Helix Vodka 80 Proof 750ml

Distilled in France from winter wheat, then shipped to Iceland and proofed down with Icelandic water, Helix is a classic light-bodied and crisp vodka perfect for mixing in cocktails. With faint notes of citrus and a smooth finish.

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High Wire Distilling Hometown Vodka

100% corn vodka from out friends at High Wire Distilling in Charleston, South Carolina. We've always been impressed with the care that goes into sourcing the raw materials at High Wire, and the hard work they do with local farmers, and we're very happy their wonderful vodka is now available in New York. Very similar to Tito's, but 100% handmade! Oskar Kostecki

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Nikka Coffey Vodka 750ml

From the famed Japanese Whiskey distillery, comes this elegant, textured vodka made on the same traditional Coffey Still (nothing to do with coffee - a Coffey still is a type of column still). Corn and barley grains are distilled separately at slightly different ABV's and then blended together. The blend is then filtered with white birch charcoal to create its signature clarity and softness on the palate.

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The Street Pumas Vodka 1 Liter

The Street Pumas vodka is potato-based and distilled in Poland with demineralized rainwater in a column still. It is then bottled in Jerez, Spain with no additives, no glycerol. Clean, perfect in a cocktail, and it has an awesome label depicting our friends at PM Spirits as comic book characters drawn by Steve Orlando!

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