Brooklyn Kura Junmai Nama 750ml

Brooklyn Kura's Junmai Nama is made with rice polished to 70% as opposed to the 60% polishing ratio of the Junmai Ginjo, though the koji rice (what is used to start the saccharification and fermentation process) is polished to 60% for both styles. The Junmai Nama shows notes of honeydew melon, lemon, grapefruit, green apple, cucumber peel, lemon curd, yellow flowers and steamed rice. It is slightly earthier than the Junmai Ginjo, with less intense aromatics and a slightly more savory profile. Oskar Kostecki

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Manatsuru Yamahai Tokubetsu Junmai Murok Mana 1571

Full bodied and with great texture on the palate, this is a sake to build a meal around. Notes of steamed rice, green melon, lemon curd, pickled bamboo, lotus root, yogurt, black pepper, and a certain earthy, savory je ne sais quoi make this a very complex and engaging sake. It is bottled from a single tank, as the producer feels they want to preserve the individual qualities of each batch as opposed to blending for consistency. This sake is also bottled without charcoal filtration and undiluted, which adds to its richness and texture. Oskar Kostecki

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Marumoto Chikurin Karoyaka Junmai Ginjo 720ml

I met Niichiro Marumoto at a sake tasting hosted by Brooklyn Kura in June, and was immediately drawn to what he is doing at Marumoto Shuzo. Unlike about 99.9% of the industry, Niichiro-san farms all the rice that is used in the production of his sake. Since World War II, Japan has had a system where all rice production was controlled and distributed by the government. Only in the last few decades have sake producers been able to buy directly from rice farmers; but the rice market is still dominated by large regional co-ops with immense buying power. When Niichiro-san took over the family business at a young age, he quickly realized that a way for a small company like his to be not only sustainable going forward, but also to guarantee the best quality of raw material for their product was simply to grow everything himself. Thus far he has converted about 10% of his production to organic farming, and has a team at the brewery that does comparative analysis on each rice paddy to see how various agricultural practices have an impact on the finished product. I spent over 45 minutes chatting with Niichiro-san about rice farming, and feel like I left with more questions than I had at the start! This sake is wonderfully complex, effortlessly mixing the more fruit-forward elements of the classic Junmai Ginjo style with a savory undercurrent that resolves into a long and crisp finish. Notes of cucumber peel and melon rind, citrus, yellow flowers, acacia, nettles, and steamed rice dance across the palate, building in depth and intricacy. A sake I want to drink all the time. Oskar Kostecki

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Miyasaka "Masumi" Nagano "Hiyaoroshi" Junmai Ginjo 720 ml

Hiyaoroshi is a seasonal sake, made towards the end of the brewing season, typically only pasteurized once, and then aged in glass until its release the following autumn, when it is meant to be drunk with heartier winter foods. Masumi, the premium brand from Miyasake Shuzo in Nagano, makes one of our favorites. Among the more forward notes of steamed rice and melon is a savory undercurrent of sesame paste, hazelnuts, cream and a faint whiff of pine, moss, and crushed leaves. As the sake warms up to room temperature, the savory characteristics become even more prominent. Oskar Kostecki

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Takatenjin Tokubetsu Junmai "Sword of the Samurai"

This honjozo (sake with brewer's alcohol added during the fermentation process, NOT after) is our ultimate summer session sake! Clean and refreshing, with a crisp aromatic profile, this is an everyday sipper of the highest caliber. Notes of melon, banana, cucumber water and white flowers drive the nose and the palate is bright, with good acidity and a graceful finish. Oskar Kostecki

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