Ben Haines 2016 Warramunda Volta Brackets Marsanne

Ben Haines is on a mission to showcase "magic dirt" from around Yarra Valley, Australia, particularly focusing on vineyards with Rhône varieties. This Marsanne is from the Warramumba vineyard made up of clay, sandstone, and mudstone. The soil really comes through on the nose with this wine, and certainly on the palate with its mineral texture. The wine goes through a long fermentation and is then aged in 10% new oak, the rest in neutral barrels, with 14 months on the lees. It only goes through 10% malolactic conversion which allows this Marsanne to maintain a good amount of acidity to balance the rich, mouth-coating texture. This is a great pairing for roast poultry or creamy pasta dishes, and it does well with some time in a decanter to let it open up. Michelle DeWyngaert

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Limus 2018 Adelaide Hills Tidal

The Tidal is a truly compelling blend from Australian winemaker, Limus. This vintage is ~60% Pinot Noir from Mount Gambier, and ~40% Merlot from Mount Compass. The combination of these coastal vineyards and the volcanic and glacial, sandy soils, results in a unique expression of brininess from the ocean breezes, and a deep, black, rocky minerality. The Merlot adds body and depth to the freshness of the Pinot Noir and an intensely long finish. The wine is fermented in aged in neutral barrels before blending and bottling with no additives, including sulfur. The salinity of this wine makes me want to grill up some swordfish steaks, or throw a curveball and pair it with some briny oysters. Michelle DeWyngaert

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