Memorial Day 2020


We've decided to give ourselves a break - we are closed on Monday, May 25th. Actually it's really the team in the shop that deserves a break, and our special thanks to Charlie, Dave, Dayvon, Derek, Eben, John, Louis, Nelson, and Oskar for their dedication and hard work throughout. Have a great holiday!

May 22 2020
More Muscadet...and a Superb Syrah!
As summer approaches, it's time once again to remind you that, in my humble opinion, there are no greater wines for the accompaniment of seafood and lighter summer meals than the Melon de Bourgognes of Muscadet! Since the1980s' these vibrant, terroir expressive wines have undergone a dramatic resurg
May 21 2020
New Releases from Domaine Bernard Baudry: 2018 "Les Grézeaux," 2018 "Cuvée Domaine," 2019 "Les Granges" and 2019 Rosé!
2018 and 2019 were both exceptional years in the Loire Valley, fairly warm and dry and continuing the trend toward a bit more alcohol, but with surpising freshness and elegance. The best estates such as that of Matthieu and Bernard Baudry produced beautiful wines to drink young as well as brilliant
May 19 2020
The Outstanding (and so underrated) White Wines of the Southwest - Riesling, Chenin, Savagnin, Hermitage  lovers, this one's for you!
(NOTE: Chambers Street Wines is extremely proud to present another article by our good friend and neighbor at Racines NY, Pascaline Lepeltier. In 2014, Pascaline passed the Master Sommelier Diploma, and in 2018, she won 2 more major titles in her homeland: she is now a laureate of “Un des Meilleurs
May 18 2020
Envínate: Wines of Terroir from Tenerife
Roberto Santana, Alfonso Torrente, Laura Ramos, and José Martínez are the winemakers behind Envínate, one of the most exciting winemaking projects in Spain. The four friends, who met in oenology school, are making wine throughout Spain with a focus on regions influenced by Atlantic climates:&nb
May 15 2020
Another Sake Email! - exciting arrivals from Yoigokochi Imports
It's quite strange (and somewhat funny) to see the term "natural wine" becoming such a strong marketing slogan, even for products that are not related to wine at all. The appropriation of the term has far exceeded the tenets it once proposed, and has almost become a term for hipness, the new cool, a
May 14 2020
Rosé all day 2020 - Part II
The sun is starting to peek out and we're finally opening the windows to let the breeze in. Let's find a little joy in the beginning of Spring, and of course, rosé season! Though we strongly believe that this style can, and should, be enjoyed year round, there is also something incredibly satisfying
May 14 2020
Veronelli - (it's a) Misc World
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... and there are certainly some beautiful wine here. And, as we've written before, the Veronelli cellar is great for storing wine, not for paper. We sometimes clean old bottles to remove years of dust and dirt so that they are more conventional in appearance,but&
May 12 2020
Wines from the Veronelli Collection: the Valtellina
Enologica Valtellinese 1967                         Luigi Veronelli lived in Bergamo, just south of the Valtellina (and the largest nearby town), so it's not surprising that this is a
May 8 2020
Clarity, Purity, and Precision-the Return of the Crystalline Champagnes of Aurelien Suenen
While in some ways it seems frivilous right now, to send out a Champagne email, we will eventually emerge from this and once again be able to gather with our friends and loved ones. And survival and perserverence are two wonderful traits to salute. For now we raise a virtual glass to all of you and
May 7 2020
Tuscan Wine from a fine Italian collection
A couple of years ago... No, it just seems as if February 25th, 2020, was a couple of years ago... We had a lovely dinner with friends at Popina, a Brooklyn favorite that we sorely miss**. The theme was old Brunello, and it was a great night for wine (and great food, and happy conversation). It was