from Gigondas, Vacqueyras and Seguret!
Clos du Joncuas, founded in 1920 by Pierre Auguste Chastan, has always farmed with natural methods and has been officially organic since 1980. Currently run by sisters Dany and Carole Chastan, the estate's Gigondas vines are on slopes below the Dentelles de Montmirail on soils of clay with do
Jan 19 2015
Alzinger, Brundlmayer, Hirtzberger, Knoll, Nigl, Nikolaihof, Pichler and Prager 1983 - 2012.
We offer a recently acquired parcel of Austrian wines, perfectly stored. The wines are in stock, case discounts apply.
Jan 17 2015
Colin-Morey 2013 St. Aubin
This shouldn’t come as news to anyone who loves white Burgundy, but Pierre Yves Colin-Morey has risen to the top rank of the region’s producers. That they have done so based on the less-than-fashionable appellation of St. Aubin, is in some ways the more notable accomplishment. Considered a rising st
Jan 14 2015
Good News! 2012 Pépière "Clisson" and 2010 "Quatre" Have Arrived!
Good news seems to be in short supply these days, but the arrival of great new wines from Domaine de la Pépière is certainly something to celebrate. Our friend Marc Ollivier has given us many beautiful wines over the last twenty-five years and he has added two more brilliant Muscade
Jan 12 2015
2012s From Sylvie Esmonin: "Un Beau Millesime, Très Fin!"
"2012, A beautiful vintage, very fine" says Sylvie Esmonin. "In 2012 we had a tiny harvest. We had a rigourous winter with 15 days below freezing, a variable Spring with a bit of frost, a cool period during the flowering, then coulure and millerandange (poor and irregular fruit
Jan 9 2015
A Dinner With Chris Brockway (Broc Cellars) at King Bee Restaurant on Thursday, January 22nd at 7:00pm
Chris Brockway is coming to town and we are thrilled that he will be joining us for an evening of excellent food, wine, and conversation at King Bee on Thursday, January 22nd, at 7pm! His Berkeley-based winery, Broc Cellars, has long been our favorite domestic source for fresh, pretty, natural wi
Dec 30 2014
La Morra Favorites
A couple of the collectors we’ve been buying from were huge fans of Marcarini and Oddero, so we've been lucky to taste many great older bottles of their consistently excellent wines. Along with Cordero di Montezemolo, the incredibly elusive Accomasso, and the famous Ratti, they are our
Dec 29 2014
Barolo Favorites
Very often the most rare wine is not the most expensive wine. We love these producers for the quality of their older wines and for the fact that they still make some of the best wine in Italy (except for Sobrero, who retired a long time ago, and whose wines are what you might call super-rare); we
Dec 19 2014
A Wine For All Seasons
PLEASE NOTE: CHAMBERS STREET WINES' HOLIDAY HOURS: DECEMBER 31ST: 10-7pm JANUARY 1ST: CLOSED JANUARY 2ND: 10-7pm All other days we'll be open our normal hours. Come pay us a visit and Happy Holidays!     At Chambers Street Wines we believe that no
Dec 18 2014
Teutonic Treats
Frohe Feiertage! Below is a collection of German and Austrian back vintages. Of note is the 1998 Knoll Loibenberg Grüner Veltliner Federspiel, a recent arrival of which we have plenty to share. Piquant and complex, some of us sampled a bottle last night at a fondue party and enjoyed it thoro
Dec 16 2014
The Cadillac of Calvados
The Calvados made by Camut is the Cadillac of Calvados. This might sound like a gimmick or hyperbole, but this 7th generation estate brought Calvados from the bars of Normandy to the most swank, white tablecloth restaurants in Paris. Like good wine, good Calvados starts on the farm and only great
Dec 15 2014
Vecchio Piemonte (and a Little Tuscan Wine)
A small new lot of wine has arrived from a favorite private cellar in Italy. This one includes some older bottles of Gaja, a famous wine of which we have relatively little tasting experience. Our friends who have tried Gaja in depth all seem to agree that the wines need a lot of time to develop,
Dec 12 2014
Holiday Gifts Part 2; Our Staff Suggestions!
Here we offer rare, unusual and just plain delicious wines and spirits, many only available at Chambers Street, that are perfect gift ideas for even the most discerning gourmet on your list!  And for the soccer coach, doorman and distant relatives, we've included a few of our favorite ba
Dec 11 2014
A New Cellar of Older Wines
From the custom-built and temperature-controlled cellar of a New York collector.
Dec 8 2014
Winter Goes Better with Armagnac
Armagnac: fiery, outdated hooch from the days of old or under-the-radar value for lovers of rich, terroir-focused spirits? The answer is probably a bit of both. Like the grower Champagne revolution currently taking place on the other side of France, the best Armagnacs come from small farmer/produ
Dec 5 2014
The Swabian Edge - Many Stones But Little Bread
Swabia – the southwest corner of Germany – is the birthplace of Schiller and Hegel as well as inventors and industrialists like Gottlieb Daimler and Robert Bosch. There is an old phrase that reflects the somewhat grim natural conditions there: ‘Viel Steine gibts und wenig Brot&r
Dec 3 2014
Holidays are Here Again!
The holidays are here and we are ready to assist you with all of your gifting, partying, and food-pairing needs! Whether you're shopping for top-quality values, organic and biodynamic producers, mature and rare wines, or artisanal spirits, our experienced team is available to help you cu
Dec 2 2014
Cornelissen's Best Yet - Come See on Thursday!
Over the years we’ve approached each of Frank’s new vintages with excitement, suspense and perhaps a grain of trepidation. We first tasted the wines about eight years ago – they were vinous rollercoasters with thrilling loops and dives, but sometimes a bit turbid and showing som
Dec 2 2014
Time for Another Installment of: Look What We Found in the Cellar!
Nov 29 2014
California Pinot Noirs Fit for a Feast
The Pinot Noirs we enjoy the most are farmed with care and vinified with restraint so as to express varietal character, terroir, and upbringing. With its variety of soils, viticulture, and winemaking talent, California's vast patchwork of winegrowing regions provides an impressive number
Nov 23 2014
Last Minute Thanksgiving 6-Pack
Things get hectic as the holidays arrive, so if the wine store is one too many places to go and things to do, just click on our Last Minute 6-Pack and we'll deliver six wines sure to please on Thanksgiving. Feauring a great Champagne and a world tour of delicious wines from France, Spain, Ita
Nov 20 2014
Great Affordable Burgundies, for Thanksgiving or for the Cellar!
As the vibrant and delicious 2012 Burgundies begin to arrive, we find ourselves with an outstanding selection of inexpensive wines that are drinking beautifully in their youth - many of which will also cellar well for five to ten years. The Marsannays from Martin Bart are a wonderful example - th
Nov 19 2014
On Coelacanths and Unicorns — A Living Fossil
There’s a fairly common and fairly banal expression among wine cognoscenti for rare bottles from bygone years or long-since retired winemakers: Unicorn Wines. Some love the term; others deride it. Implied is that the wines are nearly mythical due to their rarity. There’s another sort
Nov 17 2014
27th Annual Chambers Street Thanksgiving Email!
Thanksgiving — the wine lover's favorite holiday, when sharing our favorite bird-friendly wines with family, friends and neighbors heightens our enjoyment of this most convivial day! And what do we look for in a Thanksgiving wine? A full-bodied white that will not only complement turkey
Nov 12 2014
We Bought Another Barrel
Bourbon, Bourbon, Bourbon. As we enter prime whiskey season, everyone focuses on America’s most famous of spirits, but maybe we should consider other types of whiskey. Heaven Hill’s master distiller Craig Beam is the hero of our story (against expectations, he does not work for the di
Nov 11 2014
Cider — America's Original Table Wine
There is a renaissance in American cider, with new growers and producers working hard to bring it back to its former glory, producers who are going the extra mile to make ciders that speak not only of the variety of apple (there are more than 14,000 varieties in the U.S. alone), but of true terro
Nov 6 2014
Jura New Arrivals: Domaine du Pont de Breux, Saint Pierre, Buronfosse and Bodines!
We were lucky enough to meet and taste with Jean-Charles Maire at Domaine du Pont de Breux in the Spring of 2013 and finally his brilliant wines have arrived at Chambers Street! In his own words "The domaine was created in 1992, situated in the communes of Marnoz and Salins-les Bains. It con
Nov 2 2014
Beaujolais 2012 - Difficult Vintage, Excellent Wines!
Weather conditions in French vineyards during the 2012 growing season were far from easy, with cool, wet conditions from mid-Spring to late summer bringing mildew and oidium, not to mention hail in many areas, lowering yields by 50% or more. Better weather in late August and September, however, p
Oct 28 2014
Monuments of Alto Piemonte and Oltrepo Pavese
It seems that there’s been a of renewal of the wines of the Alto Piemonte, the wine district near Milano that includes Gattinara and Ghemme, and the even smaller Boca, Bramaterra, Fara, and Lessona. In New York we’ve had the fine wines from Vallana, of course, and Le Piane, and Conti,
Oct 25 2014
The Cornelissen NY Classic Dinner!
Our fourth annual dinner with Frank Cornelissen will be held on Thursday, December 4th. After successful digressions to Chinese food and high-style modern cuisine, this year we return to fine Italian food, at Sophia’s of Little Italy. Yes, it’s true! Little Italy! I know – very
Oct 23 2014
24 Great Value Wines, Chosen by CSW Staff!
Here at Chambers Street, we are very proud of the hundreds of high-quality but inexpensive wines that we offer to our customers. Finding wines at $20, $15 or even at $10 that give our customers the experience of enjoying a real wine of terroir gives us a great deal of pleasure — not to ment
Oct 22 2014
A Celebration of Natural Wine: Book Signing and Dinner with Isabelle Legeron MW!
I am French, I taste for a living, and I recently rediscovered wine. After years learning about wine and tasting bucket loads of the stuff - from the cheap and cheerful to bottles worth a building in some parts of the world - I seem to have come full circle. All I want is real, delicious, natural
Oct 21 2014
An Autumnal Iberian Mixed Case!
Customer requests for a follow-up to our Summery Spanish Mixed Case have been music to our ears! In celebration of cooler days and longer nights, we are pleased to offer an Autumnal Iberian Mixed Case that contains both Spanish and Portuguese wines: warm, spicy reds for braises and stews and
Oct 20 2014
New Arrivals from Julien Guillot at Clos des Vignes du Maynes!
We've just received a small additional shipment of the 2012 vintage from the dynamic Julien Guillot, as well as his beautful sparkling wines and a small allocation of the wonderful 2013 Cuvée 910! The vineyards of the Clos des Vignes du Maynes belonged to the Abbey of Cluny and date ba
Oct 17 2014
Amazing Moscato
Moscato has become a top-selling wine in the US, threatening to overtake the mighty Chardonnay and the even mightier Pinot Grigio; we had a look at the website of a big store upstate, and they offer 136 different bottlings of Moscato! The wine – fizzy and sweet – is credited with help
Oct 15 2014
Great Natural Wines from Cyril Fhal, Clos du Rouge Gorge!
We are proud to offer wines from one of the finest producers of natural/biodynamic wines in France, Cyril Fhal at Clos du Rouge Gorge. The wines of the Clos du Rouge Gorge are elegant, balanced and full of character, perhaps the finest from the new generation of wine-makers in the Languedoc-Roussil
Oct 14 2014
A Champagne Dinner With Pascal Doquet
(Please, forgive us for repeating this email. We had a bit of techical difficulty when it originally went out on Saturday. We are quite thrilled to host Pascal Doquet and would hate for our posting error to cause anyone to miss out on the opportunity to taste his stellar lineup of wines in a dinn
Oct 11 2014
A Champagne Dinner With Pascal Doquet
Although the estate is quite young in terms of Champagne houses, Pascal Doquet produces wines we consider modern classics. In the few years the wines have been available under his own name, we’ve been bowled over by their beauty and terroir expression. Based in Vertus, Pascal has worked the
Oct 10 2014
It's time: Recently arrived and pre-arrival Jura juice!
It’s finally that time of the year again! The leaves are turning, sweaters are coming out, but nothing embodies autumn like the ethereal and energetic wines from the Jura, Savoie and eastern France. And new vintages are now landing from our favorite producers. Jacques Puffeney and Michel Ga
Oct 7 2014
Great Values from the Côte d'Or: Prudhon, Lafouge (on Sale!), Rateau & Jane et Sylvain!
It gives us great pleasure to offer (and drink) great quality Burgundies at reasonable prices. We're very happy to be working with a number of superb producers who remain relatively unknown, either by their aversion to self-promotion or their absence from the various point-scoring publication
Oct 5 2014
Get On The Trolley - New Austrian Arrivals
The city limits of a major European city are not the usual haunts for winemakers, but the northwest corner of Vienna is a notable exception. It was here that the ancient Pannonian Sea halted, leaving a wide assortment of mineral and fossil deposits on sites like the Nussberg hill, which starts at
Oct 3 2014
An Evening with Steve Matthiasson! Thursday, October 23rd at Blue Ribbon Brooklyn.
Lovers of American wine and followers of the "New California" movement require no introduction to the work of Steve and Jill Klein Matthiasson. The Napa-based husband and wife team met twenty years ago through their shared work in sustainable agriculture, a partnership that has resulted
Oct 2 2014
2012 Baudry "Les Grézeaux" and Other Highlights of the Loire!
We're very fortunate to have visited and tasted with Matthieu and Bernard Baudry many times over the last few years, and we're excited to offer the vibrant 2012 Chinon "Les Grézeaux" that we first tasted out of barrel in May of 2013.  I was struck then with the lovel
Oct 1 2014
Other Older Italian Wines
Most of these wines are made from Nebbiolo, and are primarily from eastern Piedmont - closer to Milano than to Barolo. They don't have the structure and depth of good Barolo / Barbaresco, but they do live a very long time, and they have the potential to provide a lot of drinking pleasure - an
Sep 29 2014
The Big Cellar, Part 3
This is the third installment we've received from this private collection in Italy; the first two rounds more than proved that the wines are in beautiful condition. The cellar in question might be almost as large as the one shown in the photo, but it's not all in one room! Please don&
Sep 25 2014
Traditional Wines from the Northern Rhone: 2010, 2011 and Before...
2010 is a truly exceptional vintage in the Northern Rhone. We are happy to offer three wines from estates whose traditional vineyard work and vinifications have produced superb, age-worthy wines of terroir, as well as a selection of older wines from these estates, and the recently released 2011 C
Sep 19 2014
We Won!
If it's on the Inter-Web, it must be true, right? So we are very happy to have won Jancis Robinson's contest: The Best Independent Wine Retailer! We are really grateful to all who wrote-in on our behalf. And we are equally grateful to all of our friends, customers, and co-workers who have
Sep 17 2014
Organic Outer-Borough Burgundy
I will readily admit to an abiding love for Burgundy. The appellations roll off the tongue: Chambolle-Musigny, Vosne-Romanée, Volnay, Pommard… I’ll also confess to having great affection for less name-brand Burgundies. While not exactly household names, the less famous village
Sep 16 2014
The Weiser-Künstler Experience: 2013ers build on their increasing mystique
“We leave them up there to scream, to get over their fears. I instruct them to focus on what’s in front of them, one vine at a time. Then when they finish, they can look down.” So terrifying are the heights of the Ellergrub vineyard near Enkirch that this is the method Alexandra
Sep 10 2014
A Chambers Street First: We Bought a Full Barrel of Bourbon!
The Bourbon industry is exploding, and stocks of aged whiskey are being depleted by customers around the world eager to try America’s most celebrated spirit. This is great for business, but one of the issues with an aged spirit is that it takes time – a whole 12 years for Heaven Hill&
Sep 8 2014
Filmmaker Dinner at Racines NY, Sept 10th, With Jonathan Nossiter, Director of "Mondovino." Seats Still Available!
On Wednesday September 10th Racines NY at 94 Chambers Street will offer a fixed-price dinner with screening and discussion with Mr. Nossiter (Producer/Director of "Mondovino") celebrating the upcoming release of his highly acclaimed new film "Natural Resistance," currently pla
Sep 4 2014
Jonathan Nossiter's New Film "Natural Resistance" at Racines NY, Wednesday Sept. 10th!
Our friend Jonathan Nossiter, producer/director of "Mondvino," will be in New York September 10th and 11th for preview screenings of his new film "Natural Resistance." Mixing documentary and fiction, the film portrays the lives of Italian natural winemakers who rebel against t
Sep 3 2014
Joe Dougherty
Joe Dougherty, a great friend and a great lover of wine and wine-makers, passed away Friday night. He was the most generous of souls, with his time, his energy, his wine, his friendship and his wonderful smile. "Dinner for 30 winemakers? Let's do it at my place," he'd say, and t
Aug 29 2014
Upcoming Tastings and Events
Our Fall 2014 tasting calendar is taking shape with an incredible lineup of wines, winemakers, spirits, and special guests from around the world. It starts tonight, Friday 8/29, with a tasting of Scotches from Bruichladdich distillery on the island of Islay and tomorrow, Satur
Aug 28 2014
Some Burgundy
All sold out! Many thanks for your interest!
Aug 27 2014
Pascal Agrapart’s Stunning 2007 Blanc de Blancs.
Champagne lovers are beginning to care a lot about vintage, which is a testament to the fact that they are viewing Champagne as wine first and foremost. This is refreshing and mildly surprising because the vast majority of Champagne is bottled non-vintage, and it’s widely held that vintage-
Aug 25 2014
An Evening With Rebecca Work Of Ampelos Cellars
Rebecca and Peter Work of Ampelos Cellars first grabbed our attention with their unique and lovely Viognier, which puts a cool-climate twist on the variety's trademark peach and floral notes with unusually bright acidity, herbal and mineral undertones, and a refreshing hint of sea salt.
Aug 18 2014
Muscadet, The Flavor of Stone: Bossard, Luneau-Papin, Louvetrie, Pépière, Brégeon and More!
We're happy to acknowledge the fine article on Muscadet by Eric Asimov in the New York Times (Currently on-line, in the print edition this Wednesday) by offering our full selection of these great and affordable wines from our favorite producers. Please note some recent arrivals to Chambers St
Aug 15 2014
A Summery Spanish Mixed Case!
We are inspired by the pairing potential of late-summer produce, fresh seafood, and grill-worthy meats with the crisp, complex whites, elegant rosados, and bright, juicy reds on our Spanish shelves. The 2013 vintage has arrived from a number of our favorite producers, including Raventós
Aug 13 2014
Let's Talk About Sekts
If you think that modern German sparkling wine is but an imitation of Champagne, you are partially right. Formal production began only in 1826, and it was indeed a former employee of Veuve Clicquot who was responsible, one Georg Christian Kessler, who transported the concept to Esslingen am Necka
Aug 12 2014
The Lovely 2012 Burgundies of Stéphane Magnien!
We've been looking forward to the 2012s from the young and talented Stéphane Magnien, and indeed the wines are superb with pure, bright fruit aromas, moderate alcohol, lovely terroir expression on the palate and great potential for medium to long term cellaring! Stéphane is the
Aug 6 2014
Partners with Pinon: An Historic Offering from the Pinon Family!
On the morning of June 17th, 2013, a horrible hail storm slashed through Vouvray, especially the vineyards around Vernou and Vallée de Cousse, home of our friend Francios Pinon. 85% of his crop was lost, and this came after a very small 2012 vintage that produced almost nothing except P&ea
Aug 5 2014
Late Summer Rosés: Don't be Afraid!
It happens every year: a big, full-bodied, gutsy rosé comes into stock (say, for example, Clos du Joncuas Gigondas rosé), which is cherry-red and bold in flavor. I say to David Lillie "that wine scares me," and he replies "but what would you do if you had a tuna steak
Aug 2 2014
Shannon Kete and John Walker’s Wine Registry
  One thing we enjoy in abundance (ahem) is wine. Chambers Street Wines in Tribeca has been of good counsel to John and Shannon in this regard and has kindly offered us the wedding registry detailed below. We’d be very excited and grateful to receive any of the wines below, and
Aug 1 2014
2012: Clemens Busch's Crossover Hit
Clemens Busch is in many ways the conscience of the Mosel. He stopped using chemical pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers in the mid-1980s and began incorporating biodynamic practices in 2005. Those choices placed him at the forefront, if not making him the leader, of the growing cadre of Mose
Jul 31 2014
The Distinctive Irouleguy Wines of Domaine Ilarria!
A few months ago we placed our twice-yearly order for wines from Peio Espil at Domaine Ilarria. It was a small order, as these fascinating wines have remained largely unknown and appreciated by only a few of our most intrepid customers. We're happy to see in yesterday's New York Times tha
Jul 30 2014
The Contest!
We have the ugly habit of scoffing at much mainstream wine writing, but we have tremendous respect for Jancis Robinson, who in the course of offering her own opinions about specific wines has also developed a remarkable team that has produced magisterial works like the “Oxford Companion to
Jul 25 2014
Racines NY in the NY Times!
We're proud and happy that our neighbors at 94 Chambers Street have received a lovely 2-star review from Pete Wells in the Times! Racines NY was conceived by master sommelier Arnaud Tronche with help from partners David Lanher of Racines, Paris and CSW's David Lillie. After two years of s
Jul 23 2014
Rye Revolution
The grains used in American whiskey used to be determined by region. If it came from north of the Maison-Dixon line there was little chance of corn mingling with the local rye, wheras in Bluegrass country and further south, corn became the dominant grain – most famously as the main ingredie
Jul 22 2014
Great Values from the Languedoc-Roussillon: Eric Laguerre and Thierry Navarre!
We're very proud to be working with two of the finest estates in the Languedoc-Roussillon, both with high-altitude mountain vineyards producing superb wines of terroir. A visit to Eric Laguerre in Saint-Martin de Fenouillet requires steep climbs through a mountain pass up to the highest viney
Jul 17 2014
Allez Les Bulles!
Inevitably, there comes a time in the summer when we find ourselves gazing longingly at our non-Champagne sparkling wine selection, possessed by an epic thirst only quenched by refreshing bubbles. As die-hard lovers of Champagne, it took a bit of a paradigm shift to bring us to reveling in m&eacu
Jul 11 2014
Cleaning Up Someone Else's Cellar, Part 3 - A to Z
There are still some wonderful wines left from this fine cellar; all are at very reasonable prices.
Jul 10 2014
Part 2 of Cleaning Up Someone Else's Cellar: M - Z
As promised, here's M - Z, and some wine that escaped from being included in Part 1. We remind you that you can view up-to-the-minute inventory on our website simply by clicking on the article title, on the photograph, or on the link below this paragraph - then refresh that page periodica
Jul 8 2014
Cleaning-Up Someone Else's Cellar, A - L
We've volunteered to help make some space in our friend's cellar, and he sent us about 100 cases of wine. The cellar itself is a top-of-the-line installation, the wines look beautiful, and you will find very tempting prices - maybe irresistible. There is truly something for everyone here.
Jul 7 2014
A Seasonal Favorite
It’s our preference to have any wine we sell in stock all year. Of course over a year there are a lot of wines that run-out, and there are some (fortunately not too many) that are a once-a-year treat. I lose track of time, but I would have sworn that I first met Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey
Jul 2 2014
Long-Awaited 2012ers From Immich-Batterieberg and Knebel
Back in early April we offered these wines on pre-arrival. They are here and they are deserving of all, if not more, of our original enthusiasm. Overall, the wines have a magical grace and poise, an ethereal and delicate brightness that allows the terroir to come through with considerable clarity
Jun 30 2014
More Cellar Search Results
We've finished inventory and have turned up some more interesting bottles - at interesting prices.
Jun 27 2014
Recent Arrivals From California: AmByth, La Clarine Farm, Arnot-Roberts, Enfield, and More!
We have not yet tasted a wine from AmByth that we didn't like - make that love! AmByth is Paso Robles' first and only Demeter-certified biodynamic estate comprising 20 acres of high-altitude grapevines, farmed impeccably and vinified naturally by Phillip
Jun 26 2014
Look What We Found In The Cellar!
We're finally doing an inventory and we've found some pretty fine bottles that had slipped through the cracks. Please help us to continue to clean up!
Jun 25 2014
Great Weather, and Our Top Wines to Pair with it ....
It seems that each year when our friend Eric Asimov of The New York Times publishes his top 20 wines for summer, we feel the need to follow suite. We've been fortunate to enjoy a prolonged early summer with fabulous bounty from our local farmer's markets; we've been cooking up a storm
Jun 20 2014
Barolo and Barbaresco, 2010
It rubs a bit the wrong way to feel we might be joining in some kind of mass hysteria - as promoted online and in print - but after tasting 2010 Barolo in Piedmont over 2 years  (visiting 40-50 producers, many twice, some 3 times) we are feeling very positive about the vintage. The wines (ev
Jun 18 2014
June Muscadet Madness, Featuring the 2013 Pépière Clos des Briords!
The discovery of outstanding wine in the Pays Nantais has been one of the greatest pleasures of my drinking life. Beginning with Jo Landron in the late 80s, I was beginning to realize that there was good terroir and great wine in Muscadet Sèvre et Maine, but it was the wines of Marc Ollivi
Jun 17 2014
Champagne: A Motley Crew.
We have a crop of wonderful new Champagnes in stock in a variety of styles and pricepoints! We have fresh faces, and we have new releases from growers we’ve loved for years. We have rich, shell-y Blanc de Blancs, and we have burnished, vinous Blanc de Noirs. There’s something for ever
Jun 11 2014
Burgundy, including some newly arrived wines, like Barthod...
Every couple of years we need an excuse to post this picture.
Jun 10 2014
Christian Ducroux's 2013 "Exspectatio" - a Great Natural Wine!
Christian Ducroux makes some of the most delicious "natural" wines of France on his tiny estate in Thulon, above Regnié-Durette. HIs wines have achieved cult status in France and are almost impossible to find there, but happily Christian gives Chambers Street a nice allocation. M
Jun 4 2014
Barale, Burlotto, Cappellano - and some other fine old Piedmont wine
Three of our great favorites appear at the top of this list; the quantities are not large, but as the wines are hard to find, this is an unusually rich offering. Unlike many of their neighbors they made excellent wine back in the day, AND we love the wines they make now. To see up-to-date inv
Jun 2 2014
Entirely a Different Kind of Fiasco
If you want to bring a gleam of nostalgia to the eye of a person of a certain age, just mention the Chianti fiasco (or fiascho). It’s the flask-shaped bottle, with the bottom covered in straw. We might not be as old as the characters from Mad Men, but many of us of will remember first encou
Jun 1 2014
Steinmetz 2012s: Top Vintage from a Mosel Classicist
It will come as no surprise to anyone who’s read our missives about the 2012 vintage in Germany, that, like some of our other favorites, Stefan Steinmetz had a banner year. He crafted delicate, fragrant, chiseled, dry-ish wines that are emphatically old-school Mosel in style. Stefan always
May 28 2014
Organic and Biodynamic Burgundies from Jean-Claude Rateau and Jane et Sylvain!
We're very happy to have a new shipment from our organic friends, Jane et Sylvain in Gevrey-Chambertin and we're extremely proud to feature new arrivals from Jean-Claude Rateau who was the first Biodynamic vigneron in Burgundy, dating back to 1979! Jean-Cluade Rateau was the fourth vi
May 27 2014
New Bounty in Eastern France!
Has this ever happened to you? You visit a wine bar in a foreign city (in this case Avignon); you order something interesting off the list that you’ve never seen before (in this case a white wine from the Savoie, because you’d like a break from the full-bodied reds of the south); you
May 21 2014
Fire On The Mountain
In Italy grappa is as common as mopeds and Fiats. We know from dining in Italy that grappa has an unparalleled ability to come to the rescue after many plates of pasta.  Italians are known to lace espresso, or even cake, with a healthy pour of the stuff.  The appreciation has not quite
May 20 2014
Rosé, Part Two: Baudry, Terres Dorees, Vissoux, Pradeaux, Gourgonnier and Many More!
Very high on our list of Most Favorite Rosés is the beautiful Chinon made by our good friends Bernard and Matthieu Baudy. This delightful Cabernet Franc is light, refreshing, subtle, and complex. Great by itself as an aperitif, it's also a fine accompaniment to seafood, grilled chicken
May 15 2014
Mature Rioja From CVNE & The Last Of 2001 Tondonia!
We love mature Spanish Riojas for the reliable pleasures and extended drinking windows that they offer. The Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España (CVNE) has been producing wines that exemplify these qualities since its founding in Haro, the heart of the Rioja Alta, in
May 14 2014
Ferdinand's Last Stand - More Unearthed Treasure From The Mosel
It is always a treat to drink the results of the pure, lithe bounty of 2001 in the Mosel. As they age, the structure and crackle that marks the vintage helps the wines to continue to improve remarkably. We have come across two 2001ers from the now defunct Weingut Ferdinand Krebs that represent so
May 8 2014
Sensational Values from the Loire Valley - Guion, Parentière and Puzelat-Bonhomme!
The wines of Stephane Guion have been great favorites of ours for many years, offering a uniquely earthy and mineral style of Cabernet Franc from his beautiful vineyards in Bourgueil, in organic farming since 1965! Stephane's plowing regimen contributes to a low soil PH, which translates into
May 6 2014
New Arrivals from France; Loire, Burgundy, Beaujolais!
Tis the season for new arrivals and some very exciting new wines have docked in Newark and made their way to Chambers Street! Loire Valley:  2012 is proving to be an excellent vintage for Loire Valley reds, but quantities, as elsewhere in France, were very low. This makes the new arrival
Apr 30 2014
Annual Early Spring Rosé Round-Up!
Some winters never seem to end, but we’re optimistic that where rosé wine goes, spring weather follows, and rosé is here! We’re happy to report that as the days lengthen and grow (for the most part) mild and sunny, we’re drinking some of our favorite rosés:
Apr 28 2014
Welcome the Spring with Rum!
Here in NYC it’s starting to thaw – last month’s ice and slush patches are returning to pavement, and TriBeCa’s dogs have traded in their sweaters for a more natural look. All of this makes us thirsty for the fresh flavors of the Caribbean. Rum has been slowing gaining a f
Apr 23 2014
The Young Master.
When I arrived chez Bérèche for my appointment a week and a half ago, the winery was in a state of chaos. I found Raphaël wearing an apron and moving a mile a minute. He was racking the 2013 wines from barrel to stainless steel tank, and the winery floor was covered in plastic
Apr 19 2014
Produttori del Barbaresco 1967 - 2000
We are fresh out of the 1895... but we do have some more recent wine from the Produttori del Barbaresco. The Cantina Sociale di Barbaresco, as shown in the price-list above, ran from 1894 - 1930, and some of the member-families went on to found the Produttori in 1958. The quality of the wines fro
Apr 16 2014
We Found the Big Cellar
Actually this is the third batch we've received from this incredible treasure trove in Piemonte. The real cellar isn't quite as big as the one pictured, but we expect to have the opportunity to do some more mining... As always, the condition of the wine is guaranteed by us. If you lin
Apr 11 2014
Setubal and Friends!
Chambers Street Wines had the opportunity to buy some wine from a great cellar that a gentleman had built up over many decades.  He stopped adding to this cellar in 1990.  The wines we are offering never moved until his heirs decided to sell off what remained.  These wines were ver
Apr 7 2014
Taste Great Jura Wines With Stephane Tissot, Thursday April 10th at Racines NY!
We're happy to announce that the dynamic Stephane Tissot of Domaine Andre and Mireille Tissot in the Jura will be joining us for a festive tasting this Thursday, April 10th at 7:30. We'll taste the full range of Stephane's wines while enjoying a superb light supper and we'll get a
Apr 3 2014
Nothing says “Spring!” like a Bottle of Poulsard …
How do wines come to take on seasonal character? With central heat and air conditioning, we can turn our domiciles into saunas in December if we feel like sipping a crisp Sancerre, and refrigerators in July if we fancy a nice bottle of Piorat. Yet even in an age when we’re at liberty to esc
Apr 1 2014
Knebel and Immich-Batterieberg - More Great 2012s
The affable, soft-spoken Matthias Knebel has been making the wines at his family's estate since 2009. They've been a constant presence in the German section here at Chambers Street since well before then, albeit mostly in the form of the entry-level dry Riesling and the multi-site blend,
Mar 30 2014
Just Arrived - the Brilliant 2012s from the Clos des Vignes du Maynes! Taste with Julien Guillot Wednesday, April 2nd, 5 to 7:30.
Since the release of the superb Cuvèe 910 last summer, we have been eagerly awaiting the rest of the 2012s from the talented Julien Guillot. The vineyards of this estate belonged to the Abbey of Cluny and date back to at least 900 AD and it is the oldest practicing organic vineyard in France. Acq
Mar 23 2014
New Old Wine
Having now tasted quite a few wines from this fine cellar in Piedmont (this is the second installment we've received,) we can testify that the bottles are dusty but the wines are fine, or even better than fine. JW
Mar 19 2014
CSW & Louis/Dressner Selections Benefit Tasting for Partners-in-Health - Partial List!
Please join us this Saturday to raise much-needed cash for Partners-in-Health while tasting over eighty fabulous wines imported by our friends at Louis/Dressner Selections! We're in the Granite and Rose Rooms at City Hall Restaurant this Saturday, March 22nd from 1:00 'til 5:00, $20 admis
Mar 13 2014
1989 Hans Kramp: An Incredible Find In The Saar
Lots of folks in the wine industry sell wine through storytelling. We prefer instead to tell you a little bit about a wine or spirit we like and why we think you should buy it; this can include anecdotes about the people who make the wine or perhaps some technical information about how they care
Mar 12 2014
Chinon Dinner with Baudry and Raffault at Marlow & Sons, Thursday March 20th!
Join us for a Rabelaisian feast celebrating the great Chinons of Domaine Bernard Baudry and Domaine Olga Raffault, next Thursday at 7pm, hosted by our good friends at Marlow and Sons, 81 Broadway in Brooklyn. Matthieu and Hélène Baudry and Sylvie Rafault and her husband/winemaker Er
Mar 11 2014
43rd Annual CSW & Louis/Dressner Selections Grand Portfolio Tasting and Benefit - Saturday, March 22nd at City Hall Restaurant, 1 to 5:00pm!!
New York's most exciting wine tasting of the year will be held once again in the spacious Granite Room and Rose Room of City Hall Restaurant at 131 Duane Street. All proceeds from this event (as well as $500 donations from Chambers Street Wines and Louis/Dressner) will go to Partners-in-Healt
Mar 7 2014
Upcoming Spanish Wine Tastings & New Arrivals From López, Els Jelipins & More!
This Saturday, March 8th, we are pleased to welcome Mikel Martinez from Bodegas Hermanos Peciña, whose Riojas have become a staple on our Spanish shelves for their commitment to traditional winemaking, organic viticulture, native yeast fermentations, and excellent quality at everyday price
Mar 6 2014
New Arrivals to Celebrate The End of Winter!
In a few short weeks the winter of 2013-2014 will be distant memory, right? Or perhaps we'll have two or three more snowstorms? Whatever happens, we hope this selection of recent arrivals will bring a smile and some great wine into your life. There's something here for everyone, including
Mar 3 2014
Spotlight on the Savoie:
As we’ve watched the unusual wines of the Jura reach the heights of wine fashion, we’ve wondered when the Savoie would follow. I’m compelled to dispel the notion that the Jura and the Savoie have anything to do with one another. The Jura is part of the Franche-Comté,
Feb 27 2014
Dinner With Cathy Corison: A Vertical Tasting Of Napa's Most Elegant Cabernets (Monday, March 10th)
For nearly three decades Cathy Corison has produced Napa Valley's most consistently elegant Cabernets, effortlessly fusing the inherent power of the region (and grape) with the grace and restraint that has become her signature. Late last year we found ourselves in possession of a complete
Feb 22 2014
It's not Gonon, but..
It’s an exciting time to follow the evolution of California’s wine identity, which is in a constant state of flux due to an expanding number of talented winemakers.   Instead of inheriting thousands of years of viticultural heritage, or developing a complex control system li
Feb 21 2014
Dinner: Esoteric Old Austrians At Blaue Gans
We don’t often get to taste widely from the old cellars we bring in; we’re a business after all, and can’t keep everything to ourselves. Sometimes, though, we can’t resist and the recent enormous cellar of Austrian wine was just one of those instances. We’ve decided
Feb 17 2014
Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone - The Long List, Part 2
These wines were purchased on release and come from a temperature-controlled cellar on Long Island; it's probably the coldest cellar we've ever spent time in - 42 degrees - and we had to keep our winter clothes on to take inventory. Years ago there was an unfortunate accident and some bot
Feb 17 2014
A Crazy Long List of Interesting Wines, Part 1
From two fine cellars belonging to true wine lovers, a mash up of fine wine from France, Italy, Spain, CA, Misc....Something for everyone!
Feb 10 2014
Nancy Bear and Eric Gural’s Wine Registry
We always love receiving special bottles from the special people in our lives, so we've enlisted the help of our favorite wine gurus at NYC's Chambers Street Wines and created a Wedding Wine Registry. Below you will find a list of wines that reflect the styles and regions in the world
Feb 9 2014
Champagne: What We’re Drinking Now…
A few days ago our good friend, Mike Carleton of the small Connecticut-based import company, Transatlantic Bubbles, braved the worst snow storm of the season to bring us Champagne to taste. Low and behold, his bag was full of delicious wines that revived us from the torpor of dreary January with
Feb 8 2014
Reisetbauer: Drink Your Fruit (and Vegetables!)
Over the past 20 years Hans Reisetbauer has risen to the forefront of Eau-de-Vie distillation.  (Eau-de-Vie, meaning “water of life” is the evocative French name for fruit brandies.)  In Austria there is also a proud tradition of making these spirits, but one would be more l
Feb 4 2014
Some more bottles from Italy, including a great group of Produttori wines.
Feb 4 2014
Rieslingfeier; Recent German Arrivals, New and Old
There's been lots of activity in our German section recently. More of the excellent 2012s are arriving (and one should stock up on these as the 2013 vintage looks to be quite tiny); great producers are offering library releases, and we are continuing to find collections of well-stored older w
Jan 30 2014
A Massive Collection Of Old Austrian Wine - Part 2
Today's offer, the second and final installment of this extensive collection of old Austrian wines, features our favorite Wachau producers, Nikolaihof, Prager, and Knoll (older Alzinger, sadly, remains scarce). None of these estates need an introduction to anyone who’s been reading our
Jan 30 2014
A Massive Collection of Old Austrian Wine - Part 1
We have purchased an incredible collection of aged white wine from a truly great old cellar in Austria. It is so big that this time we had to break in into multiple emails. As we've said before, these whites are among the most age-worthy and complex in the world, and the wines are so rare tha
Jan 29 2014
Delicious Values From Spain, Featuring A Casual Mixed Case!
Discovering fresh and affordable wines to drink every day can be just as exciting as selecting old and rare bottles for special occasions. The Spanish department is home to many exceptional wines under $20 (a number of which are under $15!), including new vintages of old favorites as well as prod
Jan 24 2014
Emerging From the Shadows of Bordeaux
Ancient, Tenacious Reds of South-West France The South-west of France was once the supplier of wines to Roman Emperors, the Gauls having planted vines as early as 600 B.C. by some accounts. These days, ancient sites and expressive, elegant wines fit for the ruling classes are selling at decid
Jan 22 2014
When you walk from neighboring vines into Roagna’s vineyard, you feel a little as if you’d left the desert for an oasis; on the day the photo above was taken there were birds, butterflies, and rabbits amongst the vines. Aside from the remarkable quality of Roagna’s wines, it&rsq
Jan 21 2014
Japanese Whisky: A New Tradition
Suntory, Japan’s first and most prominent malt whisky distillery, announced last week that they were going to purchase Jim Beam for about $13.5 billion. Although not yet a household name in the states, Suntory, and the ever more visible Japanese whisky industry, are set to take the whisky w
Jan 17 2014
Restocking the Northern Rhône...
Lost during the epic struggle of the holidays, new shipments arrived from two of our favorite northern Rhône producers, Domaine Rousset in Crozes-Hermitage and Domaine Barou in Saint-Joseph. We've finally gotten all the wines into the store and on the shelves and we're happy to report tha
Jan 15 2014
Restocking the Jura...
Oh the cosmic rhythm of the wine store. The final month of the old year depletes our stocks; the first month of the new replenishes… Quite possibly the best aspect of January is putting new wines on the shelf (let’s face it; the weather leaves something to be desired…). This w
Jan 10 2014
Fabulous 2011s from Domaine de Montille!
One of our favorite Burgundy producers is de Montille in Volnay, a Domaine that dates back to the 1800s.  Along with Lafarge and D'Angerville, Domaine de Montille produces some of the longest lived Volnays and some of the very best Pommards to cross our paths. De Montille's Rugiens &
Jan 7 2014
Beaujolais 2014! 2013 Ducroux Prologue, Descombes 2012s, Pignard and Vionnet 2011s!
We salute the New Year, and with it the arrival of Christian Ducroux's delicious 2013 Prologue, the lovely 2012 Brouilly and Morgon from Georges Descombes, and the return of the wonderful 2011s from our new friends, Joëlle and Roland Pignard. 2013 will not go down in history as a gre
Jan 2 2014
Cleaning Up in the Cellar
We’ve found some nice bottles in our cellar that hadn’t been added to inventory until today. In addition, a few special wines have just arrived, courtesy of a private cellar in northern Italy (so far north that from nearby vantage points you can see Switzerland). We are in love with t
Dec 29 2013
New Year’s Eve… Chambers Street Style.
“Champagne is not a festive beverage. Champagne is a wine that should be drunk every day and for no apparent reason. Life is short, hard, and can often suck.” (The Art of Living According to Joe Beef ) As we learned last year, the best way to celebrate New Year’s Eve is to g
Dec 18 2013
Noteworthy Older Wines for Gifts and Holiday Dining
We repeat ourselves, again (and again), in waxing enthusiastic about older wine from California. When some Italian friends came to visit here for the first time last week, they LOVED the 1986 Phelps Insignia. An experienced customer was knocked-out by the 1985 Silver Oak Alexander, and another by
Dec 17 2013
Signatory's Classic Single Malts
Whisky is more popular than ever.  In the United States the surge has been led by ultra-aged Bourbons and the ever-expanding landscape of small, local-production distilleries, but we haven’t forgotten about Scotch.  Single Malt Scotch is made entirely from barley, and distilled in
Dec 16 2013
Noteworthy Wines for Gifts and Holiday Dining - There's Still Time!
For all you late shoppers, we offer a unique selection of wines and spirits for the holidays, many of which are new arrivals, featuring mature wines and special selections from all our favorite regions. The weather outside is not too frightful, so whether you're in Manhattan or anywhere in th
Dec 12 2013
Last Hurrah (in 2013) for Old Piedmont Wine
This is most likely our last offer of old Piedmont wine this year; there are some interesting wines we want to draw your attention to: Barolo Chinato is a ‘digestivo’ – something you usually drink after a meal, although in Piedmont some people like it as an aperitif. It has
Dec 12 2013
Domestic Favorites From AmByth, Dragonette, Bow & Arrow; A Visit From Scholium Project's Abe Schoener!
The season for obligatory merriment is here, providing a variety of excuses to open delicious wines and share them with others! The domestic shelves are presently full of party-friendly and gift-worthy bottles, ranging from the experimental to the classic. Our California offers tend to be dominat
Dec 9 2013
New Von Racknitz! Plus The New York Times and Us
We are huge fans of Eric Asimov and his excellent wine columns in the New York Times. Often we find his taste lines up with our own, and he's done more than almost any other writer to help bring attention to the lesser-known regions and categories of the vinous world that we focus on. Just th
Dec 8 2013
Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything
At heart I have zero interest in gadgets – I’m not intrigued, I don’t want to own another one, and I’m hardly what could be called an early adapter: I only recently bought a cellphone for the first time (of course it’s true that my wife says I love my iPhone, but I d
Dec 3 2013
A Newly Arrived Boatload of Older Wine from Piedmont
A year or more has passed since we last wrote about handling old wine. A happy number of fine bottles have passed across our table since then, and the additional tasting experience has reinforced our conviction that old Piedmont wines need to be decanted, and that they only benefit from time in t
Dec 2 2013
Germany, 1959-2011; Austria, 1993-2010
Another slew of older wines from Germany and Austria has landed in our cellar, right at the busiest time of year when we don't have room for any of it! We hope you'll help us make room downstairs, and we've priced these quite well to encourage you to do just that. The wines below have