Frank Cornelissen and some old vines on Etna, in late March

Susucaru Alert!


It only comes but once a year, and now it's here. For a number of vintages the Susucaru has been wonderful, and the stability problems that some early tasters experienced are a thing of the past now that Cornelissen is using a very little bit of sulfur at bottling. Last year was a gorgeous wine - we can't wait to try this one!


Flow chart in the winery, which is very clean - and as you can see, very organized.                         

Aug 14 2018
Loire Valley Report: 2015 - Another Perfect Chinon "La Croix Boissée" from Domaine Baudry! New Arrivals from Coulaine, Breton, Pinon, Roche Bleue, Tessier, Guion and Gaudry...
Finally the 2015 Chinon "La Croix Boissée" has joined the other beautiful Baudry 2015s on our shelves! While all the Baudry 2015s show gorgeous fruit and a round and supple structure, we especially love the brilliant (and great value) "Cuvée Domaine" and the perfect "La Croix Boissée."  As the
Aug 13 2018
New Arrivals from Spain Perfect for the Summer!
With the summer heat in full swing, we are excited to offer you fantastic new Spanish wines that will quench your thirst while satisfying your palate and interest! Bodegas Ponce - Courtesy of T Edward Wines Website The first wine is a great and affordable rosé from Bodegas Ponce 2017 "Las Caña
Aug 10 2018
The Beautiful Natural Wines of Christian Ducroux: 2017 "Exspectatia" and 2017 "Esquisse" Rosé!
We've just received two beautiful natural wines from Christian Ducroux, products of unparalleled biodynamic farming and meticulous vinifications with zero added sulfur. As always the wines are "sauvage," complex and changeable when young and often brilliant after three to five years or more of aging
Aug 9 2018
Marchesi di Barolo
We read again and again about historic wineries (“the family first made wine there in 22 BCE…”) but for the Marchesi di Barolo it’s no exaggeration. The winery was one of the first recorded to focus on Nebbiolo, and it produced wine called Barolo as early as the 1830s (which is very early for Barolo
Aug 8 2018
Alexandra and Porter's Wedding Registry
As many of you know, wine is our hobby. We read books on wine, take classes on wine, and most importantly enjoy drinking wine together and with good company. It is how we wind down after a long work week together, how we celebrate life accomplishments, and how we enjoy long afternoons and late eveni
Aug 8 2018
New Arrivals from Domaine des Marnes Blanches!
Perhaps it's counterintuitive to promote white wines from the Jura at summer's peak. After a sweltering day, few people reach for a rich, toasty wine and a hunk of Comté. But, as eternal students of the Jura's terroir and as fans of its stewards, we have come to appreciate that for every sous-voile
Aug 7 2018
Muscadet Report: Exciting New Arrivals from Pépière: 2017 "Briords Vieilles Vignes" and 2014 "Gorges" - Plus Bregeonnette, Louvetrie, Luneau-Papin, Complemen'Terre, Bregeon and L'Ecu!
For the second year in a row many regions of France, and especially the Loire Valley, suffered huge losses in yields. In 2017, a warm winter and early spring led to premature development of the leaves and buds, a high percentage of which were killed by a hard frost at the end of April. The late summ
Aug 6 2018
New Arrivals from Hofgut Falkenstein
The 2017 vintage has seen yields down across the board for most winemakers in the Mosel and Saar valleys, be it from late frosts in spring, or loss to not-so-noble rot in the fall. The Webers at Hofgut Falkenstein in the Konz valley (Saar) were not immune, with hits to their yields early on from fro
Aug 4 2018
Domaine des Sablonnettes
Back when we first opened Chambers St. Wines in 2001, I didn't have any interest in wine. I had yet to meet Marc Olivier, Catherine Roussel, Didier Barrouilet, or Mathieu and Bernard Baudry. Contrary to some assumptions, I didn't grow up tasting any of the Muscadet or Chinon my parents wer
Aug 3 2018
Alsatian Wine from Two Collectors' Cellars
One of great masterpieces of western art is in Colmar, in Alsace. So when you visit the region, don't miss taking a trip to see the Isenheim Altarpiece, painted by Mathias Grunewald in 1512-1516. As Michelin likes to say: it's well worth the detour. And they have some wine there too... ** VT = "Ven