Just in Time for the Holidays: A Barrel of Wigle Rye!

We've done it again: we bought a barrel. This time from none other than our friends in Pittsburgh, PA -- Wigle, who are single-handedly trying to revive the region's history as the bread basket (or should I say whiskey barrel?) of America's distilling culture. 

Before Prohibition ruined everything that we love about local, handmade spirits, the Monongahela River Valley was undoubtedly a hotbed of distillation, with about 4,000 stills in operation by the mid-eighteenth century. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this was that all grains used for making whiskey were sourced locally as a way to utilize excess grain before spoilage -- an idea that seems novel today but was simply a way of life. Rye was king, although corn, barley, and wheat also thrived in the valley's poor soils that are heavy in clay, with some sand, silt and gravel. These soils, however, yield rye that is perfect for making the rich, robust, and spicy style of Rye whiskey that has all but been forgotten, until now.

Wigle opened its doors in 2012, the first distillery in Pittsburgh to do so since Prohibition, with the goal of bringing back American whiskey to its former glory. Named after Philip Wigle, infamous for his role in sparking the Whiskey Rebellion of the 1780s, the distillery is also setting off a kind of revolution. They are supporting local, organic farmers by purchasing three tons of grain weekly, focusing on rye with the inclusion of barley and wheat depending on what is in season. They then mill all of these grains in their facility and distill in small pot stills (which are less efficient than the modern column stills used by many distilleries, but produce a higher-quality base distillate) to further preserve the quality of the grains being used. The result is the closest approximation to the whiskeys of yesteryear. 

We have always been big fans of Wigle's products, and are thrilled to be able to offer a Chambers Street selection of their flagship product: rye whiskey. This would be the perfect addition to any whiskey-lovers bar, or for anyone who wants to be able to taste whiskey as it once was. Tim Gagnon

*Our Chambers Street Selection of Wigle Whiskey will be available for pick up or delivery on Wednesday December 2nd.

SPECIAL EVENT: We are proud to partner with Ward III, one of NYC's premier cocktail bars, for a special Whiskey Monday featuring Wigle. Join us to meet the distillers and taste our Chambers St. Selection as well as the full lineup of Wigle products! Ward III 111 Reade St. New York, NY 10013 Monday January 18th, 8-10 PM


Wigle Pittsburgh Organic Chambers Street Rye 375mL (Arr. 12/2)

A Chambers Street exclusive just in time for the holidays! Our dear friend and former colleague, John Rankin, selected this barrel on a trip to the Wigle distillery last spring. This rye was double distilled in Wigle’s 750L CARL copper pot still, first with a stripping run to turn beer (whiskey speak for the fermented grain mash used for distillation) into low wine followed by a finishing run to turn the low wine into spirit. The grain bill: about 68% organic rye from Weatherbury Farms (in Avella, PA, about an hour drive outside of Pittsburgh), 11% organic malted barley, 11% organic winter wheat, and 10% Wapsie Valley corn. 

The new-make spirit was distilled to 145.95 proof (about 5-10% ABV lower than typical, meaning it maintains lots of spicy rye character), then diluted to 110.10 proof before entering the barrel (Small Cask #418) on January 29, 2014. The whiskey matured in a 15-gallon barrel for almost 22 months, coming out on October 20, 2015, at 112.4 proof (a slight increase in proof during aging). The finished whiskey was diluted to custom specifications, at 110 proof, and bottled unfiltered. 

Pronounced spicy, earthy aromas rise from the glass, along with baked cherries, burnt orange peel, and brown sugar. The palate is rich and robust with a fantastic balance of grain character and barrel spice making for a wonderful drinking experience. Long, complex, and delicious; this is a special whiskey to be sipped or mixed in your favorite cocktail. Less than 150 bottles were made for us, so grab yours before it’s gone! Tim Gagnon

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  • $35.99

  • Organic

Wigle Pittsburgh Organic Chambers St Rye 750mL (Arr. 12/2)

For those who think that a half bottle of our Chambers Street whiskey isn't enough! In the immortal words of Mark Twain, "Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough."

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  • Organic
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