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Mariam Iosebidze 2014 Georgia Tavkveri

One of a very few Georgian wines made by a woman. You thought it was patriarchal in the West, but Mariam is smart and plenty strong and she’s had the advantage of working with John Wurdeman (Pheasant’s Tears) and the support that comes with knowing John.  I’ve tried a few Tavkveri and it certainly it worked well in warm August weather in Georgia. Light and fresh with some cranberry fruit, it makes me think of Schiava. Mariam’s Tavkveri is bit darker and more structured; the wine is macerated on the skins for two days and then half the skins are removed; the total fermentation is for 30 days in qvevri. One of my favorite reds of the trip. No SO2! Jamie Wolff     Refreshing and expressive, Mariam Iosebidze’s Tavkveri  leaps out of the glass with aromas of sandalwood incense, white pepper, and plenty of fresh red fruit.  Tart cranberries, green strawberries, and bay leaf swirl across the palate. This Georgian red displays great finesse and refreshing structure, with lively acidity and chewy tannins. A beautiful pairing with barbecued meats, curried chicken, or smoked charcuterie.  Andy Paynter 

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