Time and Place: A Celebration of Revik Wine Co.


Today we're excited to offer you the first commerically available vintages of an exciting and dynamic new voice in Napa wine! Phil Holbrook, and his wife Dani, started Revik Wine Co. with an obsessive focus on non-invasive winemaking practices and a keen interest in the qualities of their specific vineyard sites. In a sense, this is entirely natural. Phil has lived in Napa all his life, growing up in Coombsville, and has a deep, nuanced, and rich understanding of the valley. In addition, winemaking runs in his family; he is a grandson of Robert Mondavi, and his understanding of wine's long history and ever-changing presence in Napa is second nature.

For Revik, the concept of terroir goes beyond an understanding of the geology, climate, and sunshine of a place. It includes a personal aspect as well: the individual spirit of each growing season as experienced in human terms. Just as we learn that climate and weather are different, that weather is what happens in a specific year and climate is the agglomeration of general trends over the course of many cycles, so the culture of a place has two aspects: the general beliefs and experiences of a community through the decades and also the finite and inimitable experiences of a single season. Each bonfire, house party, memorable conversation, wedding, and sunset that occur over an individual year go into the crafting of every handmade wine. This includes the memory of those who have recently left us. In 2016, Margrit Mondavi, Robert's wife, passed away in September. The beautiful watercolor of a cherry blossom that adorns the labels of these wines was painted especially for Revik by Margrit herself.

The wines below are as beautifully composed as their labels, and speak to a level of care and knowledge of the vineyards that can only come from someone who was raised within them. Each wine is loaded with personality, extraordinary texture, and bright, crystalline structure. The 2016 Saphi Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc is made from the home vineyard in Coombsville. In the new and dynamic world of California Sauvignon Blanc, where each year brings more exciting examples, this bright, zesty, gorgeously textured example is the finest I've tasted yet. The 2016 Linda Vista Chardonnay is another classic example, farmed organically by Steve Matthiason in Oak Knoll. The interplay between its linear structure and broad, nutty texture teases the intellect as one ponders the lines of its long finish. Lastly, we have the 2015 Diogenes Ridge Vineyard Cabernet from Howell Mountain. Situated at 1800 feet, this is a tensile, athletic wine, with broad shoulders and incredible acidity but still retaining a sturdy core of dark fruit. This is a Cabernet that should age for many years yet.

In addition, we are excited to taste these wines today, July, 20th, here in the shop from 5-7PM, so if you're in the neighborhood, stop in to try what we hope will be your first taste of a new winemaking force in the already august history of Napa Valley! Andrew Farquhar


Revik 2016 Napa Valley Coombsville Saphi Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc

Revik Wine Co. is the passion project of two married couples who are releasing their first vintages this summer. This is a fantastic Sauvignon Blanc that positions itself at the forefront of a new wave of dynamic, elegantly structured, complex Sauvignon Blancs coming from the West Coast. Made with fruit sourced from the Saphi Vineyard in Coombsville (Revik winemaker Phil Holbrook's dry-farmed home vineyard), this wine was aged in both stainless steel and neutral oak, with 8 months on the lees. Unfined and unfiltered, and fermented with native yeast, this wine has great depth and a long linear texture, with subtle, muted citrus fruit wrapped in a chrysalis of finely spun woolen notes. Peach fuzz and melon rind absorb into zippy acidity. The subtle degrees of shading are spectacular and the finish feels like forever. Two barrels produced. Andrew Farquhar

  • white
  • 36 in stock
  • $31.99

  • Organic
  • Low Sulfur

Revik 2016 Oak Knoll Linda Vista Vnyd Chardonnay

Sourced from the Linda Vista Vineyard in Oak Knoll, organically farmed by Steve Matthiasson, this Chardonnay is a regal example of what made Napa Chardonnay so world famous. Oak Knoll, with moderating influence due to its proximity to San Pablo Bay, has a cooler climate than any other AVA in Napa after Carneros. This is an incredibly fresh and inviting Chardonnay, with lots of acidity giving fantastic structure and bright apple and pear character; yet the Napa sunshine gives it a rich, nutty, broad character. Pressing is whole cluster and aging is half in neutral oak barrels and half in stainless steel for ten months. Partial malolactic. Six barrels produced. Andrew Farquhar

  • white
  • 8 in stock
  • $39.99

  • Organic
  • Low Sulfur

Revik 2016 Howell Mountain Diogenes Ridge Vnyd Cabernet

Diogenes Ridge is located at 1800 feet above St. Helena in the Vaca mountains, this Cabernet is athletic and powerful, but without any excess weight. 15% whole cluster, spontaneous open-top ferment, eighteen days on the skins, and eighteen months in 50% new French oak barrels give this wine a force that is brought to an exquisite tension by its incredible acid backbone. Powerful, tannic, and clocking in under 14% ABV, this wine is extraordinarily balanced and capable of many years of cellaring. Traditional black currant is furled in chocolate shavings, hearth ash, peppercorn, cherry pit, samovar, and alabaster dust. Tiny production (two barrels) and alertness in the cellar have produced a fantastic expression of Napa Cabernet that bridges stylistic tendencies and generations. Andrew Farquhar

  • 6 in stock
  • $74.99

  • Low Sulfur
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