The Rest on the Flight Into Egypt, by Caravaggio, c.1586 (Doria Pamphilj Gallery, Rome)

Chateau Musar 1970 + 1975


When I worked for Christie’s in the 1990s we held a couple of vertical tastings of Chateau Musar with the owner, Serge Hochar, with wines back to the 1950s, and I was converted. Musar is one of the great stories of the wine world, having survived since 1930 in Lebanon - not been an easy place to survive in, never mind make alcoholic drinks. It’s hard to taste Musar without thinking about history and geography; fortunately the wines are fascinating and unique. Now we have a small but nice stash of Chateau Musar 1970 and 1975 – which comes to us in the original cartons, having been moved only once since they were purchased. Cabernet Sauvignon predominates in the 1970 (the balance being Cinsault, with likely some Carignan, Merlot, Mourvedre, and Syrah). In 1975 Cinsault performed particularly well, so it dominates the Cabernet Sauvignon in the blend. I loved the 1975 when I tasted it two years ago: Musar ages in a similar manner to well-made Bordeaux or Rioja, adding haunting notes of garrigue-like stone and herbs and spices – perhaps an essential recollection of Lebanon. Jamie Wolff

Upper-shoulder fills shown here - really very acceptable for wine over 40 years old!                                                


PS: Even without looking at the map, I do know that Lebanon is not on the route from Bethlehem to Egypt, but any excuse to see the painting above will suffice - and at least it's seasonally appropriate. Until I looked at the map I didn't know (had forgotten?) that, as google tells us, it's 69 miles from Beirut to Damascus - or 12 miles less than from New York to Bethlehem (PA).


Musar 1975 Lebanon

3 upper shoulder fills

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Musar 2001 Hochar Pere et Fils

The "second wine" of Chateau Musar.

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Musar 1970 Lebanon

I upper-shoulder fill.

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