Marc Olivier and François Pinon

2014 Pépière Clos des Briords; 2014s from François Pinon!










The release of a new vintage of Domaine de la Pépière's Muscadet Clos des Briords is always a cause for rejoicing, especially when nature has blessed the Loire Valley with an excellent vintage, both in quality and quantity! So, no allocations, for now anyway, and a superb wine with a bit more ripeness than some recent vintages - and, believe it or not, a lower price, at least for the next few weeks. Whether you are drinking it now or cellaring for twenty years, at $16.99 (less 10% on a case) this is truly one of the World's Greatest Wine Values! Included in this email is the lovely "regular" cuvee of 2014 Muscadet Sevre et Maine sur Lie, a great and versatile everyday white, and two of Pepière's reds, the 2014 La Pépie Cot and Cabernet Franc, both of which are particulary yummy in this sunny vintage - we urge you to try them. Thanks to our friends Marc Ollivier, Remi Branger and Gwénaëlle Croix for these wonderful wines!



François Pinon in Vallée des Cousses, Vouvray, was hit by disastrous hail in 2012, then by every problem in the book in 2013 resulting in two years with almost no wine to sell -  a financial disaster and difficult experience for one of our very favorite vignerons. Meeting the Pinon family back in 1981 was a wonderful experience (we drank the 1959 Moelleux!), which led to our long association with Francois and his beautiful wines. His organic vineyard work and thoughtful vinifications produce some of the finest wines in Vouvray. Fortunately, 2014, which terrified growers with horrible mid-summer weather, turned sunny and warm late in August allowing the production of superb wines in Vouvray with that magic combination of high acidity and excellent ripeness. We are very happy to offer three 2014s from Francois (with help from his son Julien) including a new cuvee, Les Deronnieres, from a great parcel on the hill directly behind the Pinon's cellar. With excellent exposure and thin soils of clay over limestone, les Deronnieres 2014 is really a demi-sec with gorgeous, complex fruit lifted by scintillating citrusy acids - we urge you to try it. As always, the Pinon Vouvrays drink wonderfully as young wines and are capable of long-term aging - they are beautiful wines and outstanding values!

Pépière 2014 Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Clos des Briords (arrives 7/28

(From three hectares of old vines on granite of Chateau Thébaud with well-drained soils of clay, sand and gravel. Hand harvested, transported in small baskets, cellar functions by gravity, no pumping, wild-yeast fermentation, seven months aging on the lees.) A classic Clos des Briords from this excellent vintage in the Loire - a season that started poorly but was saved by good weather from mid-August through September. The aromas show more white fruits than usual in this ripe vintage with herbal, mineral, stone and lemon-peel, quite lovely. The palate is dense and creamy with apple/pear fruit, wet stone, saline minerals and citrusy acids. A bit rounder perhaps, than the 2010 and 2012 and wonderful now with oysters, sole, flounder and richer fish dishes as well. From the Domaine: "The Spring was very classic, not too cold, not too warm, and wet as usual. The flowering went well which permitted a nice quantity and quality of grapes. The month of July was sunny but August began like a poor autumn, cold and humid. Late in August we really didn't know what would happen as the risk of rot was very high. Then, after a last big storm around August 24th, dry, warm and sunny weather began which lasted until October. The grapes matured and were of excellent quality with both high sugar and high acidity! We picked the Briords parcel on Monday Sept 15th and Tuesday the 16th in the early part of the harvest. The fermentations went well, lasting approximately a month and a half. I would say that it's a vintage representing what we like in Briords: citrusy vivacity, scintillating material and salinity in the finish."
The low intro price is simply amazing, but will go up later this summer - thanks to Marc, Remi and Gwénaëlle for making this beautiful and affordable wine!

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  • Organic

Pépière 2014 Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie

(Tasted twice before bottling last winter) 2014 seems like 2004, says Marc Ollivier, with very good concentration and ripeness, and very good acidity. A very difficult Spring and Summer (with many nervous vignerons) were followed by six weeks of excellent, sunny weather beginning in mid-August. It may not be the vintage of the century, but many delicious wines were made throughout the Loire Valley, and in good quantity. Domaine de la Pépière's Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur Lie is an outstanding wine that will drink beautifully this summer. Showing a bit more fruit than usual with aromas of dried  pear, apple, citrus peel, white pepper and stone. The palate is round (for a Muscadet) but more stone than fruit, with citrus, anise and saline mineral flavors, ending with firm, refreshing acidity. Simply delicious and a sensational value with the stronger dollar!

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Pépière 2014 Vins de Pays du Val de Loire Côt "La Pépie"

I remember tasting Marc and Remi's Côt years ago at the estate and turning to my colleague, who proclaimed: "Forget Argentinian Malbec! We should get everybody to drink this!" This is by no means meant as an indication of my preference for Argentina or the Loire Valley when it comes to Malbec, but in the world of Loire Valley Malbec (a.k.a. Côt), this offering from Pepiere may come the closest to something we might call "textbook." Cassis, spice, integrated tannin, and nice lift.... all at only 12%. Don't let the crazy chicken fool you! This is not a crazy wine, just a great value and an honest expression of a sometimes over-extracted and manipulated variety.  EL 

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  • Organic

Pinon 2014 Vouvray Deronnieres

The grapes for this new cuvee from Francois Pinon used to be included in the Silex Noir, but this wonderful vineyard, on a hill-top directly above the Pinon's cave, much deserves to be bottled on it's own. At 18 grams/liter of residual sugar, 12.4% alcohol and strong acidity, the Deronnieres approaches Demi-Sec in style but with superb minerality and balance. The wine shows subtle aromas of lime-flower, dried pear, lemons and stones. The palate is very saline and mineral with bitter lemon, white fruits, and herbal notes with impressive density and length. A great demi-sec with fantastic minerality that will age beautifully!

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  • Organic

Pinon 2014 Vouvray Les Trois Argiles

The 2014 Trois Argiles is a fabulous young Vouvray in the Pinon's preferred Sec-Tendre style showing beautiful aromatics of pear, lemon confit, stone, almond, lime-flower and honey. The palate is deep and ripe with stone and saline minerals, creamy lemon, apple and pear. The wine is dense and very long with superb balance of ripe fruits with very firm acidity. A great Vouvray that is drinking wonderfully now and will be worth revisiting in ten, twenty or thirty years! 12.2%, 15g RS, and 6.2g total acidity.

  • white
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  • Organic

Pinon 2014 Vouvray Silex Noir

After a disastrous hail-storm in 2012 and tiny yields in 2013, Francois Pinon finally has wine to sell and from an outstanding vintage. Tasting through samples of his 2014s in February we were thrilled by these beautiful wines, clearly among the very best of the appellation. The Silex Noir is from parcels of clay over limestone with black flint, giving wines with a unique mineral character and complex, open aromas. The 2014 is superbly balanced at 12.1% alcohol and 15 grams of RS with very firm acidity. Lovely citrus, dried pear, licorice and floral aromas with full-bodied palate of minerals, white fruits and citrus, finishing with good acidity. Though quite delicious now, this is a very young wine that will benefit from decanting or aging, perhaps best 2025 to 2035.

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Pinon, François NV Vouvray Brut Non-Dosé (2011)

François Pinon's Vouvray Brut Non-Dosé is one of the finest non-Champagne sparkling wines you can find. Beautifully complex aromas of citrus, honey, herbs and earth, a creamy palate with great acidity and length. François' sparkling wines age beautifully and are better than many Champagnes at twice the price! DL

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Pepiere 2014 Vins de France Cabernet Franc La Pépie

The 2014 Cabernet Franc from Marc Olivier is nothing short of perfection. Year after year it offers a fresh, dangerously drinkable red that is perfect for the summer months. On the nose it is very pretty, bursting with red raspberry, orange peel, white pepper, and rose petal aromas. Even though it is light, juicy, and lifted on the palate, it does have a sturdy mineral backbone and a subtle earthiness to anchor the fruit making it a great candidate to be served slightly chilled at a backyard BBQ. Since it’s a fantastic value, feel free to stock up! Tim Gagnon

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